Monday week 2

This morning we continued our Inquiry around measurement

We read:

Who Sank the Boat

and discussed which animal might be the heaviest and lightest and why…..

Kaisha – Donkey because it seems big

Meklet – Cow because it looks heavy

Ella – I think the donkey because it’s the tallest

Blake – probably the mouse because the mouse made it sink.


We talked about weight and came up with 2 important words we could use to describe how much sometime weighs….




Yatin: A rock is heavy

Kushi : the couch is heavy

Ella: The table is heavy

Oliver: a shark is heavy

Oliva: the TV is heavy

Rowena: a cow is heavy

Kaisha: a bed

Joseph: a closet


Avleen: a pen is light

Yatin: a tiny rock is light

Blake: Paper is light

Monika: glasses

Tino: a marble

Isaac: a pencil cup

We recorded our ideas.

Holy Family Spring Fair

The children we so excited to share what they had done and had seen at the Spring Fair so we had the opportunity to talk to others and record our experiences


This afternoon we explored a variety of investigations focussed around the measurement of weight.

Yatin: “with the weighing thing the dinosaur was heavier. and when I was looking at the books I drew a hammer that was heavy thing and a balloon was light. With another book there were bead to measure… the rabbit was 3 beads and the tree was up to the top 10 beads and the flower was 5 bead.” Which was the longest? “The tree”

Felix: 25.2 kg is how heavy I am!

Alphonsa: 22.6 kilograms – how heavy I am. With the cups I only put like 5 seeds in the light one and the other one I put more than 5.

Vanessa: I used the coat hanger, a glue stick on one side and an easer on the other, the glue stick was the heaviest, it went left.

Meklet: the pencil is heavier than the ruler because it went the other side. The t rex is heavier than the little t-rex because I measured it, the big one went down and the little one went up.




Pupil Free Day tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday 19th October) is a pupil free day. OSHC will be available if necessary, please phone them to make a booking. We will be busy setting up for Spring Fair over the next couple of days and hope to see you there on Sunday (11am-8pm) for a fun filled day! If you are able to help out on a stall please let us know. Extra help is always needed at all times of the day, even if it’s only for a short time. Thank you to those parents who have already kindly offered their time to help on the day and for those families who have assisted us with donations. It is greatly appreciated!

Wednesday October 18th

This morning, we began the day with some partner reading and we were able to listen to some students reading. It is great to see how far the children have come this year in their reading and we can really see how they have benefited from focusing on phonics.

Our Literacy groups this morning involved a range of activities and the students chose what they would like to focus on. Some groups worked on role-play, some on Writer’s Workshop, some on reading and comprehension and some on phonics using letter stamps. They were all very engaged and the role-play group had a lot of fun pretending to be different animals or objects and performing different every day activities!

Our investigations today were very varied, however lots of the children chose to continue with Writer’s Workshop. We have really noticed a big interest in writing activities and a lot of their play now includes elements of writing which is fantastic to see.

We continued our focus on chance this afternoon with a fun game. We set up labels around the room for ‘will happen’, ‘might happen’ and ‘won’t happen’ and then presented different scenarios and the students had to choose what they thought the chances were of that happening. It was really interesting to hear their reasoning behind their choices, particularly when they had chosen a less obvious answer. When we asked what the chances are that a baby would need it’s nappy changed during the day, Sukh chose ‘might happen’. He explained that this was because ‘most babies probably do two poos so would need their nappies changed more than once during the day’.

Writers and chance…

Writers workshop….

Khushi: we need full stops at the end of our sentences.

Kaisha: We need capital letter at the beginning of someones name.

Van: A capital letter also at the start of the word of a sentence.

Avleen: Capital letter for the start of the sentence and start of names.

Ella: Special places, countries and names needs capital letters.

Ruby: We need full stops at the end of the sentence and capital letters start.

Javeiria: you need finger space between your words.

Saara: You use a question mark if you’re asking a sentence.

Olivia R: writers workshop is where you get to write all different books like. a story book or an information book.

Ruby: writers workshop you do your own writing and make up stories.

Ella: It is time to relax and peaceful while you do your writing.

Sukh: Writers workshop you can practise your writing you can tell other people what you are good at by writing a book.

Khushi: You need commas when you re writing like mum, dad and some else.

Rowena: You can use apostrophe when you are trying to shorten a word.

Mokika: Writers workshop is like different books and learn words.

CHANCE- today we looked at probability of things happening using the language. We came up with  scenarios

 and  decided if it will, might or not happen.


Avleen: I will drink water today.

Meklet: I will go to school today.

Van: I will eat lunch and recess at school today.

Khushi: I will eat breakfast everyday.

Ella: I will try to be nice everyday.


Kimaaya: I might eat ice cream today.

Alyssa: I might read a story today.

Vi: I might go shopping today.

Kaisha: I might watch TV tonight.

Sukh: I might buy a new bike


Olivia: I won’t have frozen coke

Thuy: I won’t go for dinner

Keeping Safe

Today we went over keep safe practises that we worked on at the end of the term.

We went over what it means to be safe, what being safe looks like, feels like, who can keep us safe, unsafe situations and safe situations.

We then got into little groups and used our language of acting our first scenario was:

“You were lost in the park” the children came up with some great scenarios on how they could keep safe sharing their ideas with the class.

What’s not safe to do?

  • Stay away from people look like strangers that are scary
  • Run away
  • go off on the road
  • Go up to cars

A stranger told you they would give you candy or slime if you went with them…..

“I’m not going to come with you, because I don’t know you.” Yatin, Kaisha and Vanessa.

“Bye, bye I’m a not coming and then they went to go and hide” Alyssa, Tino, Avleen

“I am not coming because we know that strangers are bad sometimes and walk away and tell a trust adult. Ruby, Saara and Katrina.

You are playing at the park and noticed the house across the road starts to smell of smoke and you can see fire coming from it.

We have some great actors and actresses watch out Hollywood!

Who job is it keep a safe?
WE shared our ideas that Police, fire service and ambulance we discussed when we need to use them.

100 languages this afternoon to explore and inquire on the 000 services.


Dear parents/caregivers,

The Spring Fair on Sunday 21 October is quickly approaching and we are looking for volunteers to help on the day. It is a fun day had by all and a fantastic community event.

We are looking for volunteers to assist on a variety of stalls and if you are able to offer an hour on the day between 11am and 8pm, we would really appreciate your support.

Please email with your availability eg 1-2pm, anytime between 11am-4pm etc.  Volunteers will be advised on Friday 19 October which stall they have been allocated to once responses have been finalised.


Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4!



What does measurement mean?

Yatin: Something you can measure things.

Meklet: I can measure something that is long or short.

Ruby: you can measure stuff. You can use a ruler with numbers on it and measure how tall you are.

Rowena: Measure with centimetres and Kilometres

Sara: you can measure something you don’t know measure.

Javeiria: You can measure your clothes to see what size you are.

Olivia: you can measure something to see if its light, heavy or the same.

Avleen: you can measure how heavy and light

Joydeep: you can measure what size it is, how fat it is, how big it is, how heavy it is.

Sukh: You can measure with a ruler and see what size.

Ajoh: you can measure a TV, a phone, and box

Khushi: If you get piece paper and trace around your foot and see what size the shoe you need.

India: you can measure how big a house is.

We recorded our thinking:


We got into pairs and shared what we did in our holidays. We then recorded it.

Meklet:  I went to someones birthday, we took a car, it was far away in a park. It was a girl called Nina, she is 11. I took mum, dad and brother. It was on Saturday.

Joydeep: On the holidays I went to OSHC we went to see the movie Small    Foot, we got there on a bus. We had some popcorn. I got a drink which was lemonade . The movie was good because it was fun.

This afternoon we used our 100 languages to demonstrate and share our holiday events.




As this term has come to an end, it is also my last day at Holy Family Catholic School for 2018

The last six weeks have been a great experience for myself and I have loved the opportunity working with each and every individual in this class.

I have watched the students grow and develop over such a short time and I have loved the students showcasing their personalities in many different ways.

Thank you to Mrs Nicosia for all the assistance over this time and to all the parents who came in and supported in their children’s learning.


As Mr Stramare would say “Fino alla Fine”- Until the end…

Kind Regards,

Andrew Puccio

Thursday week 10

We had a very exciting day today, it was Pet Day! We were lucky enough to have some of our pets brought in. A big thank you to Kaisha, Oliver, Blake and their families.

We had a pet parade and enjoyed lots of cuddles and pats. We were lucky enough to have Fr. Sam do a morning blessing for the dogs. This was beautiful idea of making children express their love and affection for God’s creation. Congratulations to you for this beautiful expression of care for nature.

They were able to see the different animals and reflected on the morning

Meklet- I liked Blakes dog because it was all fluffy.

Kaisha- I liked the lizard and chicken because I got to pat them.

Khushi- I liked the Pets Parade and how we got to see the different animals.

Van- I liked patting all of the animals.

Naomi- I liked the cat because I was similar to other animals.

Ruby- I liked Mrs Nicosia’s dogs Zeus and Zali.

Oliver- I like my dog Willow because she is very soft and doesn’t jump.

Blake- I like the pigeons when they flew off and went home.

Olivia Riggall was our photographer for the morning….

Keeping Safe

Today we reflected on who keeps us safe and why they keep us safe. We reflected that different people keep us safe in different ways. We talked about the importance of staying safe and trusting people to keep us safe.

This aligns with our keep safe practises.

Making slime

We were lucky enough to have our years 6/7 buddies here to help us make slime. We have been very interested in slime all year so it is very exciting that we finally get to make it. This links in with our science this term of Solids, liquids and gases and seeing how things can change.


How we feel safe?

Today we looked at some Protective Practices and what is means to be SAFE. The students created a mindmap with words and comments of what they thought being safe looked like, felt like and sounded like.

What does being safe mean?

Alphonsa- Being safe means not getting into trouble.

Jacob- Being safe means making good choices.

Monika- Being safe means we don’t fight.

Ruby- Being safe means helping the teacher do something and listening to what they say.

Yatin- Listening to teachers so you don’t get in danger.

Ella- Being safe means you stay where people can see you.

Phuc- Being safe means watching out for danger.

Blake- Being safe means hands to yourself.

Monika- Being safe makes us feel calm.

Sukh- Being safe means your body feels relaxed.

Yatin- We feel peaceful when we are safe.

Eline- We feel calm if we are safe.

How do we stay safe:

Olivia R- I stay safe when I go to my bedroom

Ella- I stay safe with my parents.

Rowena- I stay safe by moving away from danger.

Kaisha- I stay safe by locking all doors and windows.

Saara- I stay safe with my parents so I don’t get lost.

Ruby- We have safe hands so we don’t touch or hit anyone.


The students were happy to show and talk to others about the different ways they feel safe at home, school and with their friends.