Sound study






This afternoon 2 groups of children shared their learning from yesterday – around the 100 languages exploration of the story ‘The Last Tree in the City’


Vanessa, Kaisha Alphonsa, Mia  created a puppet sow of the story and performed it today for the whole class.


Olivia, Blake and Ella made an iMovie……… and shared it with the class.


Afterwards we continued looking at our Environmental Inquiry around how to care for our surroundings. Last week we focussed on our school environment, so today we thought of other places we use that also need our care.


We choose 2 to focus on: The beach and a playground / park (St Kilda playground)


We explored what elements make up this space, who can use it and then how to care for it. The children represented one of these areas in the learning journey.

Jacob : you have to look after the bushes by planting it and watering it.

Kushi: Do not put rubbish in the water or the pelicans will eat it and get hurt

Kimaaya: we need to take care of our playground and don’t put rubbish on the slide or on the swings or somebody will slide off them.

Tino: don’t put sand everywhere

Kaisha: you do not rip the grass out and you do not break stuff

Alyssa: I’m writing about the beach. I like doing it.

Sukpreet: you have to not throw rocks in the sand and you don’t have to walk around a mud. If you do it will get everywhere and the park will get muddy. You have to not go on the skid with your muddy shoes, if you do the slide will get muddy and the cleaner has to clean it.

Joydeep: when you go somewhere, you can’t leave things there and if you do then it will ruin the environment and if you always throw things, then you will think you’re not ruining the environment but it is.

Olivia S: we can take care of our environment by not littering and planting trees.

Ajoh: do not put rubbish on the floor and make sure all the sea animals are alive. Don’t cut the grass if it is short.

Gurnoor: Don’t put sand in the water



Today was Sukhpreet’s birthday – HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY SUKH. He was a fantastic star of the day and bought in party bags that he had made with his mum to share with the whole class. Thank you Sukh and we hope you had a wonderful day.


Monday week 8

This morning we begun our day with ‘Come read with me’. We had a group of students from year 4 come to help us read. This provides more children with the opportunity to read out loud to someone.


Then we read a story called THE LAST TREE IN THE CITY.


The children then recorded the story using their growing Literacy skills

A few students shared their recounts of the story


After recess we continued to explore shapes. Last week the children demonstrated lots of shape knowledge so we decided to focus on the particular group called Polygons. This way children could investigate at their own level and challenge themselves to go beyond.


We then used Laptops and classroom materials such as straws, paper, pop sticks, toothpicks, rulers etc to make  and research these shapes


Alyssa – I am learning about shapes

Eline – I learnt about other shapes like octagons, squares, triangles and thats it.

Olivia R – I learnt how many sides a pentagon has. A pentagon has 5 sides.

Kimaaya – We learnt triangles, squares, pentagons, octagons, decagons and heptagons

Van – We learnt that there are special shapes that are similar but have different sides like 3 to 12

Isaac – I learnt that the triangle has 3 sides and I learnt about shapes and the sides

Monika – I learnt about squares and their sides

Alphonsa – I learnt about that shapes look the same but when you count the sides they aren’t really the same.

Gideon – I learnt about shapes and their sides

Jakob – I learnt about some shapes, like their names and their sides.

Kenneth – I made a triangle with 3 sides


This afternoon we used our 100 languages to further explore the story – THE LAST TREE IN THE CITY

Some children decided to:

  • Act out the story
  • Use ActivInspire to draw images from the book
  • made iMovies
  • build cities
  • created pictures
  • researched different types of trees




Monday week 5

This morning the children welcomed each other and shared reading with one another.

The children shared exciting things that they had done on the weekend and we extended this as a class.

The children are becoming very confident in their understandings of what a recount is and how to add detail to it.



Ajoh – my dad and my little sister

Oliver : my dad

Suk: my whole family

Avleen: my dad and my dad’s friend



Phuc : at my cousins home I played Xbox one

Ajoh: I went on the swing and the big slide at St Kilda park

Javeria: What I did is went to Saara house and played with her, we played with her toys and her wing.



Tino: My friends house


Kevin: I went to my mums nail shop I helped pay with there customer



Saturday or Sunday?

Morning or afternoon?


How did you fell?

Alphonsa: I felt good learning about Jesus

Joydeep: I felt exhausted because my mum and dad went running around the park

Nina: I feel happy because I have a baby brother


So today they were provided with a seperate piece of lined paper to independently record their weekend recount. We encouraged the children to find a quiet spot by themselves so that they could apply focus and display all the learning they have been doing around sounds, grammar and recounts. This gives the children the opportunity to apply what they can do independently and for the teacher to better understand their literacy abilities.

A lot of children wanted more time to complete this. Therefore any children that wanted to where given more time after lunch during mindfulness time.


We had a whole school Mass practice in the hall… for our upcoming Mission Day Mass which is this Friday.


After recess Maths provocations were set out including aspects that we have been learning about.

We also had 1:1 learning conversations with each student around the days of the week and months of the year. Learning conversations are so valuable as they provide a space where the child has 1:1 time with the teacher to verbally explain their thinking, ideas and show any relative skills or work. They can explain their thinking or reasoning behind their records and be challenged by questioning or suggested extension ideas.

After lunch we looked at a new Aboriginal Dreaming story :

Dumbi the owl

The children used their 100 languages to explore their understanding of this story. Some children used the blocks, other used artistic aspects, others acted out parts, others used ICT to represent or research

Suk: Im going to use people and blocks to act out story

Blake: I want to make a grass things they stuck in the owl

Eline: I want to draw a picture from the story

Tomorrow we are lucky enough to have a special guest: Kaisha’s grandma Susan who is from the Kaurna area is coming in to share a dreaming story from her area and also facilitate an artistic representation of this. Looking forward to this

Monday week 4

The children started the day welcoming each other and sharing time with their friends reading.


We then came together as a class to build on our understanding and creations of recounts

Kushi : we are learning What? Who? Where? How?

Phuc: and when?

Suk: Who is who you went with, who was there.

Ruby: Where is where you go like going to the park?

Monika: how we get there, how we do it.

Meklet: when did it happen?

Van: What actually happen? What did you do?

The last few weeks the children have been recording the detail about their weekend in a plan form. Today they were encouraged to transfer this understanding into sentence form.

We did an example as a class. Van was very excited about getting her ears pieced on the weekend and was able to provide us with all the detail as we worked together to put the information into sentence.

We all had a go at doing this with an event from our own weekend.

Lots of children still used the scaffolding of when, what, where, who and how headings and others reflected on each aspect and then put this into sentence form.

The children are doing such an amazing job at having a go at any aspect that is introduced. They have built up lots of strategies to write independently  and all have such a positive mindset to have a go.



Following on from last weeks Quarter inquiry … we recapped what we had learnt and tried to apply this to our time understanding.

What are Quarters?

Avleen : we have 4 quarters

Monika:  quarter are the same shape

Yatin: they need to have the same amount

Phuc : 4 parts


We explored that when you divid a clock into quarters, it helps us to read the times of

QUARTER PAST and QUARTER TO…. this is an extension of the curriculum but the children have really enjoyed learning about time that we wanted to provide them with the opportunity to extend this.

The children had an extra challenge of working collaboratively with a peer selected by the teacher. This provided them with the opportunity to share their expertise, practise taking turns, negitionating, listening and problem solving. They could use whatever material they wanted to explore the concept of quarters on a clock and telling time to Quarter past and Quarter to.


After lunch we had our first Assembly practise – The children should be very proud of themselves and the learning that they are showing the school.




Recounts and Quarters

Today we are fortunate enough to have Miss Roberts in 1EN today. We hope Mrs Nicosia is feeling better soon.

This morning we continued our learning around RECOUNTS

The children were all very excited to share what they had done on the weekend.

We focussed again on the detail of






Suk was very excited to share his weekend experience with us. With the help of his mum, we looked at a few photos of what he had done as he verbally recounted his weekend.

“This was Mothers Day, I made mum a card and wrapped the present and me and my Aunty bought this cake for her. She loved the glass it says ‘Perfect mother’……


Then as a class we recorded his where, what, who, when and how

Next we all had a go at recording these details of our weekends.


After recess we discussed our learning so far on telling the time

“We know o clocks and half pasts” Avleen


Does anyone know what Quarters are???? (Mrs Smith)

Ruby :”Quarter to”

Yatin: “You can have a pizza and cut it to share”

Nina: “the time”

Rowena  : ” You cut in half and then cut that half in half”

We discuss that a quarter is something divided (cut) into 4 parts that are the same

We all received a circle shape and could use our imagination to turn it into something. We then had to cut this item into 4 parts making sure it was fair and even.


We extended our understanding into a square and lastly we tried this with a triangle.


Later on we will be transferring this knowledge back into ‘Telling the time”


Monday week 2

This morning we continued to explore ‘Recounts’ with a focus on including:







What is a recount??

Joydeep: “Its telling you what you did on the weekend”

Kushi : “Remembering something backwards and retelling it”

Olivia:  “Thinking back”

Suk: “Is something that actually really happened”


We watched a clip explaining how to add detail to our recounts


Ruby shared a special events that she had on her weekend. She was a flower girl at a wedding. We explored her when, what, who, how and where of the wedding she went to. Her dad sent through some photos for us to see which added even more to her sharing

Then we all had a go at doing this with what we had done on the weekend



We then continued our learning around time. We explored o clock times that we do things.

We used the clocks that we made last week to make o clock times and re enforce this having to draw the long hand and short hand on clock templates

Ajoh “I go to bed at 9 o clock and 10 o clock”

Ruby “I eat dinner at 9 o clock”

Kaisha “I go to bed at 8 o clock”

Mia “I go to bed at 8 o clock”

Suk “I go to bed at 7 o clock, sometimes it late at 9 o clock or 10 o clock”

Indi ” I go to bed at 9 o clock”


After lunch


NATIONAL SORRY DAY is coming up…..

So we reflected on a few aspects:

What does sorry mean?

Phuc “If you hurt someone you say sorry”

Van “If you hurt someones feelings, you feel bad for them, you say sorry”

Alyssa “don’t be mean to someone”

Gurnoor “you have to say sorry when you hurt someone”

Jacob ” you have to apologise”

Joseph “dont punch, hit people. Sorry means are you ok?”

Rowena “You forgive someone”

Ruby “When you say sorry, you have to not hurt someone, you have to mean it, you look at them in their eyes”

Nina “sorry means when you push someone you have to say sorry”


We read a story from an Aboriginal person explaining what happened which can be referred to as the  “The Stolen Generation”


We represented our understanding in our books.


We had some great questions arise from this story

“Did they have guns?”

“Which ones were mean?”

“why did they take the babies away?”

“Where are the Aboriginal people today?”

We are going to continue to explore this event in history, trying to answer some of the questions we have and put it into context for us today.





Welcome to term 2

Welcome to Term 2.

This morning the children entered the classroom full of energy. There was joy to see there friends again, excitement to be back in their classroom and lots of conversations about what they got up to in their holiday break.

So we started off with this as our focus



First Sukhpreet wanted to share something special he had done with the whole class:

“In the holidays I went to a festival and I saw lots of Lamborghini and lots of cool cars. I went with my Uncle, my Aunty and my Dad because my mum was at work. My favourite thing was I saw Lamborghini what was brand new and that you could buy real cars there but they were too expensive, which means you can just look at them. But people say don’t touch the car  and then the cars went on road fast.”

Do we have a question for Suk?

Rojun? Did you see a lot of cars?

Suk: Yes all the cars


Next we split into small groups of 2-3 so that everyone had a chance to share their experiences.


We focused on 3 things:

  • speaking with details – who, why, when
  • active listening – looking at the person when they are speaking
  • and asking a questions that doesn’t have a yes or a no answer


I (Mrs Smith) also shared an outing that I had in the holidays. I took my son Wolf to the zoo for the first time. He had a great time exploring the zoo, running around and finding to animals.


We recorded our holiday recounts in our books with a focus on including details such as who with, when, why and how


After recess we took a closer look into how to draw and record numbers on a clock so that they were set out evenly. Tomorrow the children will create their own model of a clock where they can move the hands so we made a plan today and practised how to set out the numbers accurately and talked about why this was important.

This afternoon we spent time allowing the children to explore their own interests. We observed and listened to them, drawing directions for this term.


What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Our sound focus for today was:

Our grammar focus was  – Plurals



Later we revisited what time is……..

Ajoh: time is morning and night.

Caroline: you have to to get sleep at nighttime

Olivia: when it is half past the big hand is on the six, and the small is just past a number.

What is the time when big hand is on the top? and the little hand is on number.

Caroline: 10 o’clock.

Su: the big hand is pointing to 12 the little hand is on the 10 so it is 10pm.

Kushi: if the little hand is on the 6 and the big hand is on the 12 it is 6o’clock.

Ruby: big hand is on the 12 little hand is on 10 it is 10 o clock.

Ajoh: when the big hand is on the 12 and the little 8 it is o’clock.


While Mrs Nicosia’s class was at Spanish, Mrs Smith’s class worked in partners to represent some ‘o’ clock times on an clock and their partner then tried to record that time digitally on the whiteboard.


Time Inquiry

As a whole class we explored several time provocations involving clocks and time – with a special focus on ‘o’ clock.

Saara – “I am making 10 ‘o’ clock for bed time, everyone goes to sleep”

Gurnoor – “I drew a shape a circle with red and yellow to make clock on laptop. I did 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. a little handle and a big handle needs to be on there too.”

Suk – “I used ActivInspire to make a clock. I did it too big so I did the numbers up to 16. The little hand is on the 1 and the big hand is on the 11… its 1 o clock. It should have 12 but mine was bigger.”

Zarii – “it 10 o clock and 7 o clock, a clock has a big hand and a little timer. it has numbers”… counted up to 11

Alphonsa – matched up analogue times with digital times “I did times with the clocks… when the little hand is pointed to a number it tells you the o clock. Clocks tell you the time like 10 o clock.”

Alyssa – used ActivInspire to draw a clock “I copied a clock, it tells you when to get up and when to go to bed. A clock needs numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12, they are a circle shape, then the candle things in the middle. Its 7 o clock…. I did it in the 2 ways”



Holy Week – Easter story provocations

This morning we recapped our understanding of the first part of the Easter story which we focussed on yesterday – ‘Palm Sunday’ and ‘The Last Supper’

“Palm Sunday is when people waved palms to welcome Jesus”

Ruby – “Jesus washed his friends feet, they had bread and wine”

Oliver “Jesus knew he was going to be hurt that night”

Suk – “knew he was going to die”


We then read the next part of the story – ‘Jesus dies on the cross’ and ‘Jesus rises’

We then had provocations set up for the children to explore their understanding of the story.


Alphonsa – “I made where Jesus was buried,  the round circle is the cave and the cut, the dark is inside, the circle is the rock. I added Jesus and cross and an angel”

Vi – ” I made an angel with wings and  Mary, Jesus’ mum, I drew Jesus the the cave, when the angel comes he is alive

Zarii – “Jesus is in there, a girl one, a rock, it goes over, Jesus in there”

Mia, Ajoh, Olivia and Nina – created a model of Jesus’ tomb

Mia – “we put crosses and we put a rock in front, we went to the garden to get flowers, and little purple ones

Gideon – “I made the tomb, the rock is this part, Jesus is in there and the angel is on top




After lunch we bought all the parts of the Easter story together and reflected on the reason we celebrate Easter every year .

The children then had the opportunity to represent their understanding of this story through their own words



Literacy focus and Harmony Day Inquiry

This morning we continued our learning around Harmony Day… this morning we looked into what is your identity and what makes you unique.

We traced around our hands and filled it with things that encompass our identity.

Mia – Harmony Day is celebrating different people. I am special because, playing with my cat, 3 cats, my little sister and my little cousin Zack he is 4. My birthday is on sport day in 20 days.

Zarii – Harmony day  – I don’t know. Me special because I am six, in my family, Kai, Mum, Ruby, Lara, Chloe, Broadie, Dad, Bud is my dog. A girl guinea pig called Lou Lou and Fin, and 3. Squirt

Kenneth – Harmony day – I celebrate my country Vietnam and Australia. I am special, my family is from Vietnam I went there in my holidays, I can speak the language, at home with my family. My family is my mum, my dad, my baby, my cousin 2 cousins at my home, my grandpa and my grandpa and my Aunty … we all live together. I like them.

Katrina – I am special because I am in Australia, my family came from India. Family is dad, my mum, my little baby brother. I have a cat, dog. I am happy when I play with my cat and my dog.

Isaac – Harmony day is my friends and playing.  I am special becuase my skin is different, my friends are so good at playing chasy. My family is my mum and dad and my Grandpa lives at my house. My family knows how to read books my family helps me to know. We are from Australia.

Vanessa – Harmony day –  we celebrate people’s countries and speak different language. I am special because my brother, and sister a mum and dad. My family is from Cambodia we are going there soon. Im excited about going to a water park and we can go to the park. I speak ½ Vietnamese.

Gurnoor – Harmony day – means we celebrate all the countries. In Australia, I live in Australia, I like the toys , I have two brothers in my home he helps me pack up toys. My mum and dad pack my bag. I love playing outside.

Rowena – Harmony day – because we are all different but we are the same that is why we love our family and friends, we are different and the same.

Vi – Harmony day – it is celebrating all of the countries. I am special, I like the ‘We bear’ movie, I like Holy Family Catholic school, I like food like soup with balls in it, pumpkin soup and this is the Vietnam flag, because I am Vietnamese I like that because you can go to buddle tea.

Yatin – Harmony day – is when we all celebrate everyone in the world and we sing a song and we all share food and houses. I am special, I am from India, I like the rocks from India, you can play games like my dad. I speak Australian. My family there is my baby sister she is funny, my mum she is good at cooking. My dad he plays cricket and tennis with me. And my mum’s dad and mum are in in India.


We then explored the concept of vowels…. especially the short sounding vowels. We discovered that they are special because they are in every word we read and write.


We worked in small teams to sort words according to there vowel. If we could read the word we tried to sound them out and help each other to solve the word. It was amazing to obverse how well each team worked together cooperatively on this task. The class has really grown in their understanding and skill as working collaboratively with different members of our class.

Short vowels



The other half of the class used ICT to consolidate their understanding of Proper nouns and Common nouns. They brainstormed nouns and sorted them into where they belonged. They worked in pairs, using ActivInspire  learning how to use the ‘caps lock’ button on the laptop for the Proper nouns.

Later in the day we swopped over and did the other activity.