Moon Lantern Festival Tomorrow

Tomorrow children are able to wear cultural clothing or red clothing or their school uniform.

We will be having a shared lunch tomorrow please bring a plate of food that represent their culture.

To keep in line with our strong ecology focus of our school We please asked that children  please bring their own labelled a plastic plate to eat on tomorrow. This will help eleimante waste on the day.

Week 9 Wednesday

Today we focused on the “ER” sound.

Van: e and r sound put together. We had fun singing the song  taking turns….

The students then had a go at coming up with words they knew that had to the er sound, we were very impressed.

Ella: mixer


Yatin: paper

Sukh: her

Meklet: Fixer

Kaisha: mother

My: Builder

Olivia: water


Thuy: Spider

Rowena: Later

Felix: player

Joseph: matter

Isacc: Racer

Javieira: earth

Caroline: father

My: easter

Avleen: later

Jacob: eraser

Vi: Sister

Diljoit: water

Kimaaya: brother

Ajoh: sister

India: broker


Learning and expanding on the er sound, playing games and testing our knowledge in small groups, using play dough to make er words having a play.

Tens and units- today we found out how much we knew about tens and units we have been working very hard, once the teachers checked in with out knowledge we were able to play and come up with our own tens and unit games.

We look forward to tomorrow to continue  our games and teach each other.

Information books- we are getting so good at our information books we got some time to finish them off and then we challenged ourselves to write our own on the laptop. we got to choose if we wanted to work by ourselves on in pairs and got to choose what we wrote about. Lots of the children are still really interested in the zoo and are writing about that or animals they saw.

Zoo excursion + follow up

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at the zoo…. emerging ourselves in the learning we have been looking at around….

Mapping and Animal Habitats 

A big thank you again to all our parent helpers. You did such an amazing job at guiding and caring for your groups:




Mr Coad








This morning we shared our thinking around the day:

Joseph: patting the animals head, the reindeer

Katrina: The baby monkeys they were really fluffy

Olivia: I liked seeing the Meekat in their new home.

Nina: There was a monkey in a cave with a white moustache

Rowena: My favourite part was when they were feeding the seal, they were giving them lots fish and doing tricks.

Joydeep: I liked when my groups saw the snakes, I saw different kinds of snakes, some were camoflaued.

Blake: I liked the bats in the nocturnal house, it was really dark.

Ella: I liked seeing the meek cats, and the babies, they were little and cute.

We then recorded our thoughts and memories from this special day together


We then had a session with the ‘Responsible Pet Program’. Deb came in and bought her helper Tinker bell(dog) to explore the concept of safety with dogs.



Moon Lantern Festival- Lantern Making

Today we made lanterns for the Moon Lantern Festival. The Moon Lantern Festival holds many lanterns, which symbolise a “bright future”.


The students have used their creativity to make their own lanterns.


First the students learnt about the richness of a lantern by reading Lin Yi’s Lantern.


Comments about the book/lantern making:

Kenneth- I liked the story because the uncle bought the lantern for him.

Joseph- I liked getting different colours to make my lantern.

Socheta- I liked making different lanterns.

Ella- I liked cutting the lanterns and making different holes in them.