Thursday week 10

We had a very exciting day today, it was Pet Day! We were lucky enough to have some of our pets brought in. A big thank you to Kaisha, Oliver, Blake and their families.

We had a pet parade and enjoyed lots of cuddles and pats. We were lucky enough to have Fr. Sam do a morning blessing for the dogs. This was beautiful idea of making children express their love and affection for God’s creation. Congratulations to you for this beautiful expression of care for nature.

They were able to see the different animals and reflected on the morning

Meklet- I liked Blakes dog because it was all fluffy.

Kaisha- I liked the lizard and chicken because I got to pat them.

Khushi- I liked the Pets Parade and how we got to see the different animals.

Van- I liked patting all of the animals.

Naomi- I liked the cat because I was similar to other animals.

Ruby- I liked Mrs Nicosia’s dogs Zeus and Zali.

Oliver- I like my dog Willow because she is very soft and doesn’t jump.

Blake- I like the pigeons when they flew off and went home.

Olivia Riggall was our photographer for the morning….

Keeping Safe

Today we reflected on who keeps us safe and why they keep us safe. We reflected that different people keep us safe in different ways. We talked about the importance of staying safe and trusting people to keep us safe.

This aligns with our keep safe practises.

Making slime

We were lucky enough to have our years 6/7 buddies here to help us make slime. We have been very interested in slime all year so it is very exciting that we finally get to make it. This links in with our science this term of Solids, liquids and gases and seeing how things can change.


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