We wish you all safe and happy holidays!

We cannot believe how fast this 1/2 a year has gone, the students have done so well and have been flourishing.

We look forward to next term, lots of exciting things ahead,

Thank you,

Elyse, Laura and Jessica.

Students specs of Gold from the term…

Olivia R: In this term I enjoyed playing with Ella at Recess and lunch.

Caroline: My spec of gold was learning and playing with my friends.

Kimaaya: My spec of gold is that I am going to miss this school

Ella: my spec of golf when I was playing and learning with Olivia and Eline and India.

Meklet: My spec of gold was enjoying the assembly.



Wednesday Week 10

This morning Aditi from year 4 read, “The Littlest Lighthouse Keeper to the Rescue.” Today we spoke about what is in a book?

We have been writing lots of books lately but as on reflection we have noticed that some of the students have been missing important things.

So today we put the provocation forward to the students to make their own books trying to include all the things they needed to.


We gave the students the provocations to explore today through the laptops- recording and making a book of what they have learnt this semester. Children choose to skip count, record their number knowledge, do adding and subtraction, explore number facts and the list goes on. Further to this students explored and came up with their own games using unfix cubes and dices.

Other students worked in a small group with the teachers taking away numbers from 10, recording their learning in their books and working together.

The children were very engaged and did a great job!

Come Read with me…

Joydeep was our photographer for today for come read with me.


Today I am going to draw some pictures with Ella to finish of our iMovie all we have left is an orange and a cat, Olivia R.

Avleen: Me and Khushi are making an iMovie

Suk: I am going get a laptop about the blocks I like made it into a Kaurna land with lots of detail with a road and a bridge, cars and some houses, the sea.

Phuc: I am

Rowena: I am going to finish my iMovie about the classroom with Meklet and Alphonsa.

Naomi: Olivia and I are going to finish off our iMovies about.

Vi: I am going draw what I see outside.

Ajoh: I am going to do some art with the pastels and do a rainbow on it.

Blake: I am going to continue my book.

The students continued with their inquiries and explorations they have been working on this term.

After lunch

Yatin, Gurnoor, Felix and Kenneth shared their iMovie “All about countries”.

“We took turns to work together”

Ella and Olivia shared all their favourite things. “We drew pictures of all our favourite things then made an I movie.”

The students finished their day with writers workshop!



This morning we started the day with some sharing from yesterday.

Yesterday we used our 100 languages to represent natural, constructed and manage and research through our own inquires.

Ajoh: Me and Eline have been investigating Environment Day we made a iMovie on the laptop. I’ll share it with you now.

Olivia R: I liked how they picked up rubbish in the playground and the court yard.

We wish we could upload the movies but the file is too big. What a great job the girls did.

This morning we read the book “Sleepy Pendoodle” we were looking for full stops and capital letters. Every time we saw a capital letter we put our hand and finger up and when we saw a full stop we put our hand up.

When do we use full stops?

Caroline: At the end of the sentence.

What times after a full stop?

Kimaaya: a capital letter at the start sentence/

When else do we use capital letters?

Ella: In names because they are proper nouns.

Ajoh: Cities.

Joydeep: When there is a full top at the end of the sentence.

Olivia R: Melbourne like a city.

India: The start of the book, the title.

Kimaaya: A full stop always has to be at the end of a full.

Rojun: When you are done with your sentence you put a full stop.

Ajoh: I got something that starts with capital letter Sydney House, because it is a special place.

Literacy Investigations

This week our focuses are

  1. Exploring full stops and capital letters on the laptops
  2. Looking and exploring at blends
  3. Writers Workshop
  4. Reading

Maths rotations

Today we practised our number formation, taking away from 10 with the provocation of monkey’s jumping on the bed, and ABCYA.

We had some more students share their amazing work from yesterday.

India, Zari, Rojun and Mia shared their painting of natural things.

They were great teachers sharing their learning.

The other children asked questions and the students confidently answered them

Catholic Identity Day

Friday the 29thof June we will be holding a Catholic Identity Day. The junior primary classes will be working together through different investigations and provocations.

This will be a lovely day for the students to all come together,

To celebrate this day we have decided to have a shared lunch.

We would love if the students brought something along from their own culture to share, we ask that you please bring SAVOURY LUNCH food.

Thank you so much.

Buddies and 100 languages

Today we got the opportunity to have our buddies visit and 1 SA went up to the 6/7 classrooms.

It was exciting because the 6/7 worked and planned out acitvites for the year 1s. they used a variety of different languages and all the students were engaged using a number of different capabilities.

The students were doing a variety of different thing:

  • producing music – Lucas & Dylan
  • French Knitting
  • Slime x3
  • Colour mixing
  • Paper Ninja Star
  • Paper ping pong game
  • Minecraft games
  • Origami drawing (emojis?)
  •  Origami Cranes
  • Teaching buddies how to kick a footy
  • FrenchFriendship Bracelets
  •  paper clouds
  • Chalk Drawings

Today we gave the provocation to the students to look at Mangaed, constructed and Natural through their 100 languages.

We had a great cover station on what we could explore…. some of the students shared:

What is water? Blake asked.

Rowena shared that Water is made up of molecules that move far apart.

What does 100 languages?

Olivia R: you could do puppets, you could make, you could write it you could draw it.

Ajoh: You can iMovie it or act it out.

sukh: Well you make on a laptop on the movie, share.

Ruby: You could make a video, speaking in a language.

Nina: On the laptops making some environment.

Gurnoor: You could make another language.

Kimaaya & Avleen; God made Rocks, People look after cats and babies; powerpoint

India: We are water painting

Vi & Van: Colour Drawings to represent a language.

The students did such a great job and we can’t wait to share tomorrow as we ran out of time.

Catholic Identity Day

Friday the 29thof June we will be holding a Catholic Identity Day. The junior primary classes will be working together through different investigations and provocations.

This will be a lovely day for the students to all come together and share and learn about the Catholic Faith.

To celebrate this day we have decided to have a shared lunch. We thought it be nice if the students bought something along from their own culture to share, we ask that you please bring SAVOURY LUNCHfood.


Thank you so much.



What a great assembly by the year 2s and 3s very informative and entertaining.

We continued with our literacy rotations…

Some of the students shared what they got up too.

Caroline: I worked with Alyssa I told her lots of words and thens he told me to spell different words we are practising tricky words.

Alyssa: we told each other words and then we wrote them down.

Olivia: I was doing writing I made an information book all about Ella.

Oliver: I was reading and copying some of the book.

Kimaaya: Me and Aveleen were writing verbs like cook and then cooking adding the past tense.

Khushi: I was doing writers workshop and I wrote all about the first song that was on assembly.

Kevin: I did I writers I wrote about going to the city and buying mum a dress and buying yogurt.

Rojun: I was reading with Ella and Oliver.

Rowena shared with us her movie that she made on iMovie.

I made a I movie about polygons and I loved sharing it with the class. I got my idea from my learning this week with Mrs Smith. I learnt a bit from Van and then I learnt lots myself.

Do we have any questions or comments for Rowena?

Rowena you are very smart, Ajoh.

I liked it because we are learning about polygons, Kaisha.

I like it how she did it about polygons. Olivia, R.

It is so amazing, Joydeep.

I loved the polygon movie, Rowena.

I like how she did it, Blake.

This became a provocation to the other students to have a go a making their own iMovies or continue with their own investigations.

How does a plant grow?

We have noticed the children have been interested in plants. From reading the story “the last tree” and looking at how we can care for the environment the children with their own enquires have been talking about growing their own plants. Our plan will be to grow some of our own plants but before that we wanted to put the provocation forward “How do plants go?” this allows us teachers to find out what they already know, what they need to know? and What they want to know? It is a prior knowledge activity to see where we can go from there.

Olivia: I made my page into four first you plant it and then you water it and give it some sunlight. And then it grows into a little tree and then it grows bigger and bigger.

Caroline: I grow a plant by put water and some seeds and then I put more water and seeds to make them more grow.

Ajoh: On my page I drew a picture of me and my friends with grown plant, and we were so excited that it grew and we had to wait for a long time to grow. We got some seeds and water and soil and put it near the sunlight.

Oliver: I did one so first I put a little seed then I made it and put water down it and see what happened really closely.

Ella: I did it was seed and then I put soil in it with water and then the sun and then the next day it might grow a little bit.

Khushi: for an apple tree you put the apple seeds in the ground then it make a new apple tree.

Wednesday week 8

Tricky words

The English language is very tricky language and we spoke about words that we find tricky and that we need to practise. We brainstormed these words and then had a go at using the words in our writing. This is important that the children get the opportunity to apply their learning in their writing. The students had a go at putting these words into sentences.

“Tell me I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”

These are the list of the words the children came up with they also came up with some of their own.

because              this

friend               habitats

favourite             doctor

about                table

once                windy

sleepover           nurse

sleeping.            magic

started            person


Some examples:

I went to the shops becauseI had no food. Olivia

I am playing with my friendson the playground. Khushi

My favourite things are toys. Caroline.

How aboutwe go back home. Rojun

We were also very lucky to have buddy reading time, during this time all the students got to read with a buddy.

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book.” Dr Seuss

Literacy Rotations

  1. Tricky words with a friend- working with a peer to sound out words, playing a little game and testing to see if our friend knows how to write tricky words.
  2. Reading – the children have the choice to write a book reviews, analyse the characters in the groups, make a new book cover, word search for sight words, reading with a friend, re writing the book and the list goes on. The idea is that the children lead their own learning during this time and work on their reading skills.
  3. Writers workshop a time where students get to work and write on their own stories practising their literacy and writing skills.
  4. Laptops – the students are having a go at using the program Microsoft word this week exploring using full stops and capital letters and writing sentences and words. We love that we get to give the students this opportunity to work on the laptops. Being an Apple Distinguished  school allows us to provide the students these opportunities preparing them to be 21 century learners.

Maths Rotations

  1. Laptops exploring – practising counting by 2s, 5s, 10s we are using the laptops to practise
  2. Adding numbers with pop sticks the children got to come up with their own maths problem and solve them in their books.
  3. The last rotation looked at taking away they were given the provocation “Five little ducks.” They needed to record and share their understanding of what was happening each time

This was the introduction to subtraction us teachers noted and worked with the students to see what they new already and what they need to know. It was great to see the students coming up with different strategies and ways to record down what was happening to the ducks some of the students even had a go at using the minus and equal sign. Recording the sums down in their books, others wrote sentences and the story of what happened and then others used images and numbers. The students shared their learning with each other and then extended themselves and added to their work.  We are still working on number formation some of us are still getting confused so lots of practise.

What a busy day, we have library and music this afternoon!

Wednesday week 7

This morning 1 SA had Spanish, while Mrs Nicosia class made a note to take home informing parents about our mass tomorrow.

The detail for the mass:

When? Tomorrow Thursday the 14th

Time? After Recess 11.20 for 11.30 start.

Where? In the centre.

Everyone is welcomed.

We then started our literacy rotations working through our different provocations.

We as teachers know that the ability levels of the students in our classrooms vary and therefore   differentiate the learning for the students. We  plan and develop weekly literacy rotations to meet the needs of each ability level, using a variety of literacy skills and activities.

Gideon: I do a book about the police.

Rowena: I read about puppies and fairies and then I did a picture of all the characters.

Kimaaya: I made a verb book, because I like verbs so much.

My: I read a book all about rough and smooth.

Caroline: I read a book about don’t go out, It was about food and it was too hot outside.

Thuy: I was doing bubble on tricky words I need to know how to spell.

Felix: Me and Yatin were writing a story about Hold on tight, we read the book first.

Monika: I was doing writers workshop about a fish and a hat.

Indi: I was doing bubble writing I was practising tricky words.

Van: I read a book billy Brown book and I drew the characters.

Ruby: I did bubble writing I wrote tricky words Indi, and the.

Meklet: I made a story on the laptop called Captain Underpants.

After Recess

We had mass practise with Mr Urdanoff we are very excited for our mass tomorrow. If you have a speaking part make sure you practise tonight!

After lunch

We had library and music.

During library we are reading different books and at the end of the term we we will vote on the book that we liked the most.

Just a reminder to make sure you are reading at home. We read most days at school but also reading at home will helps support the students to develop their reading skills.


Come read with me- this morning we had some of our buddies help come and read with us.

Why do we do come read with me?

Avleen: So we can change our level and know how to read.

Olivia: We come and read with the teachers so you know how good we are.

Javieria: Reading is healthy for you, for your brain.

Kaisha: reading is good for you because you get better at practising and reading.

Suk: you read in the morning it helps your brain to get more powerful and if you read and then you know all the words, if your level is really big then you can read big books then you can read big book and then you have more talent.

Ajoh: reading is good for you and you read more and more you go to higher and higher levels so you go up more and more.

Ruby: We go do reading at school so you are good at home and your Mum and Dad will be proud.

Yatin: reading helps you write more words.

Joydeep: reading helps you know a  word, and then when you don’t know a word you sound it out and the teachers and parents will help you read all the words and you learn more and words and words. Then you can learn all the words.

Mektlet: we need help to make your words more faster and quicker.


Today we gave the provocation to the students to explore the shapes they already know.

We then shared and reflected our knowledge as a class….

Khushi: can we draw 3D shapes swell?

Kaisha: 3D circle looks like a circle but it is a ball and it is called a sphere.

Yatin: a 3D shape is a cube and it can balance on one side.

Suk: I know about shapes a rectangle can make a good 3D shape, I try it with my buddy to make it.

joydeep: 3D shapes rectangle you need that shape to draw rectangular shape

Ruby: love heart has one side.

Mektlet: a circle is round like the mat on the floor.

Eline: a square it looks different to a rectangle.

Felix: A rectangle is longer and square is taller.

Joydeep: two square together make a rectangles.

Ajoh: square and a rectangle both have four sides.

Ella: a rectangle is longer than the other one.


What is a verb?

Thuy: a verb is something you can do.

Kimaaya: a verb is action

Avleen: A verb is action you do

Ajoh: a verb is something like jumping, dancing and singing and doing and making.

Khushi: a verb is an action you do.

Caroline; is like jumping, hoping and making.

Olivia: a verb is moving your body.

Javieira: I verb is doing something

Ella: a verb is signing, dancing and cooking.

The students made their own verb books using verbs and extending their sentences to add detail.

This allowed the students to apply their learnt knowledge from last week in their writing. We were very proud of how the students all had a go at writing their own verbs books and adding detail to their sentences.

The students bought their books home with them so if you like ask them to share them with you, Questioning what is the verb in the sentences?

The students explored the ee or sound with Mrs Smith today – I wonder if they can find any ee or sounds in their readers tonight.

Just a reminder our Mass is this Thursday at 11.30am in the Centre- we have been practising hard and look forward to sharing our special mass with you all.

Thank you!