As this term has come to an end, it is also my last day at Holy Family Catholic School for 2018

The last six weeks have been a great experience for myself and I have loved the opportunity working with each and every individual in this class.

I have watched the students grow and develop over such a short time and I have loved the students showcasing their personalities in many different ways.

Thank you to Mrs Nicosia for all the assistance over this time and to all the parents who came in and supported in their children’s learning.


As Mr Stramare would say “Fino alla Fine”- Until the end…

Kind Regards,

Andrew Puccio

Thursday week 10

We had a very exciting day today, it was Pet Day! We were lucky enough to have some of our pets brought in. A big thank you to Kaisha, Oliver, Blake and their families.

We had a pet parade and enjoyed lots of cuddles and pats. We were lucky enough to have Fr. Sam do a morning blessing for the dogs. This was beautiful idea of making children express their love and affection for God’s creation. Congratulations to you for this beautiful expression of care for nature.

They were able to see the different animals and reflected on the morning

Meklet- I liked Blakes dog because it was all fluffy.

Kaisha- I liked the lizard and chicken because I got to pat them.

Khushi- I liked the Pets Parade and how we got to see the different animals.

Van- I liked patting all of the animals.

Naomi- I liked the cat because I was similar to other animals.

Ruby- I liked Mrs Nicosia’s dogs Zeus and Zali.

Oliver- I like my dog Willow because she is very soft and doesn’t jump.

Blake- I like the pigeons when they flew off and went home.

Olivia Riggall was our photographer for the morning….

Keeping Safe

Today we reflected on who keeps us safe and why they keep us safe. We reflected that different people keep us safe in different ways. We talked about the importance of staying safe and trusting people to keep us safe.

This aligns with our keep safe practises.

Making slime

We were lucky enough to have our years 6/7 buddies here to help us make slime. We have been very interested in slime all year so it is very exciting that we finally get to make it. This links in with our science this term of Solids, liquids and gases and seeing how things can change.


How we feel safe?

Today we looked at some Protective Practices and what is means to be SAFE. The students created a mindmap with words and comments of what they thought being safe looked like, felt like and sounded like.

What does being safe mean?

Alphonsa- Being safe means not getting into trouble.

Jacob- Being safe means making good choices.

Monika- Being safe means we don’t fight.

Ruby- Being safe means helping the teacher do something and listening to what they say.

Yatin- Listening to teachers so you don’t get in danger.

Ella- Being safe means you stay where people can see you.

Phuc- Being safe means watching out for danger.

Blake- Being safe means hands to yourself.

Monika- Being safe makes us feel calm.

Sukh- Being safe means your body feels relaxed.

Yatin- We feel peaceful when we are safe.

Eline- We feel calm if we are safe.

How do we stay safe:

Olivia R- I stay safe when I go to my bedroom

Ella- I stay safe with my parents.

Rowena- I stay safe by moving away from danger.

Kaisha- I stay safe by locking all doors and windows.

Saara- I stay safe with my parents so I don’t get lost.

Ruby- We have safe hands so we don’t touch or hit anyone.


The students were happy to show and talk to others about the different ways they feel safe at home, school and with their friends.

Moon Lantern Festival- Lantern Making

Today we made lanterns for the Moon Lantern Festival. The Moon Lantern Festival holds many lanterns, which symbolise a “bright future”.


The students have used their creativity to make their own lanterns.


First the students learnt about the richness of a lantern by reading Lin Yi’s Lantern.


Comments about the book/lantern making:

Kenneth- I liked the story because the uncle bought the lantern for him.

Joseph- I liked getting different colours to make my lantern.

Socheta- I liked making different lanterns.

Ella- I liked cutting the lanterns and making different holes in them.

Creation Story

Today we looked at some of the Creation Story to understand how and why we are all different. From this we were able to know that we are all made in the image of God.

Students were able to share some comments about why/how we are different.

Van-We don’t look the same because some people have different skin.

Sukh-We are all different because we come from different countries and look different.

Khusi-We have different hair and eyes so we are not all the same.

We then used our 100 Languages to show our understanding of the Creation Story.




Reflection Comments:

Thuy and Monika-We made a present for God with a Letter. The letter says thank you to God for creating the world. We used the 100 languages of writing.


Sukh, Kaisha, Nina, Vanessa and Mia– We are making an iMovie with drawings to show people what God created. We are using our 100 languages of laptops and drawings.


Gurnoor, Kenneth and Isaac-We are making puppet show to explain God and the world he created. We are using our 100 languages of acting


Javeria and Saara-We made a video showing the Creation Story. We learnt about God and how the world was created. We used our 100 languages of laptops.

Thursday Week 5

This morning we continued working on our Literacy Rotations.

I made a book with the alphabet, like A is for Apples- Sukh

I like information books about Ella and I with information about us. Olivia

I read a book with Mr Puccio- Zarii

Writers Workshop is very interesting because I like reading and writing books- Rowena

I loved writing on the laptops using my Caps lock for capital letters for nouns- Kimaaya

I enjoyed reading my books on cats- Blake

I enjoyed reading my book on hair and looking at different hair- Gideon