This morning, we started the day with ‘come read with me’. We are noticing the children using some great reading strategies. Some questions you can ask your child when they come to a word they don’t know are ‘what sound does it start with?’ ‘Reread the sentence and think about what what would make sense?’ ‘what small words can you see in the bigger word?’


Our Literacy rotations are going well and this week we have made new groups with less children in each group, which is helping with concentration.


We have had lots of fun in our Numeracy groups, making number lines, working with dice and using the laptops.

Ajoh: Me and Alyssa are making a number line. We tried to do a race with Khushi and Kimaaya and Javeria. We made a number line to 20.

Nina: Sukh and me made a number line.

Yatin: Me and Felix made number line with flowers we both raced Phuc, Rowena and Van, we won.

Ruby: When me and Sukh put the numbers together we made 100.

Tino: Me and Jakob did our numbers on the laptop we went up to 29.

KhushI: I was doing the number adding, I blocked five lines.

Suk: Me, Ruby, Kaisha and Mia were rolling the dice and I got to sixes it made 12.

Thuy: I was on the laptop and I was writing numbers 1-20.

This afternoon, we watched a clip about what primary school children think about prayer and then answered the same questions.

What is prayer?

Ajoh: prayer’s something to make Jesus happy and God happy and make their life happy.

Sukh: a prayer is something that makes Jesus happy and makes ourselves good and then God sends us power because prayer gets us power and God sends the power to us.

Ella: Praying makes God and Jesus happy and it bes nice to them.

Jacob: Prayer is like when you pray for God.

Yatin: prayer is all about Jesus and you pray for him to give you love. It’s not all about Easter it’s all about Jesus.


What do you do during prayer?

Monika: you have to be quiet in prayer

Olivia. R: in prayer we talk to God and Jesus

Alphonsa: during prayer you have to pray to God

Joydeep: close your eyes

Nina: when you pray for Jesus, Jesus is alive.


What shouldn’t you do during prayer?

Kaisha: silly

Khushi: you should not have a conversation

Alyssa: you don’t bite or spit or fight

Saara: it’s not about fighting and it’s about prayer

Javeria: if you haven’t been good, Jesus will be dead forever and if you be good Jesus will wake up.

Olivia. S: you shouldn’t be crazy

Ella: no swearing

We wrote our own prayers of thanks and are going to use them to make a prayer book for our classroom. We look forward to finishing them off tomorrow and sharing them with you!

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