Thursday 22nd March

It’s always nice to start the day with ‘Come read with me’ and to get a chance to see the reading strategies the students are developing. It’s great to see them recognising lots of sight words and to see more students using the initial sound to have a go at unknown words.

There was lots of great learning happening during Literacy rotations and we are noticing how much the children are enjoying book making. They are writing some really detailed stories and including excellent illustrations.

Our Numeracy groups have been working well and today we continues with number work, patterning and ways to make 10. Before we began we talked about different ways we can make 10. Some of the suggestions were:

Ella: 4+6

Olivia: 9+1

Ajoh: 2+8

India: 5+5


We are all special because we are different!

This afternoon, our focus was linked to Harmony Day and celebrating diversity. While we listened to relaxing music, we drew pictures of someone in the class who is special to us and then wrote about them.

Just a reminder about our Harmony Day celebration tomorrow. Students may choose to wear orange or traditional clothing if they want to. We are also having a shared lunch. If you would like your child to take part, please send a small plate of savoury food from their culture to share. If your child has any dietary requirements, please remind them to let us know so we can help them find something suitable to eat.


We did our last rotation of Literacy groups today and some of the books children are making are really coming along.


Oliver: I went to the blocks and I was playing with Kevin and we were making McDonald’s.

Vanessa: I did laptops, I made numbers.

Kimaaya: I did colouring for my Mum because my Mum’s birthday is tomorrow so I made a card.

Vi: It was fun because we made loom bands and it got longer and longer

Rowena: at investigations I finished a little bit of the book I was making at Literacy investigations.



Today we were finally able to introduce some fish into our tank. We have three guppies who will help the tank to cycle and build up the ecosystem ready for our Red Horsefaces in a couple of weeks. It was a very exciting day and we are still working on names for them. We added a heater and thermometer to our tank and an air pump to break the surface tension on the water to allow the gases to escape. The children were really interested to learn why the air bubbles breaking on the surface of the water is so important and they were impressed with how nice the tank looked with the bubbly water. We also got to feed the fish for the first time and they all ate, which is a good sign that they are happy and healthy.

What do you think of our fish?

Javeria: you have to put food to feed our fish, you need a home so they can escape.

Joydeep: Great!

Tino: I like the fish.

Gurnoor: I like fish can swim fast and eat food.

Caroline: I like feeding the fish

It’s now time to name our fish. Each child has chosen one fish and thought of a name for it. They drew the fish and recorded the name and next week we will choose the names as a class. There are some great names being suggested!

Van: I did the red one and I named it Layla.

Alphonsa: I picked a name and the name for the red fish is Goldy the fish.

Ajoh: I named my fish Olivia.

Joseph: I named my fish Crazy Blocks.

Felix: I named my fish Alex.

Mia: Snowflake

Khushi: I named my fish Rainbow Dash

Joydeep: I named my fish Sing.

Kaisha: Stacey

Olivia. R: I named my fish Socheata.

Avleen: I named my fish Kaur.

Meklet: I called the orange fish Rainbow Fish.

Vanessa: My name is Aaron.


Enjoy the long weekend!


This morning, we started the day with ‘come read with me’. We are noticing the children using some great reading strategies. Some questions you can ask your child when they come to a word they don’t know are ‘what sound does it start with?’ ‘Reread the sentence and think about what what would make sense?’ ‘what small words can you see in the bigger word?’


Our Literacy rotations are going well and this week we have made new groups with less children in each group, which is helping with concentration.


We have had lots of fun in our Numeracy groups, making number lines, working with dice and using the laptops.

Ajoh: Me and Alyssa are making a number line. We tried to do a race with Khushi and Kimaaya and Javeria. We made a number line to 20.

Nina: Sukh and me made a number line.

Yatin: Me and Felix made number line with flowers we both raced Phuc, Rowena and Van, we won.

Ruby: When me and Sukh put the numbers together we made 100.

Tino: Me and Jakob did our numbers on the laptop we went up to 29.

KhushI: I was doing the number adding, I blocked five lines.

Suk: Me, Ruby, Kaisha and Mia were rolling the dice and I got to sixes it made 12.

Thuy: I was on the laptop and I was writing numbers 1-20.

This afternoon, we watched a clip about what primary school children think about prayer and then answered the same questions.

What is prayer?

Ajoh: prayer’s something to make Jesus happy and God happy and make their life happy.

Sukh: a prayer is something that makes Jesus happy and makes ourselves good and then God sends us power because prayer gets us power and God sends the power to us.

Ella: Praying makes God and Jesus happy and it bes nice to them.

Jacob: Prayer is like when you pray for God.

Yatin: prayer is all about Jesus and you pray for him to give you love. It’s not all about Easter it’s all about Jesus.


What do you do during prayer?

Monika: you have to be quiet in prayer

Olivia. R: in prayer we talk to God and Jesus

Alphonsa: during prayer you have to pray to God

Joydeep: close your eyes

Nina: when you pray for Jesus, Jesus is alive.


What shouldn’t you do during prayer?

Kaisha: silly

Khushi: you should not have a conversation

Alyssa: you don’t bite or spit or fight

Saara: it’s not about fighting and it’s about prayer

Javeria: if you haven’t been good, Jesus will be dead forever and if you be good Jesus will wake up.

Olivia. S: you shouldn’t be crazy

Ella: no swearing

We wrote our own prayers of thanks and are going to use them to make a prayer book for our classroom. We look forward to finishing them off tomorrow and sharing them with you!

Friday March 2nd

We enjoyed a fantastic assembly this morning, hosted by the year 6/7s and then used up some of our energy with fitness on the playground.

In Literacy rotations some of the students are making book series and there was some great reading being done.

During investigations, there were lots of different activities happening.

Oliva S: I am using paper, scissors and glue to make a present. And I used and make a pop out.

Caroline: I made a card for my family and I made presents to go with the card all with paper. And now I will decorate it.

Paper planes

Jakob: We been making paper aeroplanes and we have been racing with them.

Yatin: We even controlled it. The big one got hit by the shelf, the medium one went through.

Felix: I made paper aeroplanes and they are your favourite.

Iaasc: paper aeroplanes went over the shelf really faster and some crashed.


Olivia: I was making presents and cards for my family.

Caroline: I made cards.

AveelN: I made a present box for my mum, I had to practise.

Ajoh: I made a kite, I made a diamond and two crosses and I started cutting out and then I got sparkly green ribbon. So it can fly.

Meklet: I made a paper bag with paper.

Alphonsa: In free play me, Khusho, Zari, india and Mia we were playing owners dogs and cats we doing some things and we played games we pretend we couldn’t see and then I found everyone.

Khushi: we were playing dogs and cats and owners, we all had different things to do, some were owners. Then we made things with stuff in the classroom with no paper.

Namoi: In investigation I played outside and was crushing things up.

My: I used paper to make a paper chain.

Eline: Phuc and I were making puppets with paper


Vannessa: we were playing Mums and Dad.

Oliver: I was in the home corner playing with Tino. Tino was the baby.

After Lunch 

Yesterday we drew our choice of the fish we wanted to have in our classroom,

Today we worked as a class to record all the information we collected and make our own graph.

We did a visual graph and used ICT, modelling our fish.

How many dots do we have so far?

Class: Five

how many votes do we have here?

Class: five.

We went from no fire mouth being 0 now we have five. It can change very quickly.

What is the difference difference between six and nine?

Class: Three!

We then had a check and counted that we had 16 horse face.

Class: that is the most so far.

How many red hump?



Class: 8

Which one is the favourite?


Second one?

Khushi: firemouth, had 8.

So on the weekend Mrs Adams will hopefully find some horse face fish.



Thursday 1st March

We read the  book ‘Where is Curly?’

We searched for the sight words ‘where’ and ‘is’. When we saw ‘where’, we did a rolly polly and when we saw ‘is’ we clapped our hands. We then had some special helpers finding the words.

After reading our book we came up with our own sentences using the sight words ‘where’ and ‘is’

Ruby: Where is my bunny rabbit?

India: Where is my baby?

Alyssa: Where is my cat?

Naomi:  Where is my cushion?

Ethan: Where is my cousin?
Kaisha: Where is my dog?

Oliver: Where is my Dog called Evie?

Suk: Where is my hot wheels my best favourite car in the world?

Kevin: Where is my rice? I dropped my rice on the floor.

Katrina: Where is my Cat?

Caroline: Where is my fish?

Aveleen: Where is my mum?

Joydeep: Where is my dragon?

Eline: Where is my Mum?

My: Where is my brother?

Monika: Where is my bed?

Tino: Where is my dog?

Phuc: Where is my Dad?

Joseph: Where is my school?

Saara: Where is my Grandpa?

Javeiria: Where is my Unicorn beanie bo?

Gurnoor: Where is my Dad? He is in the bathroom

Ajoh: Where is my little sister?

Yatin: Where is my stairs? At the magical way.

Oliva S: Where is my teacher?

Olivia R: Where is my Ipad?

Jakob: where is my friend?

Issac: Where is my car?

Felix: Where is my favourite book?

Mektlet: where is my horse?

Vanessa: where is my sister?

Ella: Where is my brother?

Alphonsa: Where is my pencil?

Khushi: Where is my friend, I think I have lost her?

Nina: Where is beanie bear?

Blake: Where is my hat?

Rowena: Where is my favourite teddy named Sukie?

Van: I like watching scary movies, but where is my popcorn?

We then continued with our Literacy rotations, making books, writing sight words and reading with partners and the teacher.


Today in Numeracy, we worked on number, addition and multiplication. We did an activity called “How many legs on the farm?” and used addition and multiplication to work out how many legs there would be with different combinations of animals. We then worked out the different groups of animals we could have on our farm that would add up to 20 legs.


This afternoon, we talked about our fish tank and the types of fish we might like to have in there. We are looking at some fish from Africa called African Cichlids. First we discussed what we would like to see in our tank.

What would you like to see in our fishtank?

Meklet: A goldfish

Kaisha: A black fish

Monika: a turtle

My: a seahorse

Ethan: yabbies

Olivia R: catfish

Felix: a hiding spot

Meklet: small fishes

India: Catfish

Khushi: Starfish

Phuc: finding Nemo

Alphonsa: finding Nemo is a clown fish.

Where does Nemo live?

Nina: in the water

Yatin: in the Melbourne Aquarium

In the wild, where did Nemo live?

Caroline: in the ocean

What’s special about the ocean?

Sukh: the water is really clear and really different and that water is in the movie and there’s no crocodiles, no octopus, just fish.

Who knows what type of water is in the ocean?

Meklet: a little bit dirty

Khushi: salty water.

Joydeep: A goldfish with black stripes on it.

Felix: A baby jellyfish.

Van: A rainbowfish.

After our discussion, we looked at three types of fish that we might get – a Firemouth, a Red Hump and a Horseface. We then chose our favourite out of the three and drew it and wrote what it was called on a piece of paper. Tomorrow we will use these in Numeracy to count how many children liked each fish and then we will graph these to find the favourite.

Thursday 22nd February

On Thursday mornings, we start the morning by reading to a partner or an adult. It was great to see lots of parents able to join us this morning.

Our shared text this week is Seasons Down Under. We talked about blurbs and what they are for before reading the book together. As we read, we shared what we knew about seasons and then answered some questions about them at the end of the text. This helped us to develop our comprehension skills. Reflecting on a text and answering questions about what we have read is a good way to build our reading skills and we encourage parents to ask questions about the text while reading with their children. We also spotted some sight words in the text and some of the children came up to share which ones they recognised.

In Numeracy, we focused on number formation and the students practiced writing numerals. We began by writing up to ten and then some students went beyond to twenty and some even to 100! We are working on reversals of numerals and using the correct formation.

We started a new type of relaxation today where we reflected on a video we watched for Religion and drew and wrote quietly while we listened to calming music. Rowena suggested we call this time ‘Relax and Focus’ time. We drew pictures about how to fill people’s buckets and some children even wrote about what they had drawn. We have lots of great bucket fillers in our class!

In the afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with our buddies. Each child was allocated a buddy and then we spent some time getting to know them. We are looking forward to doing lots of work with our buddies this year!

Thursday Week 3

Today we began the day with ‘Come read with me’. This is an important time for the children to practice their reading with an adult or with a friend. If you are able to stay in the mornings on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday your child would love to spend some time reading with you.

The high frequency words we are focusing on this week are our, this and on. We found them in our shared text and then the children recorded the high frequency words we have been focusing on to take home. They came up with ideas about how they could use them at home, for example, finding them around the house and playing Snap with them.

We continued our Literacy rotations until recess, making books, reading, using foam stamps, designing a book cover and focusing on end sounds of words.



In Numeracy we explored addition by watching a video of the following song as a provocation.

The children then recorded what happened in the song using pictures, numbers, symbols and equations if they could. Each child did it differently and it was a great way for us to find out what they know about number.



In the afternoon, we continued our work on habitats following on from our visit to the fish farm. We talked about what animals need in their habitats to survive and discussed the features of different types of habitats.

Where might we find fish?

Yatin: The Murray river

Kaisha: the pet shop…

Felix: the seas

Ajoh: the ocean

Olivia:  in the streams

Khushi: all around the world


What animals could you find in a Jungle habitat?

Tino: Monkey

Joydeep: elephant

Van: A cheetah


What is in the Jungle that the animals need to survive?

Felix: They need water

Yatin: They need food.

India: they will die without food.

Indie: an Owl

Ella: a bird

Alyssa:  A tree for the monkey with bananas , for them to swing and try and get away from the crocodile.

The children then got into groups and began making a display of a habitat for an animal they chose.


Reminder: please don’t forget tomorrow we are celebrating Chinese and Vietnamese New Year. Students are asked to bring a plate of savory food to share for lunch. Please no sweets and no foods containing nuts due to student allergies. Students can wear red, cultural dress or their school uniform.



This morning, we continued our Literacy rotations. Some of us found ‘sh’ words, some of us did book making, some of us practiced letter formation, some of us used the wooden letters to make words and some of us did Literacy games.



After our visit to the fish farm last week, we used this as a provocation to set up our own fish tank in the classroom. First we needed to explore what a fish needs to survive in a tank.

Who has noticed something over near Mrs Adams sink?

Ruby: Fishes, a tank.

Does it have fish?


What do we need for the fish?

Khushi: they would die with no water.

Javeria: If you put chips in it the fish will die, they will get died, if you put poison things in it they will die.

Nina: you can’t put your hand in otherwise the fish will get scared.

Kaisha: Don’t put food and rubbish in.

Javeria; Are you thinking what I am thinking….the fish PLANETS!

India: Water.

Felix: Fish food.

Gurnoor: put rocks next to fish then they will get stuck.

Saara: If you put food colouring, their eyes will get sting.

Yatin: I put little rocks on the bottom on the tank and a big rock skeleton that is on the bottom like a pirate and I put some trees. I put it because it looks nice they just swim around and there is a hole.

Ruby: You have to clean it first, put some sand, some rocks, put some special play stuff and some food and after you put a little bit of plants for real plants to grow. And some fake lollies.

Kaisha: Put some hiding places in it.

We then discussed predators that may be in water.

Yatin: Like sharks.

Oliver: When I put fish in there I used to give it a hiding spot and stuff and heaps of space, so it can swim.

India: A filter it can help them breath and you need fresh water it helps keep it clean and not dirty.

Alyssa: You need a little home for a bit.

Joseph: We need to keep the water warm.

Eline: If you take hot water from the bathroom and put it in the bathroom.

Kaisha: you could put a little light.

Kushi: A heater.

After talking about fish tanks, we watched a video clip of some fish tanks and then drew our own. Some children tried to write what they would need in their tank.

In Numeracy, we continued our work on graphing and made physical graphs using fruit loops. We sorted them by colour, counted them and then drew a graph showing how many of each colour we had.

We have a had a very busy but fun week of learning! Wishing all of our families a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.