Shared lunch – Thursday Week 8

Dear parents,


As the end of the year approaches, we would love to celebrate an amazing year of learning with a shared lunch. We understand this is a busy time of year and with this in mind, we are not asking for you to send any food in on this occasion. As a thank you to our wonderful students and their families we will be providing the food for this lunch. We are yet to confirm exact details, but it is likely that we will order pizzas and have frozen yoghurt ice blocks. Parents are also welcome to attend. For catering purposes, please let us know if your child has any particular dietary requirements and also if they will not be at school on this day. Please share this information with your child’s teacher via their small notebooks, verbally or through email.


When: Thursday December 6th

Time: 12pm

Where: in the classroom


Thank you,

Elyse Nicosia, Jessica Smith and Laura Adams

Wednesday 14th November

Today we had another busy day preparing for our class Mass tomorrow and continuing with our shared book focus for Literacy. We shared the book ‘Blossom Possum’ today and then had lots of fun writing our own rhyming books, mapping the animals’ journey and creating our own characters to join the story. We have been trialling a new way of running our Literacy activities with no set groups. The students choose the activities they are most interested in and move to a new activity when they feel they have finished. It is interesting to see what they choose to do and what they are able to achieve when they have more choice in their learning.

After recess we had a quick run through of our Mass for tomorrow, checking speaking parts and special jobs.


We then did a GoNoodle dance to get our bodies moving!

Our Numeracy activity today was based around Christmas. Each child drew a Christmas stocking with some presents they would like in it and recorded how much they thought each item might cost. They then had a go at adding up the total cost of their wish list. Some children extended themselves and added a combination of dollars and cents!

We finished the day with Music and Library borrowing.

We are very excited for our Class Mass tomorrow and hope to see lots of parents and family there!

Thursday 25th October

This morning, we continued with our new Literacy rotations which are based around our shared text “Wombats can’t fly”. These activities are designed to help students make connections to the story and in turn, help with comprehension. The students have been thinking about where the wombats may end up travelling on their balloon adventure. Using the blocks, each group built a place they thought the wombats might visit. We had playgrounds, shopping centres, the Eiffel Tower and some well known Australian landmarks. Some great thinking and planning was happening for this task, with some children talking about which country wombats were native to before deciding where they might visit. These are the kinds of important connections we are hoping to encourage with these activities which lead to a much deeper understanding of the text. Other groups were also working on ways to make non-flying things fly, we had designs for flying rabbits and even a design for a flying fairy-floss machine! The writing activities for this week required a lot of imagination. Writer’s Workshop stories were based around super powers like flying and each student chose a super power they would like to have and began writing a story about it. The postcard activity allowed students to think further about where the wombats might travel on their adventures, how they might be feeling and what they might be doing. They made postcards from the wombats to send to their parents describing the adventures they had been on. We will continue with these new rotations next week using a different shared text.

The final activity for our Numeracy unit on Chance allowed us to conference individually with the students to assess their understanding of chance and probability in their everyday lives. Each child drew and wrote about something that ‘will’, ‘might’ and ‘won’t’ happen and then had a chance to talk about it with their teacher and answer questions about their reasoning. They then recorded their ideas on large posters for the classroom. There was some fantastic thinking behind their ideas and some of their explanations really showed a deeper understanding of the concept.


Pupil Free Day tomorrow

Just a reminder that tomorrow (Friday 19th October) is a pupil free day. OSHC will be available if necessary, please phone them to make a booking. We will be busy setting up for Spring Fair over the next couple of days and hope to see you there on Sunday (11am-8pm) for a fun filled day! If you are able to help out on a stall please let us know. Extra help is always needed at all times of the day, even if it’s only for a short time. Thank you to those parents who have already kindly offered their time to help on the day and for those families who have assisted us with donations. It is greatly appreciated!

Wednesday October 18th

This morning, we began the day with some partner reading and we were able to listen to some students reading. It is great to see how far the children have come this year in their reading and we can really see how they have benefited from focusing on phonics.

Our Literacy groups this morning involved a range of activities and the students chose what they would like to focus on. Some groups worked on role-play, some on Writer’s Workshop, some on reading and comprehension and some on phonics using letter stamps. They were all very engaged and the role-play group had a lot of fun pretending to be different animals or objects and performing different every day activities!

Our investigations today were very varied, however lots of the children chose to continue with Writer’s Workshop. We have really noticed a big interest in writing activities and a lot of their play now includes elements of writing which is fantastic to see.

We continued our focus on chance this afternoon with a fun game. We set up labels around the room for ‘will happen’, ‘might happen’ and ‘won’t happen’ and then presented different scenarios and the students had to choose what they thought the chances were of that happening. It was really interesting to hear their reasoning behind their choices, particularly when they had chosen a less obvious answer. When we asked what the chances are that a baby would need it’s nappy changed during the day, Sukh chose ‘might happen’. He explained that this was because ‘most babies probably do two poos so would need their nappies changed more than once during the day’.

Farewell from Mrs Adams (for now)

As you may already be aware (students in 1SA would have received a note to bring home on Friday), I will be taking leave for the last six weeks of this term and returning in Week 1, term 4. I apologise for the short notice, this was unexpected leave taken to care for a family member. During my absence, Mr Puccio will be taking the class. Please be assured, I have shared all relevant information with him and will be in regular contact with him during the six week period. He will also work closely with Mrs Nicosia and Mrs Smith to ensure the continuity of our learning program. I will also still be accessing emails regularly so am happy for parents to contact me if necessary. My email address is:

I am looking forward to being back in Term 4 for another exciting term of learning with your children.

-Mrs Adams


1SA Buddy Assembly

What a fantastic job all the students in 1SA and their buddies did during assembly on Friday! They all put so much effort into their parts and it was amazing to see it all come together in such a wonderful performance. We are very proud of them and looking forward to seeing what 1EN have in store for us next week! Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us, here are some photos from the big day!

Assembly reminder

Just a reminder – Tomorrow morning, at 9am, 1SA will be hosting assembly with our buddies 6/7ND. We hope to see you there!

Students can drop their bags off at class and head to the hall once the bell goes to meet Mrs Adams. Mrs Nicosia will be in the classroom to let them in.


Treasure Hunt – Book Week Performance

This morning we were lucky enough to attend a Book Week performance called ‘Treasure Hunt’. There was lots singing and dancing and they made us laugh a lot! After the performance, we shared our own personal reflections.

Phuc: I’m going to make a book about Jess and George snatching the map.

Ella: The story was about George and Jess and they were wearing different outfits every time.

Yatin: they were doing a story about pretending to be rude but they were really friends and two places, one of them Seaview and the other one Treeland.

Zarii: I telled the girl something “don’t dig dirt in the ground and put in the water”.

Kimaaya: I liked when they were working together with the treasure hunt and when Jess was silly.

Rowena: It was fascinating and I liked the dancing.

Joydeep: I liked when they were being friends.

Thuy: I liked how Jess made a problem in the story.

Isaac: I liked the bit about Jess and George hugging.

Rojan: I liked when they solved their problem.

Kevin: it was a funny game on the show.

Ajoh: I liked about the show because when Jess and George were fighting at the start it was funny. George was like a parrot and a gorilla.

Blake: I liked when they ripped the map because they couldn’t figure out where the treasure was.

We then did some literacy and numeracy investigations based on the performance including drawing treasure maps!

After lunch, 1SA had their final practice for their assembly tomorrow morning. We hope to see lots of parents and family members there.