Literacy focus and Harmony Day Inquiry

This morning we continued our learning around Harmony Day… this morning we looked into what is your identity and what makes you unique.

We traced around our hands and filled it with things that encompass our identity.

Mia – Harmony Day is celebrating different people. I am special because, playing with my cat, 3 cats, my little sister and my little cousin Zack he is 4. My birthday is on sport day in 20 days.

Zarii – Harmony day  – I don’t know. Me special because I am six, in my family, Kai, Mum, Ruby, Lara, Chloe, Broadie, Dad, Bud is my dog. A girl guinea pig called Lou Lou and Fin, and 3. Squirt

Kenneth – Harmony day – I celebrate my country Vietnam and Australia. I am special, my family is from Vietnam I went there in my holidays, I can speak the language, at home with my family. My family is my mum, my dad, my baby, my cousin 2 cousins at my home, my grandpa and my grandpa and my Aunty … we all live together. I like them.

Katrina – I am special because I am in Australia, my family came from India. Family is dad, my mum, my little baby brother. I have a cat, dog. I am happy when I play with my cat and my dog.

Isaac – Harmony day is my friends and playing.  I am special becuase my skin is different, my friends are so good at playing chasy. My family is my mum and dad and my Grandpa lives at my house. My family knows how to read books my family helps me to know. We are from Australia.

Vanessa – Harmony day –  we celebrate people’s countries and speak different language. I am special because my brother, and sister a mum and dad. My family is from Cambodia we are going there soon. Im excited about going to a water park and we can go to the park. I speak ½ Vietnamese.

Gurnoor – Harmony day – means we celebrate all the countries. In Australia, I live in Australia, I like the toys , I have two brothers in my home he helps me pack up toys. My mum and dad pack my bag. I love playing outside.

Rowena – Harmony day – because we are all different but we are the same that is why we love our family and friends, we are different and the same.

Vi – Harmony day – it is celebrating all of the countries. I am special, I like the ‘We bear’ movie, I like Holy Family Catholic school, I like food like soup with balls in it, pumpkin soup and this is the Vietnam flag, because I am Vietnamese I like that because you can go to buddle tea.

Yatin – Harmony day – is when we all celebrate everyone in the world and we sing a song and we all share food and houses. I am special, I am from India, I like the rocks from India, you can play games like my dad. I speak Australian. My family there is my baby sister she is funny, my mum she is good at cooking. My dad he plays cricket and tennis with me. And my mum’s dad and mum are in in India.


We then explored the concept of vowels…. especially the short sounding vowels. We discovered that they are special because they are in every word we read and write.


We worked in small teams to sort words according to there vowel. If we could read the word we tried to sound them out and help each other to solve the word. It was amazing to obverse how well each team worked together cooperatively on this task. The class has really grown in their understanding and skill as working collaboratively with different members of our class.

Short vowels



The other half of the class used ICT to consolidate their understanding of Proper nouns and Common nouns. They brainstormed nouns and sorted them into where they belonged. They worked in pairs, using ActivInspire  learning how to use the ‘caps lock’ button on the laptop for the Proper nouns.

Later in the day we swopped over and did the other activity.



Tuesday’s Spring Inquiry

Welcome back to school after the long weekend.

This morning we got straight into our SOUND and GRAMMAR focus:

Our sound study today was around the ‘ar’ sound

Joseph – “I know a word with sh and ar 2 of our sounds – shark”

Our GRAMMAR focus was around – Common Nouns

Can you remember what a proper noun is?

TIno: A place

Ajoh it needs a capital letter.

Rojun: A name.

Caroline: somewhere you live.

Khushi: Effiel Tower

Avleen: different countries.

Alyssa: Schools

Olivia: A town.

Alyssa: A city

India: Aerplane.

Monkia: the world.

Ajoh: Your habitats.

Meklet: it can a be a palce it needs a capital letter

Alphonsa: it could be a school name or your name

Van: If you have. A proper noun you need a capital

Suk: streets.

Ruby: Butterflies names.


We spoke and reflected that common nouns were things, common places or types of people, also making sure we knew the difference between Proper nouns, they need a capital letter, are the names of people, important places, like the street or an organisation such as our school.

It is a little tricky to remember the difference so maybe on your way home you can look for Common Nouns ( things) you can see outside the window and maybe you’ll even past some Proper Nouns, such as shopping centres and street names or even schools.

We did a hunt for common nouns around the room? Recording them all down seeing who could get the most.

Khushi: a poster.

Ajoh: the logs

Monkia: the lockers.

Naomi: a noun is a table.

Joydeep: Mrs Carey it’s a proper noun, but a common noun teacher.

Ajoh: people

Olivia R: Sochetta is a proper noun she is a person or a girl is a noun.

Avleen: letters

Naomi: shelves

Caroline: blocks.

Ehtan:  a drink bottle.

Kevin: the table, the Tv, teacher.the phone.

Tino: the door

Eline: A tv and table and most all the places.

My: the teacher

Ella: Lockers.

Javeria: Noun Is a table.

Kimaaya: the lockers.

Oliver: The Tv

Alyssa: A girl

Joydeep: the sticky tape.

Inida: TV

Caroline: blocks and lockers.



Ruby: the teachers desk

Saara: A piece paper

Meklet: The Tv

Alphonsa: Habitats and animals

Van: pencil

Isaac: Pictures.

Nina: Farm aniamls.

Felix: white boards.

Indie: letters

Gurnoor: A cow

Kenneth: A basket

Zarii: Sticky tape.

Vanessa: A table

Mia: Pictures

Joesph: ducks

Rowena: a basket

Vi: a horse

Yatin: lockers.

Phuc: teacher

Kaisha: Chair

Sul the cross

Blake: Blocks

Katrina: The Tv

After lunch we completed our season inquiry into Spring…  we have now thoroughly explored each season, how we get seasons, what happens at these times of year and how it affects us.


Vi – I found a chick when I looked up spring, the chick will grow up and make more babies. I also found a goat, a baby goat “do you know what a baby goat is called?” Teacher “no” its called a kid.

Gurnoor – was exploring the table with eggs “A lizard, I like lizards, they come out of eggs. I made another one, it’s a dinosaur egg. My brain knows that dinosaurs lay eggs. It could be a T- Rex”

Jaydeep – I draw a flower, it makes oxygen, its hot and they grow when it hot, its got the top.

Alyssa – I made a flower, Its because I like flowers, because they grow in spring

Katrina – I made a flower because they are pretty.

Meklet – I drew flowers, we had flowers in the classroom, I didn’t copy them, I made different ones.

Joseph – “if you smell the flower you will sneeze.”

Eline – “I tried to think what came out of an egg and then I thought butterflies, Mr Coad showed me in a book, then caterpillar then comes out.”

Olivia R – “do you know that Rapunzel is in Spring because there are so many flowers”

Suk – “we were looking at the flowers we  picked, the long light pink one, with a pencil we copied it really slowly”

Gurnoor – “I wrote all the seasons, my favourite is summer, because it is hot and my brother likes summer too, eats cold things, ice blocks and ice-cream.”





Winter Inquiry and Sound study

This morning during ‘Come and read with me’ a group of boys including Yatin and Felix begun finding our previous focus sounds ‘sh’ ‘ch’ ‘th’ and ng’ within their readers….. more and more children overheard this and joined in. They decided to record them all and then  shared their discoveries with the class.

We split up into 2 team and half way through we changed over

The qu sound and Proper Nouns were the focus of these teams




Do you know what a Proper Nouns is? –

Khushi: Effiel tower because it is important.

Felix: proper noun is a name.

Ella: Names need capital letters.

Ajoh: where you live like your street.

TIniO: Countries

Olivia R: a town

Avellen Countries

Alyssa: schools.

Khushi: the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Avleen: Sydney

Olivia:  A proper noun is like a name, like Mrs Nicosia

Eline: A proper noun you have to do a capital letter, like my name.

Kimaaya: A proper noun you go to have a capital letter, like a special place like India.

Ella: A proper noun is that when something is special you have to do a bigger case like names of people and places.

Rojun: A proper noun needs a capital letter like your name and where you country is.

Ethan: Proper Noun is for a name and  places and countries you need a capital letter
Joydeep: Proper nouns is capital letters School is proper noun, our names and our friends.

Javieria: proper noun is when you need a capital for your name

My: Proper nouns need capital letters our names

Oliver: proper nouns needs a capital letter like our names, our houses and special places.

Olivia S: a proper noun is a name where you have to do a capital letter at the start.

Caroline: A proper noun is name, special palaces

Inida: Proper nouns needs a capital if you are to write you country it needs a capital letter.

Tino: capital letters need name and where we live

Eline: Capitla letters for important names, where we live, and special places

Monkia: proper nouns needs a big letter at the start, like a different country and a  name

Vanessa: Proper Nouns need capital letters, like our names and where we live.

Alphonsa: Proper nouns is a name  and a street, school, city and a town and has to start with a capital letter,

Blake: a proper noun is a special place our names they need capital letters at the start.

Isaac: A proper noun is a name, capital letters a lower case letter is wrong and you need to write it correct with capital.

Vi: A proper noun need a capital like a  name.

Suk: A proper noun something that is really good you need a capital.

Meklet: A proper noun you need a capital letter for the start,

Van: A proper name, special name or special country or special place they need capital letter.

Ruby: Names is a proper like Mr Bartold it needs capital.

Mia: proper noun is a name they need a capital letter.

Gurnoor: Proper name is someone’s names.

Naomi: A proper nouns needs a capital letter, like a name, address needs capital letter and where we live.


We then focus on Proper Nouns we could discover around our school:



During sports the children started revising the sports day activitvies.


After lunch we recapped what Proper nouns were:

Suk- Shops are a proper noun

Gurnoor – road are proper noun

Yatin- Mawson Lakes

Phuc – Brisbane

Kushi – Holy family Catholic School.

Oliver had bought in a special book from home so we read this as a class using our new knowledge of Proper nouns. We read ‘Captains Love Underpants’ in the book the pirates visit places with funny names and every pirate had a funny name …we effectively found all of the proper nouns within the story.


Winter inquiry continued – today was a beautiful day so we decided to take our Winter Inquiry out to Log Park

The children were challenged to use their creativity and collaboration to create winter features, applying all the things they were discovering about winter. The first 5-10 minutes children walked around looking at the logs and trying to come up with learning teams and ideas. Then within no time amazing creation began to emerge. There were numerous groups creating different winter features:

Kushi – Me and my friends made a house together to stay warm near the fire, we ate marshmallows.

Ruby – Me and my friends, we made a camp house, for all the people that are cold outside in the snow. We made a cafe for them.

Meklet – Me and my friends made a fire, you have to make a fire to stay warm in winter.

Ethan – We made a shop, we sold jacket, because its cold.

Indi – We made a camp fire and roasted marshmallows, we travelled on horses.

Van – me and rowena and Vi we made a snowman.



Happy 6th birthday from the weekend Olivia – Thank you for celebrating this with us


Tuesday week 5

Sound focus – ng

We brainstormed all the words we could think of that contained the  ng   sound:

Rowena – “human being, has a ng sound”

Kaisha – “going”

Yatin – “strong, watering”

Saara – “ring”

Van – “I know an animal with a ng sound, Dugong”

“She saw that word on my habitat picture”

Isaac – “racing”








In the afternoon we continued our Autumn inquiry

“we made an Autumn museum”


“we are researching Autumn and what it looks like”

Some children had noticed that some of the trees in the courtyard had begun to change colours, the green leaves were turning orange, yellow and red. Some children decided to be artists and record this season change, looking closely at the trees they used materials such as paper, pencils and crayons.     

Tuesday week 4

We explored 2 concepts this morning

The ‘th’ sound

and also




Phuc took a photo of me “Mrs Smith you have a th sound in your name”

Ruby “feather”

“three starts with a th sound” Yatin

“So does thirty five” Isaac

Khushi: we learn that capital letters first and then at the end there must be a question mark, a punctuation mark or a full stop.

Olivia R: A capital letter is a big one not a little one and it goes at the start of the sentence.

Roewena: we learning about capital letters.

Yatin: a sentence needs to start with a capital letter.

Suk: A full stop goes at the end of sentence.

As a team we noticed we had some muddled up sentences as a class we discovered they didn’t have full stops or capital letters so we used our skills to correct them. We were then given more sentences that needed correction, we were very clever and corrected them  just like teachers would. We hope the students will then be able to apply this learn knowledge into their own writing remembering to use full stops and capital letters at the start of sentences.




This afternoon we continued our Inquiry into Seasons….. a large calendar was bought in as a provocation

“Does anyone know what this item is and what is it used for?” Teacher

Indi -” the galaxy” (that was the picture the front of the calendar )

Kushi – “space”

Alphonsa – “a calendar… if someones birthday you know where it is”

Olivia – “It tells you what day it is today”

Khushi – “it tells you the day and months”

Ruby – “it tells you what day it is, what day is your birthday, and Christmas, like today and tomorrow”

Kaisha – “you can cross off the day when its finished”


“How many pages might this calendar have?” Teacher


Ella – “12 , coz there is 12 months”

*we counted together

each page is a different month


“do you know about how many days are within 1 month?” Teacher

Olivia – “7 days in a month”

“no in a week”

Felix – “maybe 23 days in a month”

Yatin – “31 and 30 days”


We then tried to find dates within the calendar to see if we could use it. Children shared some of their birthdays so that we could practise using it.

WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY???? if you don’t know maybe you could ask your family tonight

We divided into groups of 5 and were set a challenge: The calendars have been all mixed up, can you work together to put it back together in the correct order?

One group worked very effective and shared their process:

Ruby: “Ok where is January?”

Felix – “I gave them some of them, then I ask for each month and I put them together”

Meklet – “we got each one and gave it to Felix”

Ruby “Felix told us, we had 2 each, he called them out and we gave them to him.”



We then took a closer look at the summer month and began to create our own calendars





Tuesday Week 3

We are continuing to grow our sound knowledge. We explored the Ch sound today.




This is one journey that took place:

India’s Ch journey

India decided that she wanted to find all the things in our classroom that had a ch sound in them. She independently used the class iPad to record her findings. She also shared her discovery with the whole class.




“switch” “it has a ch at the end”

“Socheata has a ch in her name, this is a picture of her”

“this is Socheata’s welcome rock, see the ch”


“this book has a ch sound on the front”




This afternoon we had a discussion about the important event that takes place today

“Why is it pancake day / Shrove Tuesday today? What does it mean?”


Kaisha- It is pancake day, it is when we have pancakes


Ruby – Pancake day is a special day for Jesus mothers birthday, I looked it up with my mum


Alyssa – We might make pancakes


Ajoh  – It’s Shrove Tuesday


Rowena – its exciting, fun day


Sku – sometimes pancake – Jesus mums birthday


So as a class we explored a little deeper into the meaning of this day…..

After we reflected

Kushi – “Give something up”

Ruby – “Easter is coming up”


We discussed something they could be mindful of during the time of Lent: ‘During Lent I am going to……..’

Saara – ” be nice”

Kevin “I am going to sit on the floor and listen”











Tuesday week 2

This morning, we had a literacy focus.

We divided the class into two teams: The SOUND team and the GRAMMAR team.


1.  The grammar exploration was on Capital Letters… what are capital letters?, what do they look like? when can can we use them?

We used a variety of materials to identify the capitals and then match it with the lowercase


2.Our sound this week is ‘Sh’ – we worked together to find sh words and recorded them in our own way.

Rowena expressed “me and Vi, we came up with shovel”



Once we completed an exploration we then changed teams so that we got do have a turn at both



After recess we had sport and Spanish (1EN)


After Lunch we continued our Inquiry of Teams and our own identity.  We now have a class set of laptops. We used these in our Inquiry time and practised entering the new passwords.


Gurnoor – “I help her (Zarii) do the password”

“I made a team flag, it’s the Aboriginal one”

Ruby – “I made this…’s a pattern,purple and pink, its going to be really long”