This morning we settled in with Come Read with Me

Then 1SA headed straight to the hall with our big buddies to practise our assembly which is this Friday (normal school uniform to be worn).

Our buddy assembly is THEMED – Past, Present and Future.  A concept that we have begun to explore in 1SA / 1EN. The children worked with their older buddies to come up with ideas and learning around this theme. They worked together to produce something and are presenting this on Friday. The teachers took a back seat and the older students guided and supported the younger children. This has been a great learning opportunity for all involved. Some of our children made props, were involved in iMovies and other have speaking parts. All are involved in different ways.


After recess we continued our Information text inquiry. Today we started to create our own information texts. We chose something that we are experts about that we could teach others about.

Ruby – “Mindcraft”

Saara – “Fishfarm”

Mia “Cats”

Vanessa – “babies”

Meklet – “Teachers”


We focussed on the FRONT COVER and CONTENTS page

Our front cover needed:

  • A title
  • The author (our name)
  • A big coloured picture of the subject

Contents page tells us what we are going to learn about. We chose 4 main things to talk about.

for example:

  • What they look like
  • Where they live
  • What they eat
  • How they move



Science – We continued our science inquiry around things that change and what makes them change. (1EN looked at this yesterday while we were practising assembly)

Students were given a corn kernel …….. “can you tell me about what is in your hand” (Mrs Smith)

vi “it’s popcorn”

…… ok so I can eat it?

vi ” no, put it in the microwave, it will turn into popcorn”

Kaisha “it’s corn, it’s called popcorn because it pops and it’s corn”

Meklet – “popcorn seed”

Felix –  “it’s popcorn because when you put it in the microwave it starts popping”

Blake – “it’s a baby seed for a corn”

Indi “its frozen corn”

Yatin “seed of popcorn, popcorn machine it will make it pop.”

Ruby “my mum and me made popcorn, you get a seed, its out of corn, put it in a popcorn machine and it pops.


Mrs Smith “What makes it change / pop in the microwave or popcorn machine?”


Rowena “the heat makes it bigger and bigger until it pops”


We  put the corn kernels into the machine and turned it on, we waited and watched in great excitement. The children collected some popcorn and recorded their discoveries.

Nina: “You put the seed in the machine, it pops out as popcorn”

Alphonsa: “we made popcorn, first it starts as a seed you use a popcorn machine or microwave, after a while the heat makes the seed into popcorn.”

Gurnoor “popcorn, first you put the machine on, then it is small, medium, large. The popcorn gets bigger and bigger and hotter”

Ruby: “the popcorn be’s a seed and after it goes in the popcorn blender and after it turns to popcorn, you have it for movies and latitude. the machine makes it really steamy hot.”

Blake ” you get the seed and put it in the popcorn machine, it pop pop pop pops, in a bowl., then you can eat it.”



PHOTOS NEXT TUESDAY school uniform

Hi everyone,

School Photos will be taken Tuesday 21 August (week 5).

Students will need to wear WINTER uniform (not PE uniform) for school photos.  Please note that spare uniform items will not be provided so students will be photographed in the uniform being worn on the day.  The students will still have their sports lesson just in their school uniform.

Envelopes to order Family Photos are available from the front office. Family photos will be taken first from 8.30am.We also have spare envelopes at the front office if anyone needs a replacement one.

Monday, Week 4

What are maps? 

What do they help us to know?

When can we use a map?

Sukh: If you are lost maps help you find the right way, you can ask for a map to find something and it will take you there, like a tiger at the Zoo.

Meklet: Maps help you if you are lost and help you find treasure.

Yatin: Maps helps you to go back home if you don’t know the route you can use a map, you can use the map in your car, places that has maps you can get.

Olivia: You can make a map with a piece of paper when you draw a map you can draw arrows and lines to show where you need to go, X on the map is where you want to go.

Kimaaya: Maps have special directions North, east, south or west, I saw it at the zoo if had a symbol that pointed up to north.

Rowena: North, east, south and west can be on maps and also on a compass.

Van: In the car or sometimes on your phones you can go to google on the maps.

Indi: they can help you get somewhere, like Victor Harbour.

Javeiria: if you want to go somewhere and you don’t know they way you can print out a map.

We had a little break with Mass Practise for Wednesday.

After Recess we started our investigations on maps  where through play and different provocations we explored.

We as teachers observed what the students already know, what they want to know and where we can take the children next.

The children were engaged sharing their knowledge and investigating.

Diljoit: I drew a map and I big map, x show where we are going, to find the treasure.

Eline: I have been making a treasure map everywhere of the earth, it leads it around the classroom it goes up and left and left and up and left then you find another treasure. then you go right and you find the other treasure.

My:If you do not know how to go to Saint Kilda you have a map in your car. If you do not know how to go to the beach you can get a map. I made maps of how you get to these places.

Caroline: How will I get home? I will find a person and they will help me find my own and then they help me find my home. I’ll make a map.

Naomi: We learn a lot of maps and counties. Maps help you find where you are and the compass help you know, birthday, east south or west.

Joydeep: I have been making a amp it tells you where to go I follow the lines, this is my house and I can travel over here, to a house.


After the students reflected and wrote about what they did, sharing their learning experiences.

Avleen:  Today I learnt about maps, I went on the Google and looked at maps, I then made a map of the zoo.

Monika: Today I learnt about maps I did a map book with Thuy I said maps are good for you if you are lost in the park and you need to go back home.

Thuy: I made a map about books, maps are good because they help you know which way to go and if you don’t follow you will get lost. We then went on the laptop and wrote about maps too.

In the afternoon 1Sa went and practised for assembly.

1EN looked at making POPCORN.

First Mrs Nicosia handed us a kernel and asked the group what do they think the kernel is for?

Ella: It is for popcorn you had to put it in a special machine and turn the handle and it turns to pop corn.

Avleen: you put the seeds in the microwave and it turns it into popcorn.

Olivia R: When the seeds are warmed up and then stuff actually comes out you out into popcorn.

Ajoh: First you put the popcorn seed into the bowl and then you put it somewhere hot and when it is cooked, then you can eat it and watch a movie.

Khushi: the popcorn seeds are still seeds but then they have a popcorn attached because they make it out of corn.

India: Popcorn these seeds are made of they are made of corn and then when you make it hot it turns to popcorn.

Thuy: you put the popcorn in a machine it is hot inside and it pops the popcorn.

The students then got their books and predicted what will happen..

We then had a go at testing their predictions…It was lots of fun and the children even got to eat some popcorn!

Maybe you can your children what what they predicted  and what happened?






This morning, we enjoyed a Masterchef themed assembly from the Year 2s and Year 4s. It was very entertaining and we got some great ideas for ways to make eating fun.

After assembly we joined some Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes for fitness in the hall. We had a lot of fun!

After recess, we met with our buddies. Assembly preparations are going well and both classes are looking forward to sharing their assemblies with you over the next couple of weeks.

After lunch, we worked on Literacy, making books and practicing sounding out words. We are seeing excellent improvements in all of the students’ ability to hear sounds in words and it is great to see them so confident and enthusiastic about their writing.


This morning we had come read with me!! lovely to see the children working with their friends to read and help each other out.

Maths Rotations- maths rotations gives the children the opportunities to learn and explore together in small groups, they support each other and lead their learning.

Today we had three groups:

  • Laptops using the calculator to add big numbers together,
  • adding and taking away games- where the students used their numeracy skills to add and take away numbers to see who was going to be the winner.
  • The last group worked with the teachers and did problem solving with subtraction using real life situations.

After Recess

We spoke about the “Zoo” the students went off to use their 100 languages on how they could represent the Zoo. The students shared what they know about the zoo and investigated what they want to know. This will hopefully be the lead into something very exciting…more information to come.

Ajoh: I am going to make a zoo with paper.

Olivia R: I want to make an I movie about the zoo.

Yatin: I will make some animals with plats and you put it on your face and act it out.

Blake: I am going to make a paper Komoto dragon, they are only at the Queensland Zoo.

Suk: I am going to make a puppet show about the Zoo.

India: I am going to write about the Zoo about on the laptop.

Ruby: I am going to make an iMovie on the laptop on about the zoo.

Oliver: I am going to be in the home corner all the animals will be under there.

Alyssa: I am going to make a book about Zoo.

Van was our helper teacher today she went around and asked all the students what they were doing and recorded what they said. Van did a great job typing all by her self.

This is what Van collected, all her own typing…

Ajoh: I am making a paper Zoo, there are going to be lions, giraffes , zebra and hippos and tigers.

Isaac: I made about snakes and made  writers book

thuy: Roday I was writing in my writers book

vi: I made a  animal mask.

Rowena: I watched a puppet show.

Katrina:i made a puppet show.

Nina:i started a puppet show.

indi: I searched up in google zoo animals.

Felix: I made a Imovie about the zoo with meklet.

Mia:me rowena and kaisha we were drawing and making a iMovie.

sukh: I was building a zoo with Gideon

Phuc: i was making a iMovie with Katrina.

Van: I was making a writer’s  workshop.

india: I made a song about animals with is the song about gummy bears.

After Lunch

Writers workshop – the students continued with their writers. We had a little break in the middle of it to have an assembly on the rubbish in our school. It was very interesting….

Blake: don’t waste your food…you have to eat it all and if you take home.

Thuy: if you don’t food and put it in the bin you waste your families money.

Eline: it is waste.

Sukh: You can bring food but not in the packets, like in containers.

Ella: If you have ziplock bag and you are done with it take it home you can re use it.

Olivia: If you don’t like it you put it in your lunch box and take it home, so is is not waste.

Indi: Scrunch it up and put it in a ball to recycle.

Van: Don’t put your food in the bin put it in your lunch box and if you have anymore chips you eat it.

Javeiria: I take care of my money and when I don’t want to eat my recess I leave it the lunch box.

We are hoping that the students can recognise that the school is producing a lot of rubbish. We asked the students to look at their own lunch box and how they can create less rubbish. In class we will also work on the rubbish we are producing.




A very busy day in our class today!

This morning 1SA went up to buddies getting ready for their assembly next Friday.

1EN worked on their writers workshop – practising their writing. It was great to see all the students having a go.

The goal with writers is to support the students by doing, writers learn best by writing. We provide the students opportunities to have ownership of their own writing, guidance and support of us teachers and their  peers and fellow learners.

After Recess we had a mass to celebrate Mary Mackillop.

In the afternoon we will have library and music!

Just a reminder that everyday we read at school so the children need their black bags at school everyday. Thanks so much for your support with this.


Literacy and Buddies

Sound oo OO

Our sound this week can make 2 sounds a short oo (cook, look) and a long sound OO (spoon, zoo)


After watching the sound song and reading a story which included lots of oo words, the children came up with so many words that contained our sound.


Focus: Proper nouns, nouns, verbs.

What is a noun?

Avleen: a noun a thing.

Kimaaya: A noun a is proper noun is a place and needs a capital letter and a name

Olivia: Melbourne- a city and the Eiffel tower – which is a special place.

Khushi: a country is a proper noun.

Ella: Your street is a proper noun.

Olivia R: a suburb.

What is verb?

Monika: a verb is what we do.

Ella: we cook.

Kimaaya: verbs are doing words and action words.



After recess  1SA had sport

and 1EN had sport and Spanish


After lunch both classes joined up with their buddy classes to continue Assembly preparations.


Buddies  – Assembly practice

Monday Week 3

Come read with me – this morning we did reading with a friend, buddy or teacher. Lots of the students are doing a really good job and practising to get better and better.

This morning we looked at ice again- we spoke about liquid, gas and solids and how water can change between them. We got an ice cube tray and filled it with water, we then spoke about where needed to put it and what would happen.

Ella – water is a liquid, put it in there

Sukh – put it in the freezer and over night it will be ready.

Kaisha – the freezer will turn it into ice, it stays for a while it gets colder.

Mia – it is harden, a solid.

Van – it gets colder and colder.

We are going to check it after recess and lunch.

Maths- shapes

Today the students got to investigate and explore through play shapes, after learning about shapes over the last few weeks and last term the teachers want to check in one on one with the students on what they knew.

We were looking at the difference between 2D and 3D shapes? Naming and recognising 2D shapes and 3D shapes, if the students know what a corner, edge or face is.

We were very impressed with the students play and investigations around shapes. Using their 100 languages to come up with different activities and investigations. The students led their learning whilst the teachers were able to conference the children on their knowledge.

Mass practise- we had a whole school mass song practise after recess for Our whole school mass this Wednesday at 11.20.

Today it was exciting that we got to see hail from the sky-

We spoke about how is hail made?

Sukh: When it freeze its actually rain and it freezes then makes like ice and then like when the rain comes down and it gets colder and colder it turns to hail.

Rowena: when it gets really cold the rain turns into a solid because it is really cold.

Khushi: when the clouds come together the rain gets really cold and then it gets hail and it turns into little bits of snow.

Ella: because when it is freezing outside it will turn into ice but then it is not it is just normal rain.

Felix: when it gets colder the water turns into ice.

Information books

We read an information book about “Pets” and then watched the clip below

Our job today was to brainstorm ideas for our information books, in the up coming weeks we hope to write our own information books.

We asked ourselves the questions:

Who will be interested?

Who will it be for?

What do I know a lot about?

The students made a list about all the things they know a lot about.

After lunch

We  looked at the water we had put in the freezer…and noticed what had happened.


We then decided to do a little experiment of what would happen if we boiled hot water….


Meklet: I predict that it will make some gas we put hot water it is going to come out of the water.

India: it will get really hot and it melt like there is no more water.

Blake: Steam will come out and it will burn you.

Van: I think it will stay the same and then in couple hours.

Sukh: when you put water and it is really hot it will steam. And if it really hot it can make it more hot fire or steam.

Ruby: I have done this at home, for me I’ll add water and put salt and there were things like clouds coming out and you get a piece of stick and then water will melt and after there will be a big gas.

How do we make this water hot?

Khushi: Outside put it in the window.

Zarii: steam might come out

Avleen: put it in the microwave.

Ajoh: The teapot

Blake: We can put it in the kettle.

We put the kettle on and noticed what happened…..

what is steam?

Gurnoor: it is getting hot.

Ella: it is gas.

Rowena: they are molecules.

Do you think we have all the water in here?

Or do you think some has gone?

Ella: Because some of the steam has taken the water away.


We have asked that the students share their learning with you at home tonight.




This morning we were asked to share the song Taba Naba with the school during assembly. The students did an amazing job!


After assembly, we stayed with the junior primary classes for Go Noodle fitness. There were some great moves on the dance floor!

After recess, we worked on making books and it is great to see the students using what they are learning about different types of texts to make their own. Sukh made an information book about buses, trains and cars and even included a contents page!

For Numeracy today we played some number games and practiced using the phrases “more than” and “less than”. We also practiced skip counting while we played the game ‘Buzz’.

After lunch, we worked with our buddies. Our top secret buddy assembly preparations are well underway for our assemblies in Week 4 (1SA) and week 5 (1EN).

We have had a very busy week and hope you all enjoy a nice restful weekend.

THURSDAY- week 2


Kevin: I like writing about the building.

Olivia: I like writers because I like making new books.

Blake: I like making dinosaur books.

Monika: I like writers because it helps me learn more.

Ajoh: I like writers workshop and makes me read and write more and learn how to write and read and even make me learn more stuff.

Javeiria: I like writers workshop because I like learning.

Meklet: I like  writers workshop it helps me write more words.

Ruby: I like writers workshop because I get to write books and get to write made up books, and I made a red riding hood and she went to her grandma’s house.

Avleen: I like writers workshop because it helps me to learn.

Saara: I like writers workshop because you learn words.

Maths Play

Today we gave the students maths play where they could explore all the things they wanted to through play it was great to see all the students applying their numeracy skills.


After lunch we worked with our buddies on our assembly.