This morning we had come read with me!! lovely to see the children working with their friends to read and help each other out.

Maths Rotations- maths rotations gives the children the opportunities to learn and explore together in small groups, they support each other and lead their learning.

Today we had three groups:

  • Laptops using the calculator to add big numbers together,
  • adding and taking away games- where the students used their numeracy skills to add and take away numbers to see who was going to be the winner.
  • The last group worked with the teachers and did problem solving with subtraction using real life situations.

After Recess

We spoke about the “Zoo” the students went off to use their 100 languages on how they could represent the Zoo. The students shared what they know about the zoo and investigated what they want to know. This will hopefully be the lead into something very exciting…more information to come.

Ajoh: I am going to make a zoo with paper.

Olivia R: I want to make an I movie about the zoo.

Yatin: I will make some animals with plats and you put it on your face and act it out.

Blake: I am going to make a paper Komoto dragon, they are only at the Queensland Zoo.

Suk: I am going to make a puppet show about the Zoo.

India: I am going to write about the Zoo about on the laptop.

Ruby: I am going to make an iMovie on the laptop on about the zoo.

Oliver: I am going to be in the home corner all the animals will be under there.

Alyssa: I am going to make a book about Zoo.

Van was our helper teacher today she went around and asked all the students what they were doing and recorded what they said. Van did a great job typing all by her self.

This is what Van collected, all her own typing…

Ajoh: I am making a paper Zoo, there are going to be lions, giraffes , zebra and hippos and tigers.

Isaac: I made about snakes and made  writers book

thuy: Roday I was writing in my writers book

vi: I made a  animal mask.

Rowena: I watched a puppet show.

Katrina:i made a puppet show.

Nina:i started a puppet show.

indi: I searched up in google zoo animals.

Felix: I made a Imovie about the zoo with meklet.

Mia:me rowena and kaisha we were drawing and making a iMovie.

sukh: I was building a zoo with Gideon

Phuc: i was making a iMovie with Katrina.

Van: I was making a writer’s  workshop.

india: I made a song about animals with is the song about gummy bears.

After Lunch

Writers workshop – the students continued with their writers. We had a little break in the middle of it to have an assembly on the rubbish in our school. It was very interesting….

Blake: don’t waste your food…you have to eat it all and if you take home.

Thuy: if you don’t food and put it in the bin you waste your families money.

Eline: it is waste.

Sukh: You can bring food but not in the packets, like in containers.

Ella: If you have ziplock bag and you are done with it take it home you can re use it.

Olivia: If you don’t like it you put it in your lunch box and take it home, so is is not waste.

Indi: Scrunch it up and put it in a ball to recycle.

Van: Don’t put your food in the bin put it in your lunch box and if you have anymore chips you eat it.

Javeiria: I take care of my money and when I don’t want to eat my recess I leave it the lunch box.

We are hoping that the students can recognise that the school is producing a lot of rubbish. We asked the students to look at their own lunch box and how they can create less rubbish. In class we will also work on the rubbish we are producing.



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