Zoo excursion + follow up

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at the zoo…. emerging ourselves in the learning we have been looking at around….

Mapping and Animal Habitats 

A big thank you again to all our parent helpers. You did such an amazing job at guiding and caring for your groups:




Mr Coad








This morning we shared our thinking around the day:

Joseph: patting the animals head, the reindeer

Katrina: The baby monkeys they were really fluffy

Olivia: I liked seeing the Meekat in their new home.

Nina: There was a monkey in a cave with a white moustache

Rowena: My favourite part was when they were feeding the seal, they were giving them lots fish and doing tricks.

Joydeep: I liked when my groups saw the snakes, I saw different kinds of snakes, some were camoflaued.

Blake: I liked the bats in the nocturnal house, it was really dark.

Ella: I liked seeing the meek cats, and the babies, they were little and cute.

We then recorded our thoughts and memories from this special day together


We then had a session with the ‘Responsible Pet Program’. Deb came in and bought her helper Tinker bell(dog) to explore the concept of safety with dogs.



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