Writers workshop and numbers investigation

This morning the students participated in writers workshop lots of the students wrote I like books, sharing all the things they liked. What a good job they did at sounding out words and having a go. 

After Recess

We practised our number formation again through different provocations, some of us need to work on making sure our numbers are the right way this requires lots and lots of practise but we are all working very hard.

This afternoon the students had a “focus and relax” their relax and focus today was on “Bucket filler and saying sorry when we have empty someones bucket.”

The students then continued their inquiry and investgations.


Thursday 22nd February

On Thursday mornings, we start the morning by reading to a partner or an adult. It was great to see lots of parents able to join us this morning.

Our shared text this week is Seasons Down Under. We talked about blurbs and what they are for before reading the book together. As we read, we shared what we knew about seasons and then answered some questions about them at the end of the text. This helped us to develop our comprehension skills. Reflecting on a text and answering questions about what we have read is a good way to build our reading skills and we encourage parents to ask questions about the text while reading with their children. We also spotted some sight words in the text and some of the children came up to share which ones they recognised.

In Numeracy, we focused on number formation and the students practiced writing numerals. We began by writing up to ten and then some students went beyond to twenty and some even to 100! We are working on reversals of numerals and using the correct formation.

We started a new type of relaxation today where we reflected on a video we watched for Religion and drew and wrote quietly while we listened to calming music. Rowena suggested we call this time ‘Relax and Focus’ time. We drew pictures about how to fill people’s buckets and some children even wrote about what they had drawn. We have lots of great bucket fillers in our class!

In the afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with our buddies. Each child was allocated a buddy and then we spent some time getting to know them. We are looking forward to doing lots of work with our buddies this year!


Mrs Adams class has Spanish this morning whilst they were at Spanish

Mrs Nicosia’s class practised for their liturgy next Wednesday some of the students were given speaking parts it is important they learn these parts for next week.

The liturgy will just Mrs Nicosia’s class, we welcome family and friends to join us in the classroom next Wednesday the 28th at 9am in the classroom.

After Spanish the children had their healthy brain food and we went over the TH sound. Remembering a th sound we put our tongue in between our teeth.


India: Thunder

Ethan: Ethan

Ajoh: Three

Ella: Thank you

Olivia R: Mrs Smith

Oliver: Thank you

Joydeep: Thumb

Thuy: Thuy

My: They

Tino: Thunder

Khushi: The

Javeria: Thumb

Olivia S: thin

Caroline: Thumb

Ajoh: thick

Eline: thunder

Avleen: THe

My: Moth

India: Bath

ella: Mouth

Kuhsi: thank tank

Olivia: thinking

Thuy: Thinking

Jakob: think

Naomi: think

My: That

Finishing off our calendars

The students  did a great job with their calendars yesterday but we didn’t have enough time to finish them off so we had a go at finishing them off.

This week we are focusing on the summer months- December, January and February we can’t wait to do the next months over the next couple of weeks so we can make our own full calendar.

After recess the students were enjoying their calendars so much that we continued these. With a focus and mini lesson on number formation. As teachers we were noticing many of the students getting a little confused with the way the numbers go so tomorrow we will do a provocation and inquiry on the way the numbers go.

This could also be something you could practise at home the clip is a great learning resource to provide this opportunity. The students loved singing along with it today. Music is a great way to learn, songs can be an awesome tool to help anyone learn and remember. Singing contributes to teach behavior, basic skills, and social skills. Songs can help provide students the opportunities  to learn vocabulary and communication skills.

After Lunch

We had music and library.

Today we had library borrowing some of the students have already gone up in levels so this is fantastic. We continue to work on fluency, meaning making, phonological and blend awareness,  recognising sight words, self correcting, predicting, and initial sounds.

We will continue to work with the students with their reading at school. It is however very important that this can be supported with reading at home, even if it is just for a couple a minutes whenever you get a chance. It doesn’t have to just be their readers, even a menu when out for dinner, reading signs when driving, reading a magazine or newspaper, reading your favourite book together, the opportunities are endless.

Any questions please let us know.


Tuesday week 4

We explored 2 concepts this morning

The ‘th’ sound


and also




Phuc took a photo of me “Mrs Smith you have a th sound in your name”

Ruby “feather”

“three starts with a th sound” Yatin

“So does thirty five” Isaac

Khushi: we learn that capital letters first and then at the end there must be a question mark, a punctuation mark or a full stop.

Olivia R: A capital letter is a big one not a little one and it goes at the start of the sentence.

Roewena: we learning about capital letters.

Yatin: a sentence needs to start with a capital letter.

Suk: A full stop goes at the end of sentence.

As a team we noticed we had some muddled up sentences as a class we discovered they didn’t have full stops or capital letters so we used our skills to correct them. We were then given more sentences that needed correction, we were very clever and corrected them  just like teachers would. We hope the students will then be able to apply this learn knowledge into their own writing remembering to use full stops and capital letters at the start of sentences.




This afternoon we continued our Inquiry into Seasons….. a large calendar was bought in as a provocation

“Does anyone know what this item is and what is it used for?” Teacher

Indi -” the galaxy” (that was the picture the front of the calendar )

Kushi – “space”

Alphonsa – “a calendar… if someones birthday you know where it is”

Olivia – “It tells you what day it is today”

Khushi – “it tells you the day and months”

Ruby – “it tells you what day it is, what day is your birthday, and Christmas, like today and tomorrow”

Kaisha – “you can cross off the day when its finished”


“How many pages might this calendar have?” Teacher


Ella – “12 , coz there is 12 months”

*we counted together

each page is a different month


“do you know about how many days are within 1 month?” Teacher

Olivia – “7 days in a month”

“no in a week”

Felix – “maybe 23 days in a month”

Yatin – “31 and 30 days”


We then tried to find dates within the calendar to see if we could use it. Children shared some of their birthdays so that we could practise using it.

WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY???? if you don’t know maybe you could ask your family tonight

We divided into groups of 5 and were set a challenge: The calendars have been all mixed up, can you work together to put it back together in the correct order?

One group worked very effective and shared their process:

Ruby: “Ok where is January?”

Felix – “I gave them some of them, then I ask for each month and I put them together”

Meklet – “we got each one and gave it to Felix”

Ruby “Felix told us, we had 2 each, he called them out and we gave them to him.”



We then took a closer look at the summer month and began to create our own calendars





Monday making characters and seasons inquiry.

Mr Coad came in the morning helping us to write stories

How do we write a story?

Suk: You need words

Saara: And pictures.

These words who? Where? Why? How? What? When? What?

Where? what does that mean?

Ruby: Where is where the cat is

Van: Choosing the background.

The setting… ideas?

Ruby: At the school

Naomi: At the supermarket

Ajoh: At the fair

When has it happened?

How to write a story?

We watched this clip and we talked about what could be at the beginning, middle and end.

What takes place with the characters? Why?

Lets make a character ?

Nina: Sparkels twilight.

Olivia: She was the queen student of magic.

Ruby: She has tattoos and special powers.

Van: Every pony she has friends, rainbow dash and pinky pie.

Indi: she reads book and has seven friends.

Jarveria: she is beautiful, sparkly, has a crown on and purple skin.

What if we make our character? what would you do?

Our challenge is to create a brand new character that can go in your next story, you can draw a person, a monster, a special super hero and alien- any character you like and write special things all around.

So then when we write stories later on we can create our own Stories for these characters.

Naomi: My character is a princess, her name is sprinkle she is going have colourful sprinkles on her dress and she is going to have a big bow and long hair, long eyelashes.

Eline: I am doing a unicorn they are going to have rainbow hair, it is going to be sparkly  it can fly fast in the air.

Javeria: My story character is beautiful  her name is dresses and flowers, she wears beautiful stuff with butterflies on it. She flies in the pink and purple skin.

Olivia R: My charcters is a popstar and she is barbie, she has a pink suit and a black guitar and she is wearing a purple jojo bow. She wears black and white shoes she sings songs from trolls.

India: I did lots of characters for my book, the dog is a puppy he is white, the cat is sitting on a flower, the cat is brown and black, the dinosaur has sharp teeth and is naughty. The fish is swimming around the sharks.

Khushi: Power puff girls they can fly and they can get power from their hands and feet. They are gaint when they get together, they have names buttercup, blossom and bubbles.

Ethan: My characters, are the dog, cat and dinosaur the dog is brown he barks a lot, he walks. The dinosaur has spikes, he is black he has spikey teeth, the cat can get fish,t he cat is blonde.

After recess

Last week Mrs Smith and Mrs Nicosia looked at how much the students knew about seasons. We noticed that the students didn’t know a lot but were very interested and eager to find out more. We therefore thought we would start a season inquiry all together exploring them and engaging in different investigations.

How many seasons do we have?

Yatin: We have four seasons

Kaisha: Autumn

Felix: winter

Joseph: summer

Eline: Spring

Mrs Smith read an information book to us about seasons and how they are unique.

We then got the provocation to sort out all different objects, words and pictures the students worked as a team to sort them out into four piles.

Indi: we need gumboots in autumn because of the leaves.

Ella: Sunglasses – summer because it is too bright and it might hurt your eyes.

Ethan: beach towel  for summer to get dry when you go in the beach because it is hot!

Rowena: Sunscreen – summer so that we don’t get sunburnt.’

Blake: Summer – hat because your face doesn’t get burnt.

India: Umbrella- winter because it is cold, if it rains it protects you.

Ruby: a jacket a winter, because it is cold and rainy and when you need it for the stuff to not make you cold.

Alyssa: hat for winter so when you don’t get cold with your head.

Nina: Tornado, winter makes the clouds turn around and makes the clouds spin.

Khushi: A picnic rug – spring, because the flowers bloom.

Vanessa: snow in winter.

Avleen: Leaves, brown and orange Autumn because the trees leaves fall down.

Phuc: Sun- summer.

Yatin: flowers and lamb – spring because it has a lots of flowers, baby animals.

Gurnoor: baby  ducklings. spring because ducks are eating flowers.


This afternoon the students were given different provocations around the season “SUMMER”

  • a globe and a torch investigating the effects the sun have on the world
  • Designing summer clothes
  • researching summer on the laptops
  • observing ice
  • setting up a beach and small world play
  • an ice-cream shop
  • The students did a great job exploring using their 100 languages and critical and creative thinking to challenge themselves, learn something new and have a go at investigating the season Summer. We look forward to continuing these inquiries and seeing where the children take it next.




Chinese and Vietnamese happy new year

Happy Vietnamese and Chinese new year – what a great start to the day watching the year 5 students put on an amazing assembly. The students reflected and shared what they enjoyed…

Alyssa: The dragon was a little bit scary cos lots of people were screaming.

Ruby: I really liked the dancing because they did a lot of detailed stuff.

Oliver: I liked the dragon because it was really cool.

Van: the dragon was so scary but I wasn’t scared.

Olivia: I love the Chinese dance because my friend was doing it and it was really good.

Khushi: I liked Mr Murray and Mr Coad doing the dragon dance because they went all around the stage.

Eline: I liked the dragon because it was fun.

Ajoh: I liked the dancing because it was very good.

Kevin: I am watching the dragon dancing.

Meklet: I like the dragon because he looks big and fun.

Zarii: me like the dragon because it jump.

Blake: I like the dragon because it was jumping up and down.

The students then continued on with their habitat pictures from yesterday adding detail and then using the laptops to research more information if they needed. The students all got to choose their own animals and interests thinking about what there animals needed.

This connects to the science Accra link that living things live in different places where their needs are met.

Shared lunch

Thank you for putting in so much effort to send such wonderful food today. We had so much left over that our buddies were also able to come and share some food with us.

Gurnoor: I liked the sushi.

Thuy: In lunch Monika and me, we were looking for the sushi and we actually saw it and we ate it.

Meklet: I liked the food of the taste.

Monika: I liked the pie.

Mia: I tried the tomatoes, they were yummy.

Yatin: I liked it really much because there was yummy chicken nuggets.

Felix: I liked the shared lunch because there was yummy stuff and this is what I got…biscuits, a pie and that’s all.

Isaac: I ate the yummy spring rolls then I ate the chicken nuggets, then sausage and biscuits.

Jacob: I liked the lunch because you get to eat and when you’re done you get more food. Whenever you eat the food tastes good.

After our busy morning, we spent the afternoon doing investigations. There was lots of roleplay, building, making and drawing happening.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday Week 3

Today we began the day with ‘Come read with me’. This is an important time for the children to practice their reading with an adult or with a friend. If you are able to stay in the mornings on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday your child would love to spend some time reading with you.

The high frequency words we are focusing on this week are our, this and on. We found them in our shared text and then the children recorded the high frequency words we have been focusing on to take home. They came up with ideas about how they could use them at home, for example, finding them around the house and playing Snap with them.

We continued our Literacy rotations until recess, making books, reading, using foam stamps, designing a book cover and focusing on end sounds of words.



In Numeracy we explored addition by watching a video of the following song as a provocation.

The children then recorded what happened in the song using pictures, numbers, symbols and equations if they could. Each child did it differently and it was a great way for us to find out what they know about number.



In the afternoon, we continued our work on habitats following on from our visit to the fish farm. We talked about what animals need in their habitats to survive and discussed the features of different types of habitats.

Where might we find fish?

Yatin: The Murray river

Kaisha: the pet shop…

Felix: the seas

Ajoh: the ocean

Olivia:  in the streams

Khushi: all around the world


What animals could you find in a Jungle habitat?

Tino: Monkey

Joydeep: elephant

Van: A cheetah


What is in the Jungle that the animals need to survive?

Felix: They need water

Yatin: They need food.

India: they will die without food.

Indie: an Owl

Ella: a bird

Alyssa:  A tree for the monkey with bananas , for them to swing and try and get away from the crocodile.

The children then got into groups and began making a display of a habitat for an animal they chose.


Reminder: please don’t forget tomorrow we are celebrating Chinese and Vietnamese New Year. Students are asked to bring a plate of savory food to share for lunch. Please no sweets and no foods containing nuts due to student allergies. Students can wear red, cultural dress or their school uniform.


Ash Wednesday and Valentines day

Valentines Day

Olivier: Valentines day is sharing a gift to everyone and love to everyone an giving special things.

India: Valentines day is sharing love.

Ajoh: Letting your whole family have a lot of fun and give them a gift.

Olivia S: Valentines day is for everyone

Khushi: Valentines day is anywhere and in February 14th.

Ash Wednesday

Khushi: we do mass and prayer.

Ajoh: You get to get a cross on your forehead.

India: It is prayer.

Olivia R: it is leading up to easter.

Khushi: we celebrating the cross.

Olivia: He died for us on the cross.

Rojun: it is 40 days till easter.

Literacy roations

Today we recapped on the Ch sounding finding different Ch words that we could remember, around the room, and even our bodies.

The students then moved through their rotations, some children doing writers workshop, making a new book cover for a book, exploring the CVC words, reading and making our own words with letters and paints.

We had Ash Wednesday mass between recess and lunch today.

Ash Wednesday is one of the most popular and important holy days in the liturgical calendar. Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer.

Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday, and is chiefly observed by Catholics, although many other Christians observe it too.

Ash Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting. The practice includes the wearing of ashes on the head. The ashes symbolize the dust from which God made us. As the priest applies the ashes to a person’s forehead, he speaks the words: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Alternatively, the priest may speak the words, “Repent and believe in the Gospel.”

After lunch

We had library and music, during music we got the ashes placed on our head.

Tuesday Week 3

We are continuing to grow our sound knowledge. We explored the Ch sound today.





This is one journey that took place:

India’s Ch journey

India decided that she wanted to find all the things in our classroom that had a ch sound in them. She independently used the class iPad to record her findings. She also shared her discovery with the whole class.




“switch” “it has a ch at the end”

“Socheata has a ch in her name, this is a picture of her”

“this is Socheata’s welcome rock, see the ch”


“this book has a ch sound on the front”




This afternoon we had a discussion about the important event that takes place today

“Why is it pancake day / Shrove Tuesday today? What does it mean?”


Kaisha- It is pancake day, it is when we have pancakes


Ruby – Pancake day is a special day for Jesus mothers birthday, I looked it up with my mum


Alyssa – We might make pancakes


Ajoh  – It’s Shrove Tuesday


Rowena – its exciting, fun day


Sku – sometimes pancake – Jesus mums birthday


So as a class we explored a little deeper into the meaning of this day…..

After we reflected

Kushi – “Give something up”

Ruby – “Easter is coming up”


We discussed something they could be mindful of during the time of Lent: ‘During Lent I am going to……..’

Saara – ” be nice”

Kevin “I am going to sit on the floor and listen”











Monday Week 3

We have a very busy week this week with Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Valentines day and Chinese  and Vietnamese new year.

This Friday we will be having a shared lunch for Chinese and Vietnamese new year. We ask that you please bring a savoury plate of food from your culture to share for lunch. Children are allowed to wear traditional clothing or a red top or their school uniform on Friday.

Today we did some great reading this morning many of the students read with the teachers, their parents on their friends. It is great to already see the students improving with their reading.

After this we spoke about the days of the week.

Then we moved into looking at the month of the year a great interactive website that the students could explore at home is Starfall we used that today to explore the month ahead. Labelling the days of the week, the date and special events during the month.



We spoke about Shrove Tuesday (pancake day), Ash Wednesday and Valentines day.

Then Yatin noticed on Friday there was a little dog on the calendar for Friday- We asked the class what they thought this meant? and that there would be assembly this Friday.

These students shared their ideas: Dog of the year, there be the lion dance, year 5 dancing, dogs birthday, celebrations-  Indie: “It is the Chinese and Vietnamese new year”

We discussed how our inquiry this afternoon will be on that and we were all excited by that.


As teachers we have noticed that the students are really wanting to have a go at writing and are having a  go at  sounding out words. We however want to support the students to become more confident at this, we therefore worked on sounding out.

First we practised as a team and then we went off and practised by ourselves.

Today our theme was “weather” we had noticed the students were talking about the weather last week and wanted to make connections.


Ruby: you can spell it out last this S

Kaisha: I can hear U

Blake: M M

Phuc: R

We then talked about er sound.


Tino: W

Joydeep: I

Indie: N

India: T

van: E

Sochetta: R

We had a go….

We had mass practise after Recess

We then read our shared reading book “A year on our farm”

This was a provocation to the students to lead into our maths lesson on seasons and  months of the year – the students then shared what they know about seasons and months. This will be our inquiry and focus the next couple of weeks.

After lunch

Chinese new year – Important note went home

Oliver: I research on the internet about Chinese new year and learnt about the dancing then I made my own in active inspire.

Monika: For Chinese new year I am making a new year it is special because it is for the Chinese.

India: I am researching Chinese I found the word and typed in Chinese to search it, I found the dog it is the dog year.

Joydeep: I research I am looking pictures and I noticed there was a lot of dragon. I then decided to make a lantern.

Eline: I am making a dog because its the year of the Chinese dog.

Ajoh: I am making dog because it is the year of the dog in china.

Javeria: I made a lantern for Chinese new year I made it because I copied Kevin at osch and then learnt myself.

Tino: I made a lantern for Chinese new year to decorate for china.

Alyssa: We made a Chinese restaurant and then realise I need some patterns to decorate.

Jakob: I have been Chinese symbols and then I put them in a line for Chinese new year and I made lantern.

Caroline: I was reading Chinese new year Information on the laptop and then drawing.

Sochetta indicated she was working on the laptop researching Chinese new year.

Thuy: I made Chinese letters by writing and copying and then I made a lantern I looked at pictures and then had a go at making my own.

My: I made a lantern I put different decorations on it. For Chinese new year

Olivia: For Chinese new year we made a Chinese restaurant celebrating Chinese new year and now and then I need to decorate it so I am going to put some lanterns.