Farewell from Mrs Adams (for now)

As you may already be aware (students in 1SA would have received a note to bring home on Friday), I will be taking leave for the last six weeks of this term and returning in Week 1, term 4. I apologise for the short notice, this was unexpected leave taken to care for a family member. During my absence, Mr Puccio will be taking the class. Please be assured, I have shared all relevant information with him and will be in regular contact with him during the six week period. He will also work closely with Mrs Nicosia and Mrs Smith to ensure the continuity of our learning program. I will also still be accessing emails regularly so am happy for parents to contact me if necessary. My email address is:


I am looking forward to being back in Term 4 for another exciting term of learning with your children.

-Mrs Adams


1SA Buddy Assembly

What a fantastic job all the students in 1SA and their buddies did during assembly on Friday! They all put so much effort into their parts and it was amazing to see it all come together in such a wonderful performance. We are very proud of them and looking forward to seeing what 1EN have in store for us next week! Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us, here are some photos from the big day!

Assembly reminder

Just a reminder – Tomorrow morning, at 9am, 1SA will be hosting assembly with our buddies 6/7ND. We hope to see you there!

Students can drop their bags off at class and head to the hall once the bell goes to meet Mrs Adams. Mrs Nicosia will be in the classroom to let them in.


Treasure Hunt – Book Week Performance

This morning we were lucky enough to attend a Book Week performance called ‘Treasure Hunt’. There was lots singing and dancing and they made us laugh a lot! After the performance, we shared our own personal reflections.

Phuc: I’m going to make a book about Jess and George snatching the map.

Ella: The story was about George and Jess and they were wearing different outfits every time.

Yatin: they were doing a story about pretending to be rude but they were really friends and two places, one of them Seaview and the other one Treeland.

Zarii: I telled the girl something “don’t dig dirt in the ground and put in the water”.

Kimaaya: I liked when they were working together with the treasure hunt and when Jess was silly.

Rowena: It was fascinating and I liked the dancing.

Joydeep: I liked when they were being friends.

Thuy: I liked how Jess made a problem in the story.

Isaac: I liked the bit about Jess and George hugging.

Rojan: I liked when they solved their problem.

Kevin: it was a funny game on the show.

Ajoh: I liked about the show because when Jess and George were fighting at the start it was funny. George was like a parrot and a gorilla.

Blake: I liked when they ripped the map because they couldn’t figure out where the treasure was.

We then did some literacy and numeracy investigations based on the performance including drawing treasure maps!

After lunch, 1SA had their final practice for their assembly tomorrow morning. We hope to see lots of parents and family members there.


This morning, we enjoyed a Masterchef themed assembly from the Year 2s and Year 4s. It was very entertaining and we got some great ideas for ways to make eating fun.

After assembly we joined some Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes for fitness in the hall. We had a lot of fun!

After recess, we met with our buddies. Assembly preparations are going well and both classes are looking forward to sharing their assemblies with you over the next couple of weeks.

After lunch, we worked on Literacy, making books and practicing sounding out words. We are seeing excellent improvements in all of the students’ ability to hear sounds in words and it is great to see them so confident and enthusiastic about their writing.


This morning we were asked to share the song Taba Naba with the school during assembly. The students did an amazing job!


After assembly, we stayed with the junior primary classes for Go Noodle fitness. There were some great moves on the dance floor!

After recess, we worked on making books and it is great to see the students using what they are learning about different types of texts to make their own. Sukh made an information book about buses, trains and cars and even included a contents page!

For Numeracy today we played some number games and practiced using the phrases “more than” and “less than”. We also practiced skip counting while we played the game ‘Buzz’.

After lunch, we worked with our buddies. Our top secret buddy assembly preparations are well underway for our assemblies in Week 4 (1SA) and week 5 (1EN).

We have had a very busy week and hope you all enjoy a nice restful weekend.


With the change of recess time beginning this week, we have made some adjustments to our timetable. This morning we began with a quick ‘Come Read With Me’ and then moved into our Literacy Rotations. We did some reading assessments and it is great to see lots of students are improving on their strategies for reading and working on decoding words using their knowledge of sounds.

After recess we explored the concepts of past, present and future.

What does the past mean?

Alphonsa: It was a long time ago.

Khushi: It happened before.

Eline: it’s like something happened like it’s already happened.

Indi: past is when you have a dog and it ran away that happened in the past.

Rowena: it means like something that happened a year or a week or a day or a minute ago.

Van: it means it was in the old times.


What is the present?

Phuc: a present is a moment of time that is happening now.

Monika: a present is something you get at Christmas.

The present is right now…

Olivia R: present means something that still could be useful and that could be used now.

Rowena: something happening now, like you’re teaching us in the present.


What is the future?

Ajoh: something that’s going to come in a long, long time.

Olivia R: the future is something like an event that will happen later

Joydeep: the future is going to happen when you’re grown up.

We then used these concepts in our investigations. The students chose their own activities and how they wanted to include their learning about past, present and future.

India: I am making a turtle getting bigger.

Zarii: I drew cute things, it was the present.

Joseph: there’s a portal to Dinoland and there’s a portal to Normal Land. Dinoland is in the past.

Ruby: when Olivia, Oliver and me were little, we were in childcare and we ate baby food and we made our own cubby house.

Vi: me and Van are drawing what we looked like when we were little. It was the past.

Van: we were at the same kindy.

Rowena: i’m making an iMovie about past, present and future. I might include a bit of help by Alphonsa.

Joydeep: I watched a video about cars in the future and I learned sometimes cars can drive by themselves in the future.


After lunch, we finished our Numeracy rotations. In our teacher focus groups, we are beginning work on subtraction so any real life practice you can do at home would be great to help build their understanding.

Thursday 5th July

This morning we were lucky enough to see some wonderful performances from students across the school during our Music assembly.

Eline: I liked the music assembly because it was the best music assembly because I liked the music and stuff.

Isaac: I liked the song.

Rojan: I liked the people that were playing the guitar and I also liked the people that played the violin.

Kenneth: I enjoyed the people singing.

Tino: I enjoyed the people singing.

Thuy: I liked the music assembly because there was lots of singing and drums and piano.

Alphonsa: I liked the drums because they were good solos.

Gideon: I liked the drums because they were catchy.

Katrina: I liked the drums because it was so good.

Nina: I liked the drum because they were so noisy.

Olivia R: I liked Jasmine playing on the piano because she did it softly and Libby singing and the drum solo.


After assembly, we continued working on Writer’s Workshop and then did Numeracy rotations.


Olivia S: I went on the laptops and counted to 100.

Ella: I worked with the teacher, I was seeing how many were gone.

Gurnoor: I went on the laptops with Meklet, Phuc and Katrina.

Vanessa: I worked with the teacher. I did minus.


After lunch, the children worked on investigations. Over the last couple of weeks, lots of students have started to learn how to use iMovie. They continued this learning during investigations and they are very excited to share them with the class.We were also lucky enough to have our buddies come to help with investigations.



Catholic Identity Day

Today we celebrated Catholic Identity day. We began the day with a quick assembly and welcome from Father Shibu and then prepared with a discussion about what to expect.

What is Catholic Identity Day.

Van: A day to share our identity together.

Joydeep: Today is a day to share our world and share our things.

India: And share our food from different countries.

Monika: Identity day is a day we do investigations all about Jesus.

Rowena: Today, Catholic Identity is all about welcoming our faith and coming together to do Religion.

Olivia R: is playing with people from a different country.

Sukh: Catholic Identity Day we can make new friends and we can celebrate identity day.

Alyssa: it’s about Jesus and you make stuff and be kind to people.

Meklet: You make new friends.

Indi: it’s a day to make friends and share foods with some different countries.

Joydeep: it’s a day to celebrate our countries.

Ajoh: on Catholic Identity Day you share your love and your friendship and your kindness with other people.

We then worked with the reception classes and participated in a range of investigations based around our Catholic Identity. It was fun to go into different classes and work with new friends.

After recess we had a lovely prayer service and each double class shared a song they have been learning.

After the prayer service we had a lovely shared lunch. We were very fortunate to have such lovely food to share, thank you to all the parents for their hard work in preparing such an amazing spread!

After lunch we did some relaxation and shared our thoughts on the day.

Gurnoor: I enjoyed going next door.

Kimaaya: I enjoyed painting with Avleen and Alphonsa.

Javeiria: I enjoyed going in Miss Canala’s class.

Caroline: I enjoyed the laptops.

Blake: I learnt that on this day you care about Jesus.

Nina: I learned Miss Canala more. (I learnt more about Miss Canala).

Van: I enjoyed when we had shared lunch.

Ella: I enjoyed drawing myself.

Gideon: I enjoyed making the cross.

Vanessa: I enjoyed the shared lunch.


To end the day, we shared in an assembly to see what other classes had done.

Wishing all our families a happy and safe weekend.

Shared lunch reminder

Just a reminder that we are having a shared lunch tomorrow as part of our Catholic Identity Day. It is not compulsory to bring shared lunch and children are welcome to bring their own lunch if they wish. Please remember not to send foods that contain nuts as some children have severe allergies to nuts and it can be dangerous. Also, please keep in mind that the children will be eating this food as their lunchtime meal so please avoid sending sweets like cakes or snack foods like potato chips. A small amount of food to share is perfect as we want to avoid wastage as much as possible. While we try our best to return all containers and plates to their owners, sometimes they get mixed up or we are unsure who they belong to. In order to ensure your container makes its way home, please make sure your child knows what it looks like and label it if possible. Thank you.