Chinese and Vietnamese happy new year

Happy Vietnamese and Chinese new year – what a great start to the day watching the year 5 students put on an amazing assembly. The students reflected and shared what they enjoyed…

Alyssa: The dragon was a little bit scary cos lots of people were screaming.

Ruby: I really liked the dancing because they did a lot of detailed stuff.

Oliver: I liked the dragon because it was really cool.

Van: the dragon was so scary but I wasn’t scared.

Olivia: I love the Chinese dance because my friend was doing it and it was really good.

Khushi: I liked Mr Murray and Mr Coad doing the dragon dance because they went all around the stage.

Eline: I liked the dragon because it was fun.

Ajoh: I liked the dancing because it was very good.

Kevin: I am watching the dragon dancing.

Meklet: I like the dragon because he looks big and fun.

Zarii: me like the dragon because it jump.

Blake: I like the dragon because it was jumping up and down.

The students then continued on with their habitat pictures from yesterday adding detail and then using the laptops to research more information if they needed. The students all got to choose their own animals and interests thinking about what there animals needed.

This connects to the science Accra link that living things live in different places where their needs are met.

Shared lunch

Thank you for putting in so much effort to send such wonderful food today. We had so much left over that our buddies were also able to come and share some food with us.

Gurnoor: I liked the sushi.

Thuy: In lunch Monika and me, we were looking for the sushi and we actually saw it and we ate it.

Meklet: I liked the food of the taste.

Monika: I liked the pie.

Mia: I tried the tomatoes, they were yummy.

Yatin: I liked it really much because there was yummy chicken nuggets.

Felix: I liked the shared lunch because there was yummy stuff and this is what I got…biscuits, a pie and that’s all.

Isaac: I ate the yummy spring rolls then I ate the chicken nuggets, then sausage and biscuits.

Jacob: I liked the lunch because you get to eat and when you’re done you get more food. Whenever you eat the food tastes good.

After our busy morning, we spent the afternoon doing investigations. There was lots of roleplay, building, making and drawing happening.

We hope you have a great weekend!

Ash Wednesday and Valentines day

Valentines Day

Olivier: Valentines day is sharing a gift to everyone and love to everyone an giving special things.

India: Valentines day is sharing love.

Ajoh: Letting your whole family have a lot of fun and give them a gift.

Olivia S: Valentines day is for everyone

Khushi: Valentines day is anywhere and in February 14th.

Ash Wednesday

Khushi: we do mass and prayer.

Ajoh: You get to get a cross on your forehead.

India: It is prayer.

Olivia R: it is leading up to easter.

Khushi: we celebrating the cross.

Olivia: He died for us on the cross.

Rojun: it is 40 days till easter.

Literacy roations

Today we recapped on the Ch sounding finding different Ch words that we could remember, around the room, and even our bodies.

The students then moved through their rotations, some children doing writers workshop, making a new book cover for a book, exploring the CVC words, reading and making our own words with letters and paints.

We had Ash Wednesday mass between recess and lunch today.

Ash Wednesday is one of the most popular and important holy days in the liturgical calendar. Ash Wednesday opens Lent, a season of fasting and prayer.

Ash Wednesday takes place 46 days before Easter Sunday, and is chiefly observed by Catholics, although many other Christians observe it too.

Ash Wednesday comes from the ancient Jewish tradition of penance and fasting. The practice includes the wearing of ashes on the head. The ashes symbolize the dust from which God made us. As the priest applies the ashes to a person’s forehead, he speaks the words: “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Alternatively, the priest may speak the words, “Repent and believe in the Gospel.”

After lunch

We had library and music, during music we got the ashes placed on our head.

Monday Week 3

We have a very busy week this week with Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Valentines day and Chinese  and Vietnamese new year.

This Friday we will be having a shared lunch for Chinese and Vietnamese new year. We ask that you please bring a savoury plate of food from your culture to share for lunch. Children are allowed to wear traditional clothing or a red top or their school uniform on Friday.

Today we did some great reading this morning many of the students read with the teachers, their parents on their friends. It is great to already see the students improving with their reading.

After this we spoke about the days of the week.

Then we moved into looking at the month of the year a great interactive website that the students could explore at home is Starfall we used that today to explore the month ahead. Labelling the days of the week, the date and special events during the month.


We spoke about Shrove Tuesday (pancake day), Ash Wednesday and Valentines day.

Then Yatin noticed on Friday there was a little dog on the calendar for Friday- We asked the class what they thought this meant? and that there would be assembly this Friday.

These students shared their ideas: Dog of the year, there be the lion dance, year 5 dancing, dogs birthday, celebrations-  Indie: “It is the Chinese and Vietnamese new year”

We discussed how our inquiry this afternoon will be on that and we were all excited by that.


As teachers we have noticed that the students are really wanting to have a go at writing and are having a  go at  sounding out words. We however want to support the students to become more confident at this, we therefore worked on sounding out.

First we practised as a team and then we went off and practised by ourselves.

Today our theme was “weather” we had noticed the students were talking about the weather last week and wanted to make connections.


Ruby: you can spell it out last this S

Kaisha: I can hear U

Blake: M M

Phuc: R

We then talked about er sound.


Tino: W

Joydeep: I

Indie: N

India: T

van: E

Sochetta: R

We had a go….

We had mass practise after Recess

We then read our shared reading book “A year on our farm”

This was a provocation to the students to lead into our maths lesson on seasons and  months of the year – the students then shared what they know about seasons and months. This will be our inquiry and focus the next couple of weeks.

After lunch

Chinese new year – Important note went home

Oliver: I research on the internet about Chinese new year and learnt about the dancing then I made my own in active inspire.

Monika: For Chinese new year I am making a new year it is special because it is for the Chinese.

India: I am researching Chinese I found the word and typed in Chinese to search it, I found the dog it is the dog year.

Joydeep: I research I am looking pictures and I noticed there was a lot of dragon. I then decided to make a lantern.

Eline: I am making a dog because its the year of the Chinese dog.

Ajoh: I am making dog because it is the year of the dog in china.

Javeria: I made a lantern for Chinese new year I made it because I copied Kevin at osch and then learnt myself.

Tino: I made a lantern for Chinese new year to decorate for china.

Alyssa: We made a Chinese restaurant and then realise I need some patterns to decorate.

Jakob: I have been Chinese symbols and then I put them in a line for Chinese new year and I made lantern.

Caroline: I was reading Chinese new year Information on the laptop and then drawing.

Sochetta indicated she was working on the laptop researching Chinese new year.

Thuy: I made Chinese letters by writing and copying and then I made a lantern I looked at pictures and then had a go at making my own.

My: I made a lantern I put different decorations on it. For Chinese new year

Olivia: For Chinese new year we made a Chinese restaurant celebrating Chinese new year and now and then I need to decorate it so I am going to put some lanterns.


Cookie Fundraiser

Dear Parents,


This year’s fundraiser for Spring Fair is Billy G Cookie Dough. These cookies are delicious, easy to bake and great for lunch boxes. A fun activity to do with the whole family.


Please find below information and the link to the Holy Family Catholic School online shop where you can place your orders.  Once you order, please remember to print your order off and return back to the school.


An order form will also be sent home for each family.  Please complete this form and return to the school with payment if you don’t wish to order online.


Orders will need to be completed by Friday 16 March 2018 with collection on 11 April 2018.


Thank you for your support.   Happy baking! 


Fundraising Never Taste So Good!

We are excited to announce that today we have commenced

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You have been issued with a Billy G’s Cookie Dough order form that will assist you in collecting orders from family, friends & neighbours.

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Please remember, if you place your order online, you MUST complete and return the order form back to us for processing.

The cookie dough can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 4 weeks or in your freezer for up to 12 months from manufacturing date. You can thaw out and re-freeze. Stock up! It’s only available through fundraising and not sold in stores!

We also have a fantastic prize program available should you sell or purchase one or more tubs.

We hope you purchase at least one tub or more to help us reach our fundraising goal.

Happy fundraising, and thank you in advance for your support!



Today we read our shared reading text searching for the words:

Look at the

The students came up with different actions for these words. They then had to search for the three words in their own readers.

We then continued our literacy investigation rotating through our different provocations

Students are practising and working on their literacy skills, through writing, phonological awareness, reading, literacy games, book making, handwriting and fine motor skills.

Between Recess and lunch the students continued their inquires and investigation. It was great to see many of the students using their ICT skills on the laptop having a go at writing books, playing in active inspire, learning how to draw tigers, taking photos and having a go at iMovies.

Kaisha: I used active inspire to make a team and colours. I made our class team called team peace.

Ajoh: Idid some school stuff on the laptop.

Ella: I did drawing of my ABC me and Khushi were  making stuff like a book.

ALyssa: I did some drawing of me and Daddy, mummy and will.

Khushi: Ella let me draw on her laptop.

Olivia S: I used the marker and the colours.

Caroline: I draw on the laptop I draw a graph.

It has been very hot so we have not been allowed outside for lunch and recess.

Stay cool tonight!


Today we went over the months of the year at the end of the song it asked us a question.

Whats’ your favourite month?

Khushi: My favourite month is February because my birthday is in February.

Naomi: My favourite month is December because I like the presents we get from Santa.

Olivia S; My favourite month February because my birthday is in it.

Ajoh: My favourite month is December because my little sisters birthday is on Christmas Eve.

Ella: My favourite month is October because of halloween.

Olivia R: My favourite month is March because my birthday is in March it is on the 4th.

Alyssa: My favourite month is March because it is my birthday on the 17th.

Rojun: My favourite month is November because it is my birthday.

This morning the students explored phonological sounds through music  and then had a go at writing and sounding out words.

Music is a powerful methodology for everyday life. It can also be one of the most beneficial models for teaching phonics during early childhood. Songs, rhymes, and other mnemonic devices are the most memorable for the human brain and allow children to naturally internalise sounds and concepts as parts while still working with them as a whole.​

The website has some great links you may like to explore with your child at home.

The 20 Best Phonics Songs

Another resource you may like to use with your child helping them to learn their sounds Recent studies have shown that teaching through music helps increase test scores in children. Songs therefore can be used to promote phonetic awareness, fluency, and comprehension

Literacy investigations

The students were given literacy provocations to go through today working together in groups and exploring their literacy skills and capabilities.

Maths provocations

The students were given different data provocations where they were encourage to explore them and record their explorations in their book.

We noticed the students having a go at creating their own graphs, ordering and sequencing, representing data through drawing and numbers, and representing the data values.


The students re borrowed books from the library if they had their black bags at school, if they didn’t they will need to bring them tomorrow and can re borrow.

We encourage you to read with your children at  home as much as you can. Even if it is you reading to your child.


Monday Week 2

Welcome back to the second week of school, now that we have children blog permission forms back we are able to start blogging more. If you have not returned your Child’s blog form please do so as soon as possible if you need a new form please see us.

Today we read our shared reading text, “I am Australian too.”

We then reflected on the text and got the students to share their ideas about themselves, asking questions as,

“Where were you born? Who is in your family? What special tradition to you and you family have? Whats your culture? What’s special about you?

It was great to hear the students ideas, the students then went off and wrote about themselves, having a go at focusing on using full stops an capital letters.

After Recess

We looked at data collection we were given the provocation of a vet and then we explored different ways to collect and record data.

Inquiry and Investigations.

This afternoon the students explored their own investigations and inquiries. Some of students shared with the class what they did.

Ethan: In my investigations I did the home corner I played with Nina we were cooking food.

Ajoh: Me and ruby made a book store, we put shopping cash registry and we needed money and invited.

Yatin: Joseph, Felix, Kenneth, Gurnor, Isaac and Me and we made like a big city and there was a playground and two worlds.

Joseph: I build the whole big playground.

Ruby: Ajoh pretended to be a baby and gave books out to them when the customers came, I scanned all the books to give to them and Kaisha said how many money? and I said $28.50 and she gave me that much.

Blake: Me, kevin and Jakob brown did crafting with paper and I did two platypuses and Kevin made a blue piece of paper on the TV and Jakob joined us.

Kevin: The show must go on.

Thuy: I Investigation me and Monica made birds, we used pipe cleaners and feathers. We used feathers so the birds could fly.

Khushi: Me and alyssa made Tiaras with paper and staples and scissors.

Olivia: Oliver and phuc and I were playing pretend laptops.

Van: In investigations I went to the home corner and I got some friends to pay with and I was going to be them and they were being big sisters, Olivia wanted to be the little sister and then they were twins sister. Then  we got more and more people.

Mia: I played with Rowena we made beds, pillows, food and play with my beanies.




We welcomed Mrs Adams into the classroom today and were very excited to meet her. 1 SA had Spanish this morning while 1 EN did reading and explored fullstops.

Today we started our literacy investigations- During this time we provide students with different learning experiences, creating positive and meaningful engagement. We work with the students through their interests and the general capabilities to ensure that they students are engaged and flourishing.

Some of the students reflection on today’s investigations:

Blake: I made a card for Nana and Poppa because they re going on holidays,

Rowena: I learnt lots and lots about letters.

Ethan: I got lots point by fitting the letters to make words.

Olivia R: I did one where you guess whats in the bag and you tell the person clues.

Ella: I had a tried at the knitting.

Ajoy: I learn about doing oo words, I learnt zoo.

After Recess

Today we looked at our team in our classroom,

“We are going to collect some data on our team” but what does that mean?

Ethan: Data is collecting something and nothing.

Olivia S: Data is what something everyone likes.

Ella. Data is helping people see how many,

Ajoh: Data is about counting..

Ella: we could collect data on Boys and girls.

The students then had a go at recording their own data down in their books, some choose to make tallies, others choose graphs and some used diagrams and numbers. We will continue to explore this during the week.

After lunch

The students went to library and music.

The students borrowed three levelled readers and two pictures books. It is very important to try and read with your child every night. Books will need to be brought school every day and they are returned Wednesday. Children who did not have their black bags with them today were unable to borrow and will need to borrow when they bring their bags in.

If you have any concerns re your Childs reading please come and speak to us.

Some of the students may be placed on book boxes and we will communicate this information to you.

Come read with me is a time where we encourage parents to come and join us with reading in the Classroom on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Reading with your child.

The following suggestions have been beneficial to many parents:

  • Provide a good role model — read yourself and read often to your child.
  • Provide varied reading material — some for reading enjoyment and some with information about hobbies and interests.
  • Encourage activities that require reading — for example, cooking (reading a recipe), constructing a kite (reading directions), or identifying an interesting bird’s nest or a shell collected at the beach (using a reference book).
  • Establish a reading time, even if it is only ten minutes a day.
  • Write notes to your school-age child; encourage written responses.
  • Ask your child to bring a library book home to read to a younger sibling.
  • Establish one evening a week for reading (instead of television viewing).
  • Encourage your child in all reading efforts.



Tuesday- Peace team

Today we spoke about what it means to be a team? We discussed the importance of creating our own team in our class that is based on some great core values, of respect, getting along, working together and having fun!

The students came up with their own team name “PEACE TEAM” we then created our own picture to represent themselves as part of the team.

1EN had Spanish and Sports while 1SA had sports.

This afternoon we continued with our inquiries, it is great to see how creative the students are. We are reflecting and seeing the students personalities, interests and understandings shine through. We will reflect on these and provide positive learning experiences that are engaging and meaningful.

We will be able to add pictures of the students, their work and their voice once permission forms are sent back.

We are very excited to meet Mrs Adams and we have loved meeting Mrs Smith this week.

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