We did our last rotation of Literacy groups today and some of the books children are making are really coming along.


Oliver: I went to the blocks and I was playing with Kevin and we were making McDonald’s.

Vanessa: I did laptops, I made numbers.

Kimaaya: I did colouring for my Mum because my Mum’s birthday is tomorrow so I made a card.

Vi: It was fun because we made loom bands and it got longer and longer

Rowena: at investigations I finished a little bit of the book I was making at Literacy investigations.



Today we were finally able to introduce some fish into our tank. We have three guppies who will help the tank to cycle and build up the ecosystem ready for our Red Horsefaces in a couple of weeks. It was a very exciting day and we are still working on names for them. We added a heater and thermometer to our tank and an air pump to break the surface tension on the water to allow the gases to escape. The children were really interested to learn why the air bubbles breaking on the surface of the water is so important and they were impressed with how nice the tank looked with the bubbly water. We also got to feed the fish for the first time and they all ate, which is a good sign that they are happy and healthy.

What do you think of our fish?

Javeria: you have to put food to feed our fish, you need a home so they can escape.

Joydeep: Great!

Tino: I like the fish.

Gurnoor: I like fish can swim fast and eat food.

Caroline: I like feeding the fish

It’s now time to name our fish. Each child has chosen one fish and thought of a name for it. They drew the fish and recorded the name and next week we will choose the names as a class. There are some great names being suggested!

Van: I did the red one and I named it Layla.

Alphonsa: I picked a name and the name for the red fish is Goldy the fish.

Ajoh: I named my fish Olivia.

Joseph: I named my fish Crazy Blocks.

Felix: I named my fish Alex.

Mia: Snowflake

Khushi: I named my fish Rainbow Dash

Joydeep: I named my fish Sing.

Kaisha: Stacey

Olivia. R: I named my fish Socheata.

Avleen: I named my fish Kaur.

Meklet: I called the orange fish Rainbow Fish.

Vanessa: My name is Aaron.


Enjoy the long weekend!

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