Wednesday Week 7

Today the students used their creativity to use  create their own characters for their books – the students worked on their characters – designing them and then writing about them, remembering to use adjectives. The students led their learning during this time.

Reading the other task the students were to choose a character  from their book and write down adjectives from their book about the characters.

BINGO : the students played bingo with the “oi” sound focusing on the sound.

Laptops exploring keyboard builder practising our typing skills.

All the students were great independent learners using their skills and knowledge to deepen their own understanding.

After Recess we worked really hard on practising our tens and ones. We are starting to understand how to break a number down into tens and units. It is a little tricky but we working hard to understand, breaking it all down.

How many tens does 72 have?

How many ones?

How many tens does 96 have? and how many ones?

These are the types of questions you could explore at home.

1SA went to Spanish and 1 En worked hard on their information books. The children get to choose what they are experts on and then share their knowledge with the class.


Literacy day

We spent the morning working on our own Information texts. Many of the children have almost completed their first book.


This afternoon we had our sound and grammar focus:

Grammar – Adjectives

The children used adjectives to describe themselves



Over the last few weeks and this term we have been looking at how things change.

To finish off our unit we asked Blake’s Mum, Mrs Hughes to come and do some cooking with us.

The students reflected how all the ingredients will mix together to make a mixture we then have to add HEAT the oven for the mixture to form into a cake.

We watched and saw all the ingredients come together and even got to help out.

The Royal Adelaide Show…

What does the class know about the Royal Adelaide show?

Khushi: They sell show bags.

Ella: There are lots of games and people get to play them and you have to go home when your parents say so.

Thuy: At the Adelaide show there’s rides people ride on.

Olivia: You can get your fact painted.

Alyssa: You can see animals

Jacob: You can see dogs.

Oliver: I went to the show on the weekend I went on a very, very, very, BIG, BIG, BIG slide.

Javieira: You can have fun.

Ajoh: You can a pretend tattoo.

Tino: I went on a very big Ferris wheel and it was turning fast.

The students then got the opportunity to research the Royal Adelaide show and see what they could learn and find out.

Procedure writing

After Recess we went over the recipe that we used to make the cakes. Our provocation was to have a go at writing our own procedure to the recipe, trying to remember all the steps and ingredients.

A procedure tells us how to make something.

Meklet: Today we made a chocolate cake.

What ingredients did we have?

Meklet: Butter

Khushi: flour

Kaisha: Eggs

Thuy: Oil

India: Eggs

Joseph: chocolate powder

My: Sugar

Mia: Vanilla essences

Has it changed? How?

Ella: Before messy and now it is still.

Kaisha: In the heat up it rises up

Rowena: Before it was like a liquid and turned into a solid.

Blake: in the oven it gets bigger and bigger and gets fluffy.

Eline: If you put it in the oven it pops up more and more.

Sukh: First we put the ingredients then when you it look like something else to make the cake you put it in the oven the heat makes it freeze into cake.

We then got to eat our yummy cake!!!

After lunch the students were given the Royal Adelaide Show Map  as a provocation…

It was great to see them work together to produce their own maps!



Special men in our lives

The students reflected on why their Dad’s are special or special men in their lives.

My Dad is special because…

Alyssa: because he is nice to me.

Olivia R: because he walks me to school and makes me my lunch.

Jacob: he helps me.

Monika: because he loves me and I love him.

Javieira; he is really special because he plays with me and I love him very much.

Blake: because he takes me on walk.

Meklet: because he lets me play soccer.

Yatin: because he takes me to swimming and cricket.

Mia: Because helps me buy my bike.

Kaisha: My poppy is special because he plays with me and makes me dinner.

Kimaaya: because he blows bubbles to me and my sister.

Alphonsa: because he is loving.


Today we continued with our literacy rotations.. the students reminded everyone what we were looking at this week.

The students did a great job remembering what their focuses were.

Mektlet: On the laptops we were doing typing zone it her practised our alphabet and the keyboard.

Joesph: Writers workshop.

Kimaaya: we were looking adjectives to use.

Ruby: squishy

Ella: Fluffy

Kimaaya: Fluffy, white panda/

Kenneth: big an little

Gurnoor: the pig is long.

Yatin: Fast and slow.

Javieira: Cute hamster

Khushi: yellow duck is swimming cold water.

Kaisha: Reading looking at nouns.

Olivia: Phonics game we were rolling the dice and we move through looking at the ou sound.

After Recess

We practised our writing of our Fathers Day card.

We made a draft card first and then we had a go at the real thing. What a great job we did and we hope they will be a nice surprise for the special make figures in our lives!

Then then students continued with investigations

After Lunch

We did our maths rotations

We are exploring numbers, place value, by using laptops, catalogues and tens and units.



Tuesday Week 6

Come read with me…

This morning the students worked with their peers to read. We love that Mrs Giannakakis class come and help us read.


Meklet: Popcorn with the little seeds and then we put it inside the box and it needed heat to change it.

Avleen: Ice- we added cold to it, it was water to start and then added the cold to it.

Kaisha: Heat with water, it got steamy which is gas.

Suk: Ice blocks we made them hot in the sun and they melted. We put back in the freezer.

Rowena: we made jelly crystals melt and made it hot and then we put in the fridge to make it solid jelly.

Khushi: Ice-cream we added heat, with the sun and it melted.

Blake: We put the ice and waited till it melted in the warm air in classroom.

Can we make everything change?

Ruby: Only Miss Carey’s glasses are Cadbury it could melt like chocolate and candy and milk, food changes a lot.

Sukh: we can make ice-cream change can melt and warm things can melt.

Van: not really experiments only work on heat and things not chairs on glasses or hard stuff.

Ella: Some things won’t change because they are too big and some things that are already cold that will melt.

Blake: Yes and no, so like windows and blogs and paper you can’t change, warm water can change.

Ajoh: something things like plastic and glass nothing will change it will just get cold. But water changes.

What is an adjective?

The students explored adjectives to describe different animals. Then we swapped through and focused on the “ou” sound.


Monday week 6


Our provocation today was the story


We tied both our literacy and numeracy into this.

We enjoyed this story and discussed the directional language that is included.

“under it”  “around it” “over it” “through it”

We all chose our own animal to go on a hunt for…..

“I’m going on a snake hunt”

“I’m going on a snow wolf hunt”

“I’m going on a unicorn hunt”

We tried to include 5 objects that we would encounter and use directional language to get pass it and find our animal.

After writing our stories we applied this directional language to our growing knowledge of mapping.

We created maps to match our stories.


Science – changes

Making jelly

We continued to explore how some things can change through heating and cooling.

We had a packet of jelly…. “it’s jelly” “great does that mean I can get a spoon and eat it?

“No you have to make it”

We looked how to make this powder into jelly that can be eaten. 2 changes needed to happen. Heat dissolved or melted the powder and then once in the fridge for a while it made it hard.

Yatin- The powder melted with hot water and then with the fridge it will into jelly.

Tino- Making jelly is fun because we can see the changes and then see it wobble.

Diljot- Jelly is yummy and cool to make because we get to measure and stir.

Caroline- I like making jelly because we get to see it looking different.

Sukh- Its fun to see how it changes before we eat it.