With the change of recess time beginning this week, we have made some adjustments to our timetable. This morning we began with a quick ‘Come Read With Me’ and then moved into our Literacy Rotations. We did some reading assessments and it is great to see lots of students are improving on their strategies for reading and working on decoding words using their knowledge of sounds.

After recess we explored the concepts of past, present and future.

What does the past mean?

Alphonsa: It was a long time ago.

Khushi: It happened before.

Eline: it’s like something happened like it’s already happened.

Indi: past is when you have a dog and it ran away that happened in the past.

Rowena: it means like something that happened a year or a week or a day or a minute ago.

Van: it means it was in the old times.


What is the present?

Phuc: a present is a moment of time that is happening now.

Monika: a present is something you get at Christmas.

The present is right now…

Olivia R: present means something that still could be useful and that could be used now.

Rowena: something happening now, like you’re teaching us in the present.


What is the future?

Ajoh: something that’s going to come in a long, long time.

Olivia R: the future is something like an event that will happen later

Joydeep: the future is going to happen when you’re grown up.

We then used these concepts in our investigations. The students chose their own activities and how they wanted to include their learning about past, present and future.

India: I am making a turtle getting bigger.

Zarii: I drew cute things, it was the present.

Joseph: there’s a portal to Dinoland and there’s a portal to Normal Land. Dinoland is in the past.

Ruby: when Olivia, Oliver and me were little, we were in childcare and we ate baby food and we made our own cubby house.

Vi: me and Van are drawing what we looked like when we were little. It was the past.

Van: we were at the same kindy.

Rowena: i’m making an iMovie about past, present and future. I might include a bit of help by Alphonsa.

Joydeep: I watched a video about cars in the future and I learned sometimes cars can drive by themselves in the future.


After lunch, we finished our Numeracy rotations. In our teacher focus groups, we are beginning work on subtraction so any real life practice you can do at home would be great to help build their understanding.

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