This morning we were asked to share the song Taba Naba with the school during assembly. The students did an amazing job!


After assembly, we stayed with the junior primary classes for Go Noodle fitness. There were some great moves on the dance floor!

After recess, we worked on making books and it is great to see the students using what they are learning about different types of texts to make their own. Sukh made an information book about buses, trains and cars and even included a contents page!

For Numeracy today we played some number games and practiced using the phrases “more than” and “less than”. We also practiced skip counting while we played the game ‘Buzz’.

After lunch, we worked with our buddies. Our top secret buddy assembly preparations are well underway for our assemblies in Week 4 (1SA) and week 5 (1EN).

We have had a very busy week and hope you all enjoy a nice restful weekend.

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