This morning we watched a wonderful assembly performance by the reception classes.

Phuc: I liked dancing at the end.

Monika: I liked the people talking.

Gurnoor: I liked the part and the people reading.

Nina: I liked the Kaurna people.

Gideon: I liked the pictures of the fish farm.

Tino: I liked the end part.

Zarii: I liked the people speaking.

Thuy: I liked the end of the assembly.

Isaac: I liked people doing the floss.

Rojun: I liked the kids doing the reading part and I liked the bit when me and Felix and Tino were doing the floss and I liked about the kids touching the fishes and the turtles.

Javeiria: there was a friend that I liked on the stage and that was Guneet and she was doing so well.

After assembly we continued making our number games and some students started to write the playing instructions for them. We then tested them out to see what needed changing.

After recess, for relaxation, we closed our eyes and imagined we were flying, thinking about who and what we would see on our journey and where we would go.

Ella: What i saw on my journey was a bee and it found a person and its name was Ella and it didn’t sting Ella because it could talk and it was a nice bee.

Oliver: on my journey I saw a pterodactyl and then there was a volcano erupting and then there was a t-rex trying to eat the pterodactyl and he kept following the pterodactyl and then it went in a nice place where it couldn’t go.

Phuc: When I was a bird, I saw an angel that was nice to me and I wanted to be friend with the angel and the angel said yes.

Olivia R: On my journey I was a fairy and I saw my best friend Zara on the way and then we thought about going to the playground.

Gurnoor: on my journey I saw a seagull up there then it landed in the water and ate some fish. Then we were friends.

Ajoh: In my journey I was a little pink bird, I lived in a pink forest with lots of pink birds. All of the pink birds were my friends. We went to a party. After the party we went to sleep

Indi: when I was dreaming I was a pegasi, I was looking for a statue.

After relaxation, we finished off our Literacy rotations, making books, reading, using Microsoft Word on the laptops and practicing bubble writing for tricky words.

After lunch we had investigations. There was lots of drawing and making today and some great building with the blocks. Rowena used to ActivInspire to make an amazing flipchart on the Philippines.

Thursday 14th June

Today was our class Mass. We had a practice this morning and then after recess we headed over to the centre. All of the students did a fantastic job, the students with reading parts knew them really well and the students who had jobs knew exactly what to do. The rest of the class did a great job of listening and singing. It was great to have some parents join us, the children really loved seeing you.

Ella: I enjoyed the song at the end because I liked the actions.

Kaisha: I like the rainbow song.

Caroline: I liked reading and I liked the songs.

Phuc: I enjoyed the whole Mass.

Blake: I enjoyed the Rainbow song.

Rowena: I enjoyed everything especially seeing my Dad there.

Kimaaya: I liked my speaking part even though it was a bit long.

Joydeep: I liked Joseph reading his part it was so big.

Mia: I liked doing the songs.

Gurnoor: I liked doing my part.

Zarii: I liked the Rainbow song.

Javeiria: I had fun because I liked the place we went.

Rojan: I liked the whole Mass and people reading and when Joseph read he did a good job also other people.

Zarii: I liked the whole Mass.

Ajoh: I like when Joseph read and I got really proud.



After lunch we did some number investigations with students making their own number games. It was lots of fun and we are looking forward to using them when they are all finished.

Thursday 7th June

After Come Read With Me this morning, we shared class prayer. We thought about things we were grateful for in our lives and shared prayers of thanks.

Thank you for….

Joydeep: Dear God, thank you for my parents because I love them so much.

Rowena: Dear God, thank you for the peace garden because I can go there to rest with you.

Naomi: Dear God, thank you for being kind to me and I like you because you make us alive.

Eline: Dear God, thank you for the world and looking after everyone.

Zarii: Dear God, thank you for my Mum and Dad because they make me soup.

Thuy: Dear God, thank you for the plants and the love.

Javeiria: Dear God, thank you for my parents because I love them so much because they look after me.

Phuc: Dear God, thank you for looking after our school because our classroom is special.

Avleen: Dear God, thank you my Dad because he always helps me.

Alyssa: Dear God, thank you my parents because they care for me.

Tino: Dear God, thank you for the food we eat.

Vi: Dear God, thank you for my brother for helping me speak Japanese.

Gurnoor: Dear God, I love God because he helps me.

Kevin: Dear God thank you for my Mummy and Daddy.

Ajoh: Dear God, thank you for making Jesus so he can look after us and thank you for making me a lovely girl.

Gideon: Dear God, thank you for my Mum.

We then continued with our Literacy rotations. This week our sensory activity is writing words in sandboxes. Sensory activities are a great way for children to learn words because the physical manipulation involved helps with retention.

Our Numeracy rotations were great fun this week and the children have enjoyed the hands on nature of the activities.


After lunch we worked on investigations and Mrs Nicosia and Mrs Adams worked one on one with some students on different activities.

Mission Day reminders

Just a few reminders for Mission Day tomorrow, Friday 1st June:

-Casual clothes for a gold coin donation or students can wear their school uniform if they prefer. Please make sure footwear is enclosed, no thongs.

-For Mission Day, each class makes items to sell. Children can buy tokens in the morning from their class teacher and then use these to purchase items in the afternoon when classes are selling what they have made. All money raised goes to charity and your donations are greatly appreciated.

-The canteen will not be open for lunch orders or general sales tomorrow as they will be busy making the pasta lunch which many families have ordered. Please ensure your child has recess and lunch if you have not ordered pasta for them.

-Mission Day Mass begins at 11am in the hall, parents are welcome to attend.

-Mission day sales and activities begin at 1pm.

If you have any questions, please see your child’s class teacher or contact the office in the morning.

Thursday Week 5

This morning we spent some extra time on ‘Come read with me’ so we could hear a few more children reading. It’s great to see the development of new strategies and an increase in confidence and fluency. We know life is busy but please try to make time to read with your child every night. A book introduction is a really great way to start with your child when they are reading a book for the first time. Look at the cover and read the title to them. Ask them what they think it might be about and look through the book with them introducing some of the vocabulary they may come across. If there are tricky words you can point them out and model sounding them out to help them be more independent when they read through the book on their own. If they continue to get stuck on the same words, write them down and practise them during the week. You can make games like snap with them, use magnetic letters, make them out of playdough, finger paint them or draw them in the sand. Google has some great ideas for sensory activities that help with early literacy development.

Our Literacy rotations are continuing to work really well. The students are really benefiting from the one on one support in Writer’s Workshop and are using their knowledge of letter sound relationships to sound out words they don’t know how to spell.

We have continued to develop number sense through our Literacy rotations this week and all groups have worked really well on their activities. We used photos of objects to support the students with addition and this was a real benefit for them. Any number work you can do at home will help to develop their number sense and will benefit them as they move through school. Real life problems are fantastic for developing a strong understanding of number concepts so ask them questions as you do things, encouraging them to count, add and subtract. For example, when you are shopping you could ask them to get 5 oranges for you or say to them, ‘I need 7 oranges, I already have 3. How many more do I need?’.

This afternoon we created some beautiful cards to sell tomorrow for Mission Day using autumn leaves from the trees in the courtyard. They used the leaves as body parts for animals and then added details using sharpies. Each child made one and they are all amazing!

Before we began making, we talked about what Mission Day is:

What is Mission Day?

Caroline: you get money.

Van: Mission Day is where you buy new stuff and you can eat the vegetarian of the pasta.

Javeiria: Mission Day is what clothes you have to wear.

Avleen: Mission Day is when you wear casual clothes.

Rowena: lots of fun stuff happens on Mission Day.

Sukh: we have assembly in the morning and you can bring food and you have shared lunch and it’s gonna be really fun and it’s gonna be like the best day of your entire life.

Ruby: Mission Day is about you have a little stand and you buy stuff from a little stand and when you get stuff they cross it. I know everything about Mission Day.

Ajoh: Mission Day is about having pasta and sharing our stuff with people and wearing different clothes and doing different stuff and playing different games.

Olivia R: your parents get to come.

Khushi: you get to wear casual and you get to bring money and you get to bring food.

Alphonsa: Mission Day is a time when you hang out with your friends and you have a good time.

Ruby: yeah I didn’t say that, good job.



This morning, we began the day with ‘Come read with me’. It is great to see the progress students are making in reading – recognising more high frequency words, using their knowledge of letter sound relationships to have a go at new words, using initial sounds, re-reading and reading on. If you would like some ideas on how best to support your child’s reading at home, please feel free to make a time to meet with their class teacher.

Over the last week, we have had some casualties in our fish tank. We took the opportunity this morning to talk about water conditions and why this might have happened. Mrs Adams did some water testing yesterday and we talked through the results and have added a plant to help the system run better. We currently have some lovely peacock cichlids from Lake Malawi in Africa and two little catfish from the Amazon. Joydeep made an excellent suggestion that perhaps the fish didn’t like the food they were being fed so today we compared two types of food to see which they preferred. He was right! The new food we have was definitely the favourite and we will use that from now on.

We split into two large learning groups today for Literacy, one working with Mrs Nicosia and one working with Mrs Adams. Each group had a different focus based on the needs we have identified for the students. One group is working on letter sounds and practicing hearing sounds in words when reading and spelling and the other group is focusing on high frequency words that we come across in our reading and use regularly in our writing. The group practiced spelling these so they can use them for activities such as Writer’s Workshop.

In Numeracy, we continued our work on addition. Students worked with dice and counters to practice their own addition problems using a range of strategies to help them. Some students are using counting on with fingers, some are using counters or objects to help, some are confident with number lines and others are able to solve these problems in their heads. Khushi shared a fantastic strategy with us that she uses at home when she adds larger numbers that go beyond ten. She uses the creases on the inside of her fingers, counting three for each finger so she is able to calculate more complex problems. She also uses this trick to help with counting by 3s. It was great to learn something new!


After lunch, we had our final assembly practice. The students have done an amazing job and all know their parts so well. We are excited to share our learning with you tomorrow morning and to share morning tea afterwards.

A couple of reminders for tomorrow:

Assembly starts at 9am in the hall. Students will need to arrive at school on time in order to head over and get set up straight away. The classroom will be opened on the first bell and students will be able to come in and unpack their things before heading to the hall. Assembly will run from approximately 9am-9.40am and will be followed by a shared morning tea in the classroom if you would like to join us. Students are welcome to wear a top in either yellow, red or black but are also able to wear their school uniform if they prefer. We look forward to seeing all of our families and showing them the amazing work we have been doing this year.


Today was another busy day with lots of work on our Literacy and Numeracy groups. We practiced spelling lots of high frequency words, made some books, shared reading with a partner and used the laptops to make books and practice writing sentences using capital letters and full stops. In Numeracy groups, we practiced our addition using different strategies, played addition connect four, made number lines using numbers from catalogs and played maths games online an abcya. In the afternoon, we began planning our habitat models. We worked in groups to record what our animal would need in its habitat for survival.


A reminder about the Mother’s Day stall tomorrow. If you would like your child to purchase a gift, please send them with money tomorrow. Gifts range from 50c to $5.



It was a very wet and wintry day today which kept us inside at recess and lunch, so we took the opportunity to have some great indoor investigations and began our top secret assembly preparations with help from our year 6/7 buddies.

Today’s investigations went in all directions, with a huge range of different learning going on. Some students focused on Literacy activities, writing stories and making books, while others had a design focus, building cities with the blocks. The laptops were used for filming all sorts of performances and artworks and some were used for patterning after our Numeracy rotations this week. Science was also included, with lots of students making spinning tops using ‘junk’ materials and then challenging each other to competitions. We also took advantage of our mini ocean in the courtyard and made some ships, sailing them in the ocean once the rain cleared.

It was a very fun day finished off with a special visit from Mr Murray who shared the Indigenous story ‘Thukeri’. We spoke about the special messages shared in these types of stories and what we could learn from this particular text, sharing and being kind. Mr Murray also shared some great information about the Kuarna people with us.


Hopefully we will have a chance for some outdoor play tomorrow!


With the crazy weather and preparation for Sports Day tomorrow, we have had a very busy day!

This morning we focused on book making and lots of the children made books about Sports Day. We are looking forward to seeing them put in their best effort tomorrow.

We continued our work on addition today and learnt about different strategies we can use such as counting on, using fingers or counters and using visuals to help us. The children worked on a range of problems and they chose the strategy they were most comfortable with to solve them.

After inside play at lunch time, we had Music and Library borrowing and then Sports Day chant practice.

Some reminders for Sports Day tomorrow:

We will leave for Creaser Park at 12pm, students can arrive at school from 11.30 and need to be here by 12 to walk with the class.

Students should eat lunch before they arrive at school so they only need to carry their water bottle (a disposable bottle or inexpensive drink bottle is helpful as sometimes they may get lost).

Students need to arrive with sunscreen already applied and their hat and drink bottle.

Students can wear a t shirt in their team colour if you have one. Sashes will be available for students who do not have a coloured t-shirt if they wish to wear one.

No student can participate in the event if they have not returned their permission form. Unfortunately, 1EN is still waiting on a couple of forms to be returned so if you have not returned your child’s yet, please make sure they bring it tomorrow. 1SA has all forms returned.



And finally, a big thank you to all the parents who have offered to help out on the day. Your support is very much appreciated and without you events like these would not be possible!


Today we were lucky enough to have Mrs Smith in to work with us. We had a great day continuing our Literacy groups, working on investigations, playing some number games and designing a new sign for the fish farm.

Literacy rotations


After our investigations today, we had some time for sharing our learning. Olivia and Ajoh kept us entertained with a great dance performance!



We continued learning about different ways to make ten by playing a number game. Each child took a number of pencils (between 1 and 9) and then they had to find a partner who had a matching number to go with theirs to make ten. It is great to see how quickly some of the children are able to match the numbers.

Mia: I have 9 so I’m looking for a partner with 1

Blake: I have 1 so I need to find 9

Ajoh: I have 9 so I am looking for 1

Eline: I have 9 and I can’t find 1 anywhere



There is currently a whole school competition to design a new sign for the fish farm. This afternoon we worked in small groups on different designs and then we will work on a whole class design using different ideas from each of the groups. There were some great drawings and some wonderful discussions happening in the groups. We look forward to sharing our finished designs with you soon!

Have a great weekend.