Zoo excursion + follow up

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at the zoo…. emerging ourselves in the learning we have been looking at around….

Mapping and Animal Habitats 

A big thank you again to all our parent helpers. You did such an amazing job at guiding and caring for your groups:




Mr Coad








This morning we shared our thinking around the day:

Joseph: patting the animals head, the reindeer

Katrina: The baby monkeys they were really fluffy

Olivia: I liked seeing the Meekat in their new home.

Nina: There was a monkey in a cave with a white moustache

Rowena: My favourite part was when they were feeding the seal, they were giving them lots fish and doing tricks.

Joydeep: I liked when my groups saw the snakes, I saw different kinds of snakes, some were camoflaued.

Blake: I liked the bats in the nocturnal house, it was really dark.

Ella: I liked seeing the meek cats, and the babies, they were little and cute.

We then recorded our thoughts and memories from this special day together


We then had a session with the ‘Responsible Pet Program’. Deb came in and bought her helper Tinker bell(dog) to explore the concept of safety with dogs.



Literacy day

We spent the morning working on our own Information texts. Many of the children have almost completed their first book.


This afternoon we had our sound and grammar focus:

Grammar – Adjectives

The children used adjectives to describe themselves


Monday week 6


Our provocation today was the story


We tied both our literacy and numeracy into this.

We enjoyed this story and discussed the directional language that is included.

“under it”  “around it” “over it” “through it”

We all chose our own animal to go on a hunt for…..

“I’m going on a snake hunt”

“I’m going on a snow wolf hunt”

“I’m going on a unicorn hunt”

We tried to include 5 objects that we would encounter and use directional language to get pass it and find our animal.

After writing our stories we applied this directional language to our growing knowledge of mapping.

We created maps to match our stories.


Science – changes

Making jelly

We continued to explore how some things can change through heating and cooling.

We had a packet of jelly…. “it’s jelly” “great does that mean I can get a spoon and eat it?

“No you have to make it”

We looked how to make this powder into jelly that can be eaten. 2 changes needed to happen. Heat dissolved or melted the powder and then once in the fridge for a while it made it hard.

Yatin- The powder melted with hot water and then with the fridge it will into jelly.

Tino- Making jelly is fun because we can see the changes and then see it wobble.

Diljot- Jelly is yummy and cool to make because we get to measure and stir.

Caroline- I like making jelly because we get to see it looking different.

Sukh- Its fun to see how it changes before we eat it.


School Photos – This morning our classes had their school photos. The children looked very smart and well presented.

Following this, we began to explore the concept of what makes up numbers. We are starting to look at TENS and UNITS. We experimented with picking a number  from 1-99 and trying to make this number using unifix cubes… making groups of tens and units (left overs).

After lunch we continued our Literacy focus – making our own information texts. Last week we started with the front cover and contents page and today we started creating the content.





This morning we settled in with Come Read with Me

Then 1SA headed straight to the hall with our big buddies to practise our assembly which is this Friday (normal school uniform to be worn).

Our buddy assembly is THEMED – Past, Present and Future.  A concept that we have begun to explore in 1SA / 1EN. The children worked with their older buddies to come up with ideas and learning around this theme. They worked together to produce something and are presenting this on Friday. The teachers took a back seat and the older students guided and supported the younger children. This has been a great learning opportunity for all involved. Some of our children made props, were involved in iMovies and other have speaking parts. All are involved in different ways.


After recess we continued our Information text inquiry. Today we started to create our own information texts. We chose something that we are experts about that we could teach others about.

Ruby – “Mindcraft”

Saara – “Fishfarm”

Mia “Cats”

Vanessa – “babies”

Meklet – “Teachers”


We focussed on the FRONT COVER and CONTENTS page

Our front cover needed:

  • A title
  • The author (our name)
  • A big coloured picture of the subject

Contents page tells us what we are going to learn about. We chose 4 main things to talk about.

for example:

  • What they look like
  • Where they live
  • What they eat
  • How they move



Science – We continued our science inquiry around things that change and what makes them change. (1EN looked at this yesterday while we were practising assembly)

Students were given a corn kernel …….. “can you tell me about what is in your hand” (Mrs Smith)

vi “it’s popcorn”

…… ok so I can eat it?

vi ” no, put it in the microwave, it will turn into popcorn”

Kaisha “it’s corn, it’s called popcorn because it pops and it’s corn”

Meklet – “popcorn seed”

Felix –  “it’s popcorn because when you put it in the microwave it starts popping”

Blake – “it’s a baby seed for a corn”

Indi “its frozen corn”

Yatin “seed of popcorn, popcorn machine it will make it pop.”

Ruby “my mum and me made popcorn, you get a seed, its out of corn, put it in a popcorn machine and it pops.


Mrs Smith “What makes it change / pop in the microwave or popcorn machine?”


Rowena “the heat makes it bigger and bigger until it pops”


We  put the corn kernels into the machine and turned it on, we waited and watched in great excitement. The children collected some popcorn and recorded their discoveries.

Nina: “You put the seed in the machine, it pops out as popcorn”

Alphonsa: “we made popcorn, first it starts as a seed you use a popcorn machine or microwave, after a while the heat makes the seed into popcorn.”

Gurnoor “popcorn, first you put the machine on, then it is small, medium, large. The popcorn gets bigger and bigger and hotter”

Ruby: “the popcorn be’s a seed and after it goes in the popcorn blender and after it turns to popcorn, you have it for movies and latitude. the machine makes it really steamy hot.”

Blake ” you get the seed and put it in the popcorn machine, it pop pop pop pops, in a bowl., then you can eat it.”



Literacy and Buddies

Sound oo OO

Our sound this week can make 2 sounds a short oo (cook, look) and a long sound OO (spoon, zoo)


After watching the sound song and reading a story which included lots of oo words, the children came up with so many words that contained our sound.


Focus: Proper nouns, nouns, verbs.

What is a noun?

Avleen: a noun a thing.

Kimaaya: A noun a is proper noun is a place and needs a capital letter and a name

Olivia: Melbourne- a city and the Eiffel tower – which is a special place.

Khushi: a country is a proper noun.

Ella: Your street is a proper noun.

Olivia R: a suburb.

What is verb?

Monika: a verb is what we do.

Ella: we cook.

Kimaaya: verbs are doing words and action words.



After recess  1SA had sport

and 1EN had sport and Spanish


After lunch both classes joined up with their buddy classes to continue Assembly preparations.


Buddies  – Assembly practice

Tuesday – new sound and grammar / buddies

The children continue to learn a new phonics sound each week. They have shown great enthusiasm in discovering these new sounds, finding words that they are in and then are doing an amazing job at applying their phonological awareness when they are reading or writing. for example :

“look I found lots of ‘ai’ words in my reader”

“car, that has our ‘ar’ sound in it”


Today we looked at the ‘ie’ sound.

This is the most common way the ie sound is written, however sometimes it is written as an i_e (mice)   igh (high) and y (buy)



The Grammar focus continued on past tense – adding  ed



After recess we had Sport and Spanish


While 1EN was at Spanish, 1SA continued to discuss the experiment we started yesterday afternoon around ICE – and the changes that can occur.

We discussed:

“Why does the water freeze in the freezer?”


“Why did the ice melt once we took it back out?”


The children then worked in pairs using a laptop to record their discoveries and understandings.

Ruby and Rowena

Vanessa and Alphonsa

Felix and Yatin

Gideon and Kenneth

Blake and Nina


Vi and Van



After lunch both 1SA and 1EN caught up with our older buddy classes to continue our Assembly ideas and preparations.

1SA / 6/7DE – assembly is Friday week 4

1EN /  6/7 HM- assembly is Friday week 5




Sound study and 3D shapes

Sound study



Grammar focus – ed

Past tense verbs –

jump – jumped

play – played


3D shapes

Last term the children emerged themselves in discovering and manipulating 2D shapes. So today we talked about when shapes are not flat.

Why are flat shapes called 2D shapes?

Do you know any 3D shapes?

Why are they called 3D shapes?

What is the difference?

After that we had time to explore 3D shapes in a variety of ways

  • create with playdough
  • create with straws and toothpicks
  • matching up everyday objects according to their shapes
  • 3D block to create things


Diljot:its a house. it has a cone and a cylinder

Jakob, Phuc, Tino and Alyssa were trying to match up shapes

Rowena: I made a cube out of straws, it was a fun but it was hard. It has 8 corners, it has 6 faces. I also made a cuboid or a rectangular prism, it has 8 corners, 6 faces and 12 edges.

Meklet: i made a pyramid using straws. it has 6 corners and 5 faces.

Gideon:I made a sphere. (we talked about whether it had any corners)

Kaisha: I made a chocolate factory using cubes, a cylinder, and a rectangular prism and a triangular prism.

Saara: i am making a toy factory using blocks to make the picture. rectangle , (cylinder) – helped by a peer.

Nina: I made a cube using straws. (we discussed what corners are and then counted them together)

Zarii: made a triangle. (We discussed the names of the shapes she had made) Rowena made this one. (we discussed what was different about them, focussing on which ones where flat and which ones were big / solid)

Vi: I made a cube out of straws and sticky tape. a cube has 6 faces and 8 corners.




Monday week 10

We started our day with ‘Come read with me’

We then gathered together and discussed that this week is week 10 which means this is our last week learning together before we have 2 weeks of school holidays. Some children shared that they would still be coming to the school as part of the OSHC holiday program.

We had our final recount focus:

We focussed on a Weekend Recount highlighting several aspects:

1.Who, What, Where, When

2. Sequence of events using timing words such as First and then

3. and ending with a personal comment such as “I had fun because…….”


We formed girl/boy partners to verbally share events that had happened on our weekends

Kenneth then volunteered to share his weekend in front of the class. He shared as much detail as he could and then the class suggested any other aspects that he could add.

Kenneth: “On the weekend I go to school, a different school and then on Sunday afternoon at 4 o clock, I go to the movies, the movie was a dinosaur movie called Jurassic World. The dinosaurs were fighting each other. I went with my dad and my mum. I feel happy because the movie was cool!!!”

We then wrote about our own weekends. We are really impressed with all the children’s progress in their writing abilities. Some children are now experimenting with full stops and capital letters and others are increasingly including sight words such as they, was, went, saw with accuracy.


After recess we spent time wrapping up our polygon explorations. The children were encouraged to challenge themselves and record some of their explorations.

After lunch we reflected on our first semester (half a year) of learning together as a team. The children discussed things they have learnt about, how they have felt and how they have grown. They were given the opportunity to continue any learning journey that we have covered so far or that they haven’t been able to finish.


Monday week 9

This morning we begun our day with Come read with me.

After exploring aspects of the beach last week and how we can care for that space, we decided to incorporate the beach into our Literacy Recount for today.


We read ‘Just Grandma and Me’


The children recalled the sequence of the story and certain events that happened at the beach.


After recess we look continue our learning around Polygons

We started looking at a group of shapes last week called Polygons, what can you remember about them?

Meklet: is a same shape, same but different number of sides

Avleen : Octagon has 8 sides,  looks like a stop sign

Van: A triangle has 3 sides

Oliver: it is a square

Ella: hexagon, has 6 sides, x like six so I can remember

Kaisha: nonogon, has nine sides… starts with n

Ajoh: Pentagon – 5 sides, I remembered that

Felix :Octagon – first sound is same as octopus which has 8 legs so its 8 sides.




The children had boxes of polygons to create pictures with. They were then challenged to draw this picture and explain what shapes they had used.




Joseph and Meklet:” it looks like a planet, we did it with 2 diamonds, it’s like a pattern , triangles, this one has six sides , a hexagon


Jakob: “its a magic old home, I used a diamond and a triangle, and a square”


Gurnoor: “I made a sun, hexagon and 6 triangles”


Yatin and Vanessa: Vanessa “a house and an alien man, we used polygons.”  Yatin – “triangles, square and circles, we got the circle from Mia, Octagons and rectangles.”  which ones are not polygons ? “rectangle is not and an arch, “and a circle.”

My: ” I made a flower using hexagons”

Mia and Naomi: “its a sun, we used a circle, and used this for lines, we used diamonds to decorate the outside. we traced the shapes and a square”

Zarii and Indi : Zarii “bird with eye and tweet and feathers and legs. shapes circle, circle circle, triangle and square and these” Indi “It was my idea to make a face but then we turned it into a bird, shapes square for a heart, a hexagon, I think its a hexagon because it has 6 sides”


Joydeep “its ironman he was trying to steal the diamond and then he got the diamond and put it back in the museum, it was the rarest. the shapes I used was diamonds, and a octagon (it was a hexagon)

“You can make the same in these 2 ways”

Monika “its a bird, with a triangle and  2 diamonds”


After lunch we continued our Environmental Inquiry

Today we looked at different environment and the elements at form this area. Areas can have MANAGED, CONSTRUCTED or NATURAL features.

We looked at different places and tried to sort the elements into these groups.

Natural – things that are part of the land, they have not been made by people e.g. – hills, mountains, rocks

Indi – “grass and forests”

Avleen “sand”

Ella “outside ground, trees”

Olivia “habitats”

Ajoh – “the sea”

Blake “sticks”

Managed – are features that have occurred naturally but they are maintained by people e.g.. garden, park, farm

Kushi ” grass you have to cut”

Van “Schools”


Constructed are things that have been built or put on the land by humans –

Joseph – “playground”

Ella “house”

Olivia R “laptop”

Meklet “TV”

Diljot “house”