Tuesday’s Spring Inquiry

Welcome back to school after the long weekend.

This morning we got straight into our SOUND and GRAMMAR focus:

Our sound study today was around the ‘ar’ sound

Joseph – “I know a word with sh and ar 2 of our sounds – shark”

Our GRAMMAR focus was around – Common Nouns

Can you remember what a proper noun is?

TIno: A place

Ajoh it needs a capital letter.

Rojun: A name.

Caroline: somewhere you live.

Khushi: Effiel Tower

Avleen: different countries.

Alyssa: Schools

Olivia: A town.

Alyssa: A city

India: Aerplane.

Monkia: the world.

Ajoh: Your habitats.

Meklet: it can a be a palce it needs a capital letter

Alphonsa: it could be a school name or your name

Van: If you have. A proper noun you need a capital

Suk: streets.

Ruby: Butterflies names.


We spoke and reflected that common nouns were things, common places or types of people, also making sure we knew the difference between Proper nouns, they need a capital letter, are the names of people, important places, like the street or an organisation such as our school.

It is a little tricky to remember the difference so maybe on your way home you can look for Common Nouns ( things) you can see outside the window and maybe you’ll even past some Proper Nouns, such as shopping centres and street names or even schools.

We did a hunt for common nouns around the room? Recording them all down seeing who could get the most.

Khushi: a poster.

Ajoh: the logs

Monkia: the lockers.

Naomi: a noun is a table.

Joydeep: Mrs Carey it’s a proper noun, but a common noun teacher.

Ajoh: people

Olivia R: Sochetta is a proper noun she is a person or a girl is a noun.

Avleen: letters

Naomi: shelves

Caroline: blocks.

Ehtan:  a drink bottle.

Kevin: the table, the Tv, teacher.the phone.

Tino: the door

Eline: A tv and table and most all the places.

My: the teacher

Ella: Lockers.

Javeria: Noun Is a table.

Kimaaya: the lockers.

Oliver: The Tv

Alyssa: A girl

Joydeep: the sticky tape.

Inida: TV

Caroline: blocks and lockers.



Ruby: the teachers desk

Saara: A piece paper

Meklet: The Tv

Alphonsa: Habitats and animals

Van: pencil

Isaac: Pictures.

Nina: Farm aniamls.

Felix: white boards.

Indie: letters

Gurnoor: A cow

Kenneth: A basket

Zarii: Sticky tape.

Vanessa: A table

Mia: Pictures

Joesph: ducks

Rowena: a basket

Vi: a horse

Yatin: lockers.

Phuc: teacher

Kaisha: Chair

Sul the cross

Blake: Blocks

Katrina: The Tv

After lunch we completed our season inquiry into Spring…  we have now thoroughly explored each season, how we get seasons, what happens at these times of year and how it affects us.


Vi – I found a chick when I looked up spring, the chick will grow up and make more babies. I also found a goat, a baby goat “do you know what a baby goat is called?” Teacher “no” its called a kid.

Gurnoor – was exploring the table with eggs “A lizard, I like lizards, they come out of eggs. I made another one, it’s a dinosaur egg. My brain knows that dinosaurs lay eggs. It could be a T- Rex”

Jaydeep – I draw a flower, it makes oxygen, its hot and they grow when it hot, its got the top.

Alyssa – I made a flower, Its because I like flowers, because they grow in spring

Katrina – I made a flower because they are pretty.

Meklet – I drew flowers, we had flowers in the classroom, I didn’t copy them, I made different ones.

Joseph – “if you smell the flower you will sneeze.”

Eline – “I tried to think what came out of an egg and then I thought butterflies, Mr Coad showed me in a book, then caterpillar then comes out.”

Olivia R – “do you know that Rapunzel is in Spring because there are so many flowers”

Suk – “we were looking at the flowers we  picked, the long light pink one, with a pencil we copied it really slowly”

Gurnoor – “I wrote all the seasons, my favourite is summer, because it is hot and my brother likes summer too, eats cold things, ice blocks and ice-cream.”





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