Monday week 8 Jesus is born

Today we spent the day exploring the part of the Christmas story where Jesus is born and how people found out about Jesus and came to visit him.


This morning we read the story from the bible and also looked at small clips of this story.


  1. We acted out different parts of the story in small groups
  2. We recorded our understanding of this story
  3. We used our 100 languages to further explore this



Monday week 7 – Elf on the Shelf

We had a very special addition to our class today……

Javeria – Elf wants you to be good, or he goes and tells Santa

Joydeep – maybe there is a computer in there so he can move

Kushi – We can name he or she

Saara – the Elf said not to touch him or he loses his magic

Joseph – Does other people have this Elf?

Eline – he moves at night time and uses his magic

Alyssa – he can fly


We came up with some ideas for its name:

Katie – 6

Jake – 0

Damien – 1

Arlo – 2

Spy – 3

Pikachu – 7 – 11

Bob – 6

Ben – 1

Evie – 10 – 14

Elfie – 3


We then voted …..



Literacy – We then made a profile for our Elf Bob

Some of our ideas were….


Date he arrived:

His favourite toy to make:

His favourite food:

His friends:

A question for our elf?

This afternoon we continued our exciting adventure with Bob the Elf using our 100 languages

Kaisha “i traced it from my laptop and cut 2 of them out then sticky tape them together then put a pop stick on it, it’s a change your face one.”

Van “I’m making a Christmas lantern, I made the ornaments”

Rowena “I just finished, I made some decorations for Bob the Elf and then stuck them near his window.”

Vi ” I’m making a Christmas lantern, I made one last year so I know how to make one.”


India “It’s a reindeer, I used a box and coloured paper too” “the plastic is my tail.”


Monday week 6 – Advent and Christmas

Learning relationships – Meklet helped Gideon with his reading this morning on her own accord ūüôā


Advent –

We only have 4 weeks left of school so have begun to look at the time of Advent… the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.

We talked about the meaning of the wreath and each candle


“Yatin – hope means you hope for something to come” “Olivia – we hope Jesus is nice to us”


“Nina – love means when Jesus was born” Van – when share your love with someone and share your feeling with them”


“Olivia – joy means your happy about something” ¬†“Saara – joy is something to be happy about, so someone can be happy for you”


“Kushi – on Christmas Day you are quiet” “Rowena – everyone welcoming everyone even when you are different.

Literacy –

Procedure – how to put up a Christmas tree

What do we need?

What steps do we need to take?

Christmas investigations:

Monday week 5

“Our task, regarding creativity, is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. No one can do more.” Loris Malaguzzi



Today ¬†we are going to measure ourselves ….. how could we do this?

Meklet – we could use string and measure from the top of your head to bottom of your foot

Yatin – unifiix cubes and count them

Olivia – tape measure – has numbers on it

Ajoh – a piece of paper draw around your body and then you can see


  • We used a variety of non standard measurement tools and recorded our height. We then compared this to someone else in the class that used the same measuring tool. We discuss why it was import only to compare to the same measuring tool.


Tino – I am 78 unifix cubes long

Vanessa – Me and Meklet are the same 78 unifix cubes, Olivia is 57 unifix cubes. She is shorter



We challenged ourselves today to write a procedure of something we wanted to make during investigation time.


What we need



Ruby shared her idea with the class – and we helped put it into a procedure


Vanessa and Sukh – worked collaboratively to make their procedure – a Caterpillar Habitat.

Sukh – I made this door when the caterpillar is asleep put the sign up ¬†– “do not disturb”¬†Vanessa – I made the bed and the sun. We made this a staff finger print to get in.¬†Vanessa – we made that by getting a piece of paper and colour on the paper to make it really black, press your finger on the paper really hard, then put sticky tape to get the finger print.


MASS – a reminder that we have a class Mass this Thursday at 11:30…. Everyone welcome!

Monday week 4

The Good Samaritan –

Focus = R.E and comprehension

Blake: There was two men that charted another man, and then 2 men came along and didn’t help him, then one had a donkey, that man helped him and took him in doors and gave him money. The message is = Not to leave anyone, help them.

Kevin: Jesus is good, he looked after the man

Zarii – The naughty guys stole the bag, he was hurt and 2 boys didn’t help him. One guy helped him, took him there and give him 2 coins.



Smoothie – healthy eating


We made a smoothie together and then the children were challenged to record the steps of this procedure.


Measurement – LENGTH

Length – We got into groups of 5 and ordered ourselves from shortest to tallest

We then used unifix cubes and tooth sticks as measuring tools today to measure how long objects in our classroom were.



Monday week 3

Bible story: Zacchaeus

Zarii: there was a man, he climbed up a tree to see Jesus

Alyssa: whatever you do Jesus still loves you

Diljot: He was too little, he saw a tree and climbed up and saw Jesus, Jesus saw him and Jesus said can I come to your house. He stole money Jesus still said God made us , and we are happy.

Olivia: Zac wasn’t a nice man, he stile money from people, they got mad at him. Zac saw Jesus but he was too small, he tired and tried, he climbed a tree and then Jesus saw him. And no matter what Jesus still loves you.

Ella: Zac was waiting to meet Jesus but he can’t see him, first book, second chair and third a tree. The tree was the right one then Jesus said “hi Zac,” before that he stole money. Jesus said “come down, I want to go to your house” then he was shocked, he climbed down. Then he said sorry and he thought Jesus and God didn’t like him, but they loved him.

Blake: Zac has all the money and people wanted to see Jesus so Zac wanted to come to his house, he was shocked because he was a bad guy.

Yatin: In the first there was a man he was Zac, he was took other people money, the money was yo make houses. Sometimes he steals the money. He climbed up a tree so he could see Jesus. The other people said “he always steals money, Jesus wanted to go to his house and they had dinner.

Meklet: One day there was a a man called Zac his job was getting money for road but then he did a bad thing and stole money. Jesus was walking down the path. Zac couldn’t see him, he had an idea… a tree. Jesus saw him and said do you want to have dinner. The people said no you can’t he has stole lots of money, and he has to say sorry to all the people. Jesus said whatever you do God still loves you and they went and had dinner.

Kenneth: Zac he said give me your money, he stole things, he saw Jesus up the tree. Jesus said I want to go to your house.

Alphonsa: Zac was very good at his job, well he thought he was. He was talking more money than he was suppose to. One day he saw Jesus walking in his town, he went to see Jesus, he climbed a tree to see him. Jesus saw him and told him that he wanted to go to his house but Zac said I did bad things, Jesus said God will still love you


We continued our procedure exploration – focusing on three main elements

  • title – How to…
  • What we need
  • Steps

We talked about something we all do each day: How to clean your teeth. We created this procedure as a class and then the students recorded the procedure in their own way.




Measurement – weight investigations

We followed on from last week exploring HEAVY and LIGHT

Which is heavier – we needed to use our bodies (hands) as scales or take an educated guess.

Monday week 2

This morning we continued our Inquiry around measurement

We read:

Who Sank the Boat

and discussed which animal might be the heaviest and lightest and why…..

Kaisha – Donkey because it seems big

Meklet – Cow because it looks heavy

Ella – I think the donkey because it’s the tallest

Blake – probably the mouse because the mouse made it sink.


We talked about weight and came up with 2 important words we could use to describe how much sometime weighs….




Yatin: A rock is heavy

Kushi : the couch is heavy

Ella: The table is heavy

Oliver: a shark is heavy

Oliva: the TV is heavy

Rowena: a cow is heavy

Kaisha: a bed

Joseph: a closet


Avleen: a pen is light

Yatin: a tiny rock is light

Blake: Paper is light

Monika: glasses

Tino: a marble

Isaac: a pencil cup

We recorded our ideas.

Holy Family Spring Fair

The children we so excited to share what they had done and had seen at the Spring Fair so we had the opportunity to talk to others and record our experiences


This afternoon we explored a variety of investigations focussed around the measurement of weight.

Yatin: “with the weighing thing the dinosaur was heavier. and when I was looking at the books I drew a hammer that was heavy thing and a balloon was light. With another book there were bead to measure… the rabbit was 3 beads and the tree was up to the top 10 beads and the flower was 5 bead.” Which was the longest? “The tree”

Felix: 25.2 kg is how heavy I am!

Alphonsa: 22.6 kilograms – how heavy I am. With the cups I only put like 5 seeds in the light one and the other one I put more than 5.

Vanessa: I used the coat hanger, a glue stick on one side and an easer on the other, the glue stick was the heaviest, it went left.

Meklet: the pencil is heavier than the ruler because it went the other side. The t rex is heavier than the little t-rex because I measured it, the big one went down and the little one went up.




Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4!



What does measurement mean?

Yatin: Something you can measure things.

Meklet: I can measure something that is long or short.

Ruby: you can measure stuff. You can use a ruler with numbers on it and measure how tall you are.

Rowena: Measure with centimetres and Kilometres

Sara: you can measure something you don’t know measure.

Javeiria: You can measure your clothes to see what size you are.

Olivia: you can measure something to see if its light, heavy or the same.

Avleen: you can measure how heavy and light

Joydeep: you can measure what size it is, how fat it is, how big it is, how heavy it is.

Sukh: You can measure with a ruler and see what size.

Ajoh: you can measure a TV, a phone, and box

Khushi: If you get piece paper and trace around your foot and see what size the shoe you need.

India: you can measure how big a house is.

We recorded our thinking:


We got into pairs and shared what we did in our holidays. We then recorded it.

Meklet:  I went to someones birthday, we took a car, it was far away in a park. It was a girl called Nina, she is 11. I took mum, dad and brother. It was on Saturday.

Joydeep: On the holidays I went to OSHC we went to see the movie Small    Foot, we got there on a bus. We had some popcorn. I got a drink which was lemonade . The movie was good because it was fun.

This afternoon we used our 100 languages to demonstrate and share our holiday events.



Zoo excursion + follow up

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at the zoo…. emerging ourselves in the learning we have been looking at around….

Mapping and Animal Habitats 

A big thank you again to all our parent helpers. You did such an amazing job at guiding and caring for your groups:




Mr Coad








This morning we shared our thinking around the day:

Joseph: patting the animals head, the reindeer

Katrina: The baby monkeys they were really fluffy

Olivia: I liked seeing the Meekat in their new home.

Nina: There was a monkey in a cave with a white moustache

Rowena: My favourite part was when they were feeding the seal, they were giving them lots fish and doing tricks.

Joydeep: I liked when my groups saw the snakes, I saw different kinds of snakes, some were camoflaued.

Blake: I liked the bats in the nocturnal house, it was really dark.

Ella: I liked seeing the meek cats, and the babies, they were little and cute.

We then recorded our thoughts and memories from this special day together


We then had a session with the ‘Responsible Pet Program’. Deb came in and bought her helper Tinker bell(dog) to explore the concept of safety with dogs.



Literacy day

We spent the morning working on our own Information texts. Many of the children have almost completed their first book.


This afternoon we had our sound and grammar focus:

Grammar –¬†Adjectives

The children used adjectives to describe themselves