Thursday 22nd March

It’s always nice to start the day with ‘Come read with me’ and to get a chance to see the reading strategies the students are developing. It’s great to see them recognising lots of sight words and to see more students using the initial sound to have a go at unknown words.

There was lots of great learning happening during Literacy rotations and we are noticing how much the children are enjoying book making. They are writing some really detailed stories and including excellent illustrations.

Our Numeracy groups have been working well and today we continues with number work, patterning and ways to make 10. Before we began we talked about different ways we can make 10. Some of the suggestions were:

Ella: 4+6

Olivia: 9+1

Ajoh: 2+8

India: 5+5


We are all special because we are different!

This afternoon, our focus was linked to Harmony Day and celebrating diversity. While we listened to relaxing music, we drew pictures of someone in the class who is special to us and then wrote about them.

Just a reminder about our Harmony Day celebration tomorrow. Students may choose to wear orange or traditional clothing if they want to. We are also having a shared lunch. If you would like your child to take part, please send a small plate of savoury food from their culture to share. If your child has any dietary requirements, please remind them to let us know so we can help them find something suitable to eat.


For Harmony day this week  our shared reading text is “Whoever we are” today we read the book and all the students got a sight word to find in the book, when their word came up they had to hold the word up

The students then wrote these special words down to take home and practise and search for them in their readers and books. Have a look for them tonight and see how good the students are at finding and remembering the words.

same over
like love
just wherever
world different
the their
big there
is yours
who you
they be
but are
very and   may

Literacy investigations:

The students completed their rotations today:

  1. Reading
  2. Laptop writing
  3. Writers workshop
  4. Making words

The students are working really hard at learning new words, having a go at sounding out, remembering sight words, new blends and grammar conventions such as using full stops and capital letters.


For maths we continued to explore number. The students today investigated different ways to make 10 with flip tiles, adding numbers and recording these ways in their books. They also found and recorded down the missing numbers from 1-100, practised number formation and counting  on the laptops and made coloured pattered rainbow chains. The students completed two activities today and will complete the other two tomorrow.

A reminder about Harmony Day this Friday – students can wear traditional clothing from their culture, orange or their school uniform. Please bring a plate of food from their culture for a shared lunch. Please remember it is lunch and the students need to have appropriate lunch food.

Parent teacher interview are next week- please speak to us if you need to book in a time.

Some photos of our day maybe tonight you can ask you child what their speck of gold was?

This afternoon we will go to music and library.

Literacy focus and Harmony Day Inquiry

This morning we continued our learning around Harmony Day… this morning we looked into what is your identity and what makes you unique.

We traced around our hands and filled it with things that encompass our identity.

Mia – Harmony Day is celebrating different people. I am special because, playing with my cat, 3 cats, my little sister and my little cousin Zack he is 4. My birthday is on sport day in 20 days.

Zarii – Harmony day  – I don’t know. Me special because I am six, in my family, Kai, Mum, Ruby, Lara, Chloe, Broadie, Dad, Bud is my dog. A girl guinea pig called Lou Lou and Fin, and 3. Squirt

Kenneth – Harmony day – I celebrate my country Vietnam and Australia. I am special, my family is from Vietnam I went there in my holidays, I can speak the language, at home with my family. My family is my mum, my dad, my baby, my cousin 2 cousins at my home, my grandpa and my grandpa and my Aunty … we all live together. I like them.

Katrina – I am special because I am in Australia, my family came from India. Family is dad, my mum, my little baby brother. I have a cat, dog. I am happy when I play with my cat and my dog.

Isaac – Harmony day is my friends and playing.  I am special becuase my skin is different, my friends are so good at playing chasy. My family is my mum and dad and my Grandpa lives at my house. My family knows how to read books my family helps me to know. We are from Australia.

Vanessa – Harmony day –  we celebrate people’s countries and speak different language. I am special because my brother, and sister a mum and dad. My family is from Cambodia we are going there soon. Im excited about going to a water park and we can go to the park. I speak ½ Vietnamese.

Gurnoor – Harmony day – means we celebrate all the countries. In Australia, I live in Australia, I like the toys , I have two brothers in my home he helps me pack up toys. My mum and dad pack my bag. I love playing outside.

Rowena – Harmony day – because we are all different but we are the same that is why we love our family and friends, we are different and the same.

Vi – Harmony day – it is celebrating all of the countries. I am special, I like the ‘We bear’ movie, I like Holy Family Catholic school, I like food like soup with balls in it, pumpkin soup and this is the Vietnam flag, because I am Vietnamese I like that because you can go to buddle tea.

Yatin – Harmony day – is when we all celebrate everyone in the world and we sing a song and we all share food and houses. I am special, I am from India, I like the rocks from India, you can play games like my dad. I speak Australian. My family there is my baby sister she is funny, my mum she is good at cooking. My dad he plays cricket and tennis with me. And my mum’s dad and mum are in in India.


We then explored the concept of vowels…. especially the short sounding vowels. We discovered that they are special because they are in every word we read and write.


We worked in small teams to sort words according to there vowel. If we could read the word we tried to sound them out and help each other to solve the word. It was amazing to obverse how well each team worked together cooperatively on this task. The class has really grown in their understanding and skill as working collaboratively with different members of our class.

Short vowels



The other half of the class used ICT to consolidate their understanding of Proper nouns and Common nouns. They brainstormed nouns and sorted them into where they belonged. They worked in pairs, using ActivInspire  learning how to use the ‘caps lock’ button on the laptop for the Proper nouns.

Later in the day we swopped over and did the other activity.



Harmony Day

Harmony Day 2018 note home-2cf57g0

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Harmony Day is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. It’s a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. At Holy Family, we will be celebrating Harmony Day on Friday March 23rd at 9am. Parents are warmly invited to attend the 4RG Assembly which will focus on celebrating our diversity and which will also feature different cultural dances.

For this occasion, students are encouraged to wear traditional cultural clothing, orange or school uniform. Students are invited to bring a plate of food that represents their culture for a shared lunch in their classes. Please bring appropriate lunch food!

Parents and carers are also welcome to join their children’s classes in the shared lunch.

Kind Regards,
Magdalena Moise and Kaine Coad EAL Teachers


Can you speak another langue at home?

Can you say hello?

Can you say goodbye in a different language?Mr Coad asked these questions as this week we are celebrating Harmony week the diverse cultures in our class.

Mr Coad came into today to teach us all about story writing.

What do you need for a story?

Ruby: full stops and spaces.

Phuc: characters

Van: a setting.

Suk: we need a setting and something to happen in the story.

When is it happening? where is it happening? Was it now or a long time ago.

Ella: what happens

Kaisha: who – the characters.

Felix: How did it happen?

A problem how do they fix the problem?

How do we do a plan for our story?

We are going to look at the characters

Monkia: We need a problem.

Now we need to look at something that happens- what will go wrong.

We need to now look at the beginning, middle and end.

We then made up our own comic strips where we introduce the characters, where the setting was. what is the problem and then how we will solve the problem…

It was great to hear some of the students share their fantastic ideas…inspiring other students. We are nearly ready to write our own stories!!

What is time?

Nina: Move the clock and see what the time is.

Van: time is when you can take your time.

Yatin: time means on a watch tells you what the real time is, like 10 o clock and 9 o’clock.

Ajoh: You can take a time when you run.

Saara: your times table like homework.

Alyssa: time is when you don’t have time to do something.

Mia: Time you can take time for reading.

Monkia: Time is when you go to sleep in your bed and when it rings you wake up.

Phuc: Time is when you look at the clock and know when to go to school.

Van: on the second bell is when we time to school.

Yatin: Three is when school finishes.

Ruby: theres hands on the 10 and all numbers o clock, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,….12/

Felix: I know what time we start school at 9.00.

Ajoh: We wake up in the morning, and then in afternoon we go home.

Olivia: When the big hand is on 12 and little is on the six it is six o’clock.

Namoi: when little hand points to six it is six clock and big hand points to 12.

Suk: I wake up at 7 clock, wait to go to school at 8.30 and then I drive to school.

My: the big hand points to the 12 it means it o’clock.

Caroline: I wake up in the morning at night time I sleep.

Thuy: time is something when your teacher tells at school you need to a lesson then you need more time.

We want to know everything you already know about time and make a poster about time.

This afternoon we had investigations around Hamrony Day which is this Wednesday but we will celebrate it this Friday with a shared lunch and children are encouraged to wear traditional cultural clothing or orange clothing. Children are asked to bring a plate of food from their culture to share. We please ask that you bring appropriate lunch food.

March 21 is Australia’s Harmony Day, which celebrates the country’s cultural diversity.

Phuc: It is harmony day!

Ajoh: you wear orange.

Yatin: we celebrate all countries in the world.

Diljoit: on the laptop I looked up big flags and little flags. I am from India, Ill make the Indian flag.

Ethan: For Harmony Day In the blocks I made are a school from the country Indian it’s different from our schools.

Thuy: I made flags for Harmony, I made the Vietnamese flag because I am Vietnamese, the flag is yellow and red.

Kimaaya: I made a doll with blue, red, green hair, I made a dress. She is from India because I came back from Holiday that’s where my family is from but we live in Australia.

Avleen: For Harmony day  I made myself a doll from India she wears a red skirt because when it is marrying you wear manga and I am from India.

Tino: For Harmony day I made the Aboriginal people flag.

Olivia S: We have different skin and we have different colours of our countries but celebrating stuff all together makes us happy.

Ajoh: I am looking up different teachers countries and seeing where they are from


Anti bullying

Today Friday the 16th of March 2018, Australian schools will stand united in their communities to celebrate the eighth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA).

The National Day of Action is Australia’s key anti-bullying event for schools and in 2018, schools are called to imagine a world free from bullying and share their BIG IDEAS.

You can find more information on the website:

We watched a great assembly by our buddies on how we can prevent bullying and what it means. They were a great provocation to the rest of our morning…while we ate our brain food we read we read the story “We’re All Wonders.”

“I know I can’t change the way I look. But maybe, just maybe, people can change the way they see . . .
We’re All Wonders taps into every child’s longing to belong, and to be seen for who they truly are. It’s the perfect way for families and teachers to talk about empathy, difference and kindness with young children.

What is bullying?

Alphonsa: is being mean

Khushi: being bossy, telling people what to do.

Suk: If someone is new not letting people play with you.

Monika: Being a bucket dipper and being racist is being a bully.

Van: you might want to kick them.

Olivia: yelling at people.

Yatin: when four people are racing and you say haha I won that’s bullying to people.

Ajoh: If you are from a different countries and saying haha you’re from an ugly country.

Khushi: I don’t want to be your friend.

Van: someone booing you.

What does Racist mean?

It is about people and where they come from, you come from a race. If you pick on someone purely because that’s where they come from.

So what does it mean not to be a bully?

Olivia: not being a bullying is letting people play with you.

Khushi: being a bully is listening.

Van: someone get hurts and they help you.

Avleen: not being a bully is being nice to people..

You job is to get your reflecting journal and reflect on how you can be kind to others and not be a bully…


Ella: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by helping people get up when someone is hurt.

Olivia: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by helping Socheata and helping her try to talk.

Alyssa: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by not being mean.

Avleen: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by being nice to people.


Thuy: Say no  to bullying! I will show kindness by being nice to people.

Oliver: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by not being mean to people.

Tino: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by helping my Mum clean the whole house.

Caroline: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by being a nice person.

Olivia S: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by helping clean up together.

Diljoit: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by making people laugh.

Kevin: Say no to bullying! I will show kindness by not yelling and not hitting and kicking.


Once the students finished their amazing reflecting on how to make positive choices and make our world a bully free place the students worked together to inquire and investigate. Students choose to build, create, make, play and explore with lots of different things. Some students continued their inquiry on Spring, other students built houses and habitats in the blocks area, in the home corner the students made their own shop and house and explored through dramatic play. Other students made beautiful pictures and art for their friends and teachers and loom bands.


Today we looked at our Learning power dimensions. By understanding your own learning power you can become more self aware and reflect on your own learning journeys.

More information for you can be found on the website “understanding My learning Power.”

We are also giving the parents the opportunity to do their own Clara profile.

Wednesday the 21st we will be holding a Harmony Day Morning Tea for all families and whilst they are there families will be invited to complete their CLARA learning profile. In the same way as we ran the laptop workshop we would love for families to complete the survey with the help of their children. The morning tea will be held outside the café and the profiles will be completed inside the café on laptops. The morning is completely free and is open to everyone.

We want to make this relevant and accessible to all students no matter their age. So today as a class we were gave the students the provocation to explore and come up with their own characters and symbols to represent these learning dimensions.

Working in teams and sharing their ideas… some in depth conversations and sharing.



We were so impressed with the amazing ideas the students came up with and we hope being more aware of their learning powers will help them in their own learning journeys!

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing weekend.

Literacy, fitness, maths and Religion


This morning the students did reading it was great to listen to the students read we as teachers are seeing great improvements. The best way to improve with our reading is practise, practise, practise. It doesn’t just have to be our readers but taking opportunity to read all different types of texts.

The following suggestions may help with promoting reading at home.

  • Provide a good role model — read yourself and read often to your child.
  • Provide varied reading material — some for reading enjoyment and some with information about hobbies and interests.
  • Encourage activities that require reading — for example, cooking (reading a recipe), constructing a kite (reading directions), or identifying an interesting bird’s nest or a shell collected at the beach (using a reference book).
  • Establish a reading time, even if it is only ten minutes a day.
  • Pick out sight words in the book and practise writing and reading them
  • Ask your child to bring a library book home to read to a younger sibling.
  • Establish a routine  for reading (instead of television viewing).
  • Encourage your child in all reading efforts.

Literacy Rotations

Today the students completed their literacy rotations. The idea for these are to promote the students to develop their literacy capabilities, through hands on and relevant provocations.

After Literacy Rotations we went out for fitness getting our bodies moving. Mr Do taught us a new came  ultimate chase, we had lots of fun getting our bodies moving and providing us with some good endorphins to help us with our learning and focus.

Maths Investigations


What religious time of the year are we in ?

Khushi: we are in the lead up to easter.

Olivia R: It is the lead up the Jesus death.

Saara: It is birthday for easter.

Yatin: Lent.

Rowena: celebrate Jesus’ death

Van: Giving up something

Khushi: lent is a time to do something nice.

Zarii: Lent is a time to play with your friends.

Avleen: Lent is when we be nice to our mum and dad.

Suk: If we do good it makes Jesus’ happy anywhere you go you get Easter eggs.

Caroline: You do nice things.

Olivia R: we share things

Joesph: change to be good people.

Lent is a time to grow and change?

Vi: Be kind.

Caroline: You do great things to god help by be nice.

Saara: Be nice to people and don’t be mean.

Ajoh: help each other like I am going to help when they are hurt to go to a teacher.

Rowena: Listen to what parents want you to do.

Saara: Don’t be rude to your friends so I am going to say lets play a game.

Monkia: Being a bucket filler to the poor and giving them money.

Zarii: Be nice to your Mum and say I love you.

Alyssa: Don’t be mean and be good.

Olivia R: we can all work as a team together.

Suk: You can go to grandparents and say happy easter.

Joseph: You need to eat your food so you can grow up.

The students were then to reflect in their learning journals on the journey they will go on during Lent. Recognising how they can make positive choices and grow and change. We asked the students to think about something that the may not be so good at and then reflect on how they can be better at this.


Today Mrs Adams class went to Spanish.

While they were there 1EN practised their writing learning how to write down different words we see in a our readers.

What a good job we did having a go and helping each other out, these were the lists of words we came up with. Some of the students might like to practise these at home.






















Literacy Investigations  

Today we started our literacy investigation for the week,

First we went over our “AR” sound The students then got into their groups.

1. Finger painting writing Ar and rightwards they know with paint.

2. Laptops writing and typing

3. Writers workshop

4. Reading and doing book reviews.


After recess we did our maths rotations:

1. car taling the cars that drove past

2. Rolling and adding numbers together with unfix cubes

3. laptop writing our numbers

4. Number lines and recording.

This weeks focus is practising our numbers, adding numbers together, number formation, number lines and also recapping on tallying and data collection.


In the afternoon we had library borrowing and music.

We finished the day with prayer taking to god about what we were grateful for and reflecting with music.

Tuesday’s Spring Inquiry

Welcome back to school after the long weekend.

This morning we got straight into our SOUND and GRAMMAR focus:

Our sound study today was around the ‘ar’ sound

Joseph – “I know a word with sh and ar 2 of our sounds – shark”

Our GRAMMAR focus was around – Common Nouns

Can you remember what a proper noun is?

TIno: A place

Ajoh it needs a capital letter.

Rojun: A name.

Caroline: somewhere you live.

Khushi: Effiel Tower

Avleen: different countries.

Alyssa: Schools

Olivia: A town.

Alyssa: A city

India: Aerplane.

Monkia: the world.

Ajoh: Your habitats.

Meklet: it can a be a palce it needs a capital letter

Alphonsa: it could be a school name or your name

Van: If you have. A proper noun you need a capital

Suk: streets.

Ruby: Butterflies names.


We spoke and reflected that common nouns were things, common places or types of people, also making sure we knew the difference between Proper nouns, they need a capital letter, are the names of people, important places, like the street or an organisation such as our school.

It is a little tricky to remember the difference so maybe on your way home you can look for Common Nouns ( things) you can see outside the window and maybe you’ll even past some Proper Nouns, such as shopping centres and street names or even schools.

We did a hunt for common nouns around the room? Recording them all down seeing who could get the most.

Khushi: a poster.

Ajoh: the logs

Monkia: the lockers.

Naomi: a noun is a table.

Joydeep: Mrs Carey it’s a proper noun, but a common noun teacher.

Ajoh: people

Olivia R: Sochetta is a proper noun she is a person or a girl is a noun.

Avleen: letters

Naomi: shelves

Caroline: blocks.

Ehtan:  a drink bottle.

Kevin: the table, the Tv, teacher.the phone.

Tino: the door

Eline: A tv and table and most all the places.

My: the teacher

Ella: Lockers.

Javeria: Noun Is a table.

Kimaaya: the lockers.

Oliver: The Tv

Alyssa: A girl

Joydeep: the sticky tape.

Inida: TV

Caroline: blocks and lockers.



Ruby: the teachers desk

Saara: A piece paper

Meklet: The Tv

Alphonsa: Habitats and animals

Van: pencil

Isaac: Pictures.

Nina: Farm aniamls.

Felix: white boards.

Indie: letters

Gurnoor: A cow

Kenneth: A basket

Zarii: Sticky tape.

Vanessa: A table

Mia: Pictures

Joesph: ducks

Rowena: a basket

Vi: a horse

Yatin: lockers.

Phuc: teacher

Kaisha: Chair

Sul the cross

Blake: Blocks

Katrina: The Tv

After lunch we completed our season inquiry into Spring…  we have now thoroughly explored each season, how we get seasons, what happens at these times of year and how it affects us.


Vi – I found a chick when I looked up spring, the chick will grow up and make more babies. I also found a goat, a baby goat “do you know what a baby goat is called?” Teacher “no” its called a kid.

Gurnoor – was exploring the table with eggs “A lizard, I like lizards, they come out of eggs. I made another one, it’s a dinosaur egg. My brain knows that dinosaurs lay eggs. It could be a T- Rex”

Jaydeep – I draw a flower, it makes oxygen, its hot and they grow when it hot, its got the top.

Alyssa – I made a flower, Its because I like flowers, because they grow in spring

Katrina – I made a flower because they are pretty.

Meklet – I drew flowers, we had flowers in the classroom, I didn’t copy them, I made different ones.

Joseph – “if you smell the flower you will sneeze.”

Eline – “I tried to think what came out of an egg and then I thought butterflies, Mr Coad showed me in a book, then caterpillar then comes out.”

Olivia R – “do you know that Rapunzel is in Spring because there are so many flowers”

Suk – “we were looking at the flowers we  picked, the long light pink one, with a pencil we copied it really slowly”

Gurnoor – “I wrote all the seasons, my favourite is summer, because it is hot and my brother likes summer too, eats cold things, ice blocks and ice-cream.”