We did our last rotation of Literacy groups today and some of the books children are making are really coming along.


Oliver: I went to the blocks and I was playing with Kevin and we were making McDonald’s.

Vanessa: I did laptops, I made numbers.

Kimaaya: I did colouring for my Mum because my Mum’s birthday is tomorrow so I made a card.

Vi: It was fun because we made loom bands and it got longer and longer

Rowena: at investigations I finished a little bit of the book I was making at Literacy investigations.



Today we were finally able to introduce some fish into our tank. We have three guppies who will help the tank to cycle and build up the ecosystem ready for our Red Horsefaces in a couple of weeks. It was a very exciting day and we are still working on names for them. We added a heater and thermometer to our tank and an air pump to break the surface tension on the water to allow the gases to escape. The children were really interested to learn why the air bubbles breaking on the surface of the water is so important and they were impressed with how nice the tank looked with the bubbly water. We also got to feed the fish for the first time and they all ate, which is a good sign that they are happy and healthy.

What do you think of our fish?

Javeria: you have to put food to feed our fish, you need a home so they can escape.

Joydeep: Great!

Tino: I like the fish.

Gurnoor: I like fish can swim fast and eat food.

Caroline: I like feeding the fish

It’s now time to name our fish. Each child has chosen one fish and thought of a name for it. They drew the fish and recorded the name and next week we will choose the names as a class. There are some great names being suggested!

Van: I did the red one and I named it Layla.

Alphonsa: I picked a name and the name for the red fish is Goldy the fish.

Ajoh: I named my fish Olivia.

Joseph: I named my fish Crazy Blocks.

Felix: I named my fish Alex.

Mia: Snowflake

Khushi: I named my fish Rainbow Dash

Joydeep: I named my fish Sing.

Kaisha: Stacey

Olivia. R: I named my fish Socheata.

Avleen: I named my fish Kaur.

Meklet: I called the orange fish Rainbow Fish.

Vanessa: My name is Aaron.


Enjoy the long weekend!


This morning, we started the day with ‘come read with me’. We are noticing the children using some great reading strategies. Some questions you can ask your child when they come to a word they don’t know are ‘what sound does it start with?’ ‘Reread the sentence and think about what what would make sense?’ ‘what small words can you see in the bigger word?’


Our Literacy rotations are going well and this week we have made new groups with less children in each group, which is helping with concentration.


We have had lots of fun in our Numeracy groups, making number lines, working with dice and using the laptops.

Ajoh: Me and Alyssa are making a number line. We tried to do a race with Khushi and Kimaaya and Javeria. We made a number line to 20.

Nina: Sukh and me made a number line.

Yatin: Me and Felix made number line with flowers we both raced Phuc, Rowena and Van, we won.

Ruby: When me and Sukh put the numbers together we made 100.

Tino: Me and Jakob did our numbers on the laptop we went up to 29.

KhushI: I was doing the number adding, I blocked five lines.

Suk: Me, Ruby, Kaisha and Mia were rolling the dice and I got to sixes it made 12.

Thuy: I was on the laptop and I was writing numbers 1-20.

This afternoon, we watched a clip about what primary school children think about prayer and then answered the same questions.

What is prayer?

Ajoh: prayer’s something to make Jesus happy and God happy and make their life happy.

Sukh: a prayer is something that makes Jesus happy and makes ourselves good and then God sends us power because prayer gets us power and God sends the power to us.

Ella: Praying makes God and Jesus happy and it bes nice to them.

Jacob: Prayer is like when you pray for God.

Yatin: prayer is all about Jesus and you pray for him to give you love. It’s not all about Easter it’s all about Jesus.


What do you do during prayer?

Monika: you have to be quiet in prayer

Olivia. R: in prayer we talk to God and Jesus

Alphonsa: during prayer you have to pray to God

Joydeep: close your eyes

Nina: when you pray for Jesus, Jesus is alive.


What shouldn’t you do during prayer?

Kaisha: silly

Khushi: you should not have a conversation

Alyssa: you don’t bite or spit or fight

Saara: it’s not about fighting and it’s about prayer

Javeria: if you haven’t been good, Jesus will be dead forever and if you be good Jesus will wake up.

Olivia. S: you shouldn’t be crazy

Ella: no swearing

We wrote our own prayers of thanks and are going to use them to make a prayer book for our classroom. We look forward to finishing them off tomorrow and sharing them with you!


What is prayer?

Olivia S: prayer is something nice.

Ajoh: Prayer is making God happy, you tell God to have a  wonderful day.

Monkia: prayer is praying to Jesus, Mary and god.

Oliver: Prayer is like saying thanks to god, saying nice things and making god happy.

Thuy: Prayers is when your grandparents die you pray for them.

Naomi: Prayer is like being nice to God and then he’ll give you something you want.

Today we read the story from the bible “The Beginning” the students then reflected and connected to what God made for us in the world and how we must be grateful for it all,

What did God Create?

India: Sun.

Joydeep: The moon.

Ethan: Flowers and grass.

Olivia: God created us.

Ajoh: God made the sky.

Rojun: God made us.

Javieria: Jesus.

Ella: flowers and grass.

Tino: god made the people.

Monika: God mad planets.

Thuy: god made us food.

Alyssa: God made threes

Kevin: Turtles and fish.

My: God made water.

Oliver: God created human.

Avleen: god made the sea and fishes.

Naomi: Go the created the sun and moon.

Caroline: God made the world.

Olivia S: God made the people.

Eline: God created the earth.


Khushi: god made the food so we don’t die.

Kimaaya: God made the people.

We then began our literacy rotations focusing on

  1. Writers workshop using proper nouns and capital letters.
  2. Qu phonic sound, exploring and making our own queen with qu words.
  3. Laptop writing and exploring
  4. Reading and book reviews.

After Recess

The students completed their maths investigations, students completed two rotations today and will finish the next two tomorrow.

  1. Laptops – writing their own number books, practising their numbers.
  2. Connect four number game adding numbers together to get four in a row
  3. Making their own number line 1-20.
  4. Roll, write and record, in number form, tally for, numerical form, and picture form.

This afternoon we had music and borrowing for library.


COOKIE DOUGH due soon!


Dear Parents,


This year’s fundraiser for Spring Fair is Billy G Cookie Dough. These cookies are delicious, easy to bake and great for lunch boxes. A fun activity to do with the whole family.


Please find below information and the link to the Holy Family Catholic School online shop where you can place your orders.  Once you order, please remember to print your order off and return back to the school.


An order form will also be sent home for each family.  Please complete this form and return to the school with payment if you don’t wish to order online.


Orders will need to be completed by Friday 16 March 2018 with collection on 11 April 2018.


Thank you for your support.   Happy baking! 




Fundraising Never Taste So Good!

We are excited to announce that today we have commenced

our very own Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraiser. Billy G’s is an Australian

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You have been issued with a Billy G’s Cookie Dough order form that will assist you in collecting orders from family, friends & neighbours.

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Please remember, if you place your order online, you MUST complete and return the order form back to us for processing.

The cookie dough can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 4 weeks or in your freezer for up to 12 months from manufacturing date. You can thaw out and re-freeze. Stock up! It’s only available through fundraising and not sold in stores!

We also have a fantastic prize program available should you sell or purchase one or more tubs.

We hope you purchase at least one tub or more to help us reach our fundraising goal.

Happy fundraising, and thank you in advance for your support!


Winter Inquiry and Sound study

This morning during ‘Come and read with me’ a group of boys including Yatin and Felix begun finding our previous focus sounds ‘sh’ ‘ch’ ‘th’ and ng’ within their readers….. more and more children overheard this and joined in. They decided to record them all and then  shared their discoveries with the class.

We split up into 2 team and half way through we changed over

The qu sound and Proper Nouns were the focus of these teams




Do you know what a Proper Nouns is? –

Khushi: Effiel tower because it is important.

Felix: proper noun is a name.

Ella: Names need capital letters.

Ajoh: where you live like your street.

TIniO: Countries

Olivia R: a town

Avellen Countries

Alyssa: schools.

Khushi: the Leaning Tower of Pisa

Avleen: Sydney

Olivia:  A proper noun is like a name, like Mrs Nicosia

Eline: A proper noun you have to do a capital letter, like my name.

Kimaaya: A proper noun you go to have a capital letter, like a special place like India.

Ella: A proper noun is that when something is special you have to do a bigger case like names of people and places.

Rojun: A proper noun needs a capital letter like your name and where you country is.

Ethan: Proper Noun is for a name and  places and countries you need a capital letter
Joydeep: Proper nouns is capital letters School is proper noun, our names and our friends.

Javieria: proper noun is when you need a capital for your name

My: Proper nouns need capital letters our names

Oliver: proper nouns needs a capital letter like our names, our houses and special places.

Olivia S: a proper noun is a name where you have to do a capital letter at the start.

Caroline: A proper noun is name, special palaces

Inida: Proper nouns needs a capital if you are to write you country it needs a capital letter.

Tino: capital letters need name and where we live

Eline: Capitla letters for important names, where we live, and special places

Monkia: proper nouns needs a big letter at the start, like a different country and a  name

Vanessa: Proper Nouns need capital letters, like our names and where we live.

Alphonsa: Proper nouns is a name  and a street, school, city and a town and has to start with a capital letter,

Blake: a proper noun is a special place our names they need capital letters at the start.

Isaac: A proper noun is a name, capital letters a lower case letter is wrong and you need to write it correct with capital.

Vi: A proper noun need a capital like a  name.

Suk: A proper noun something that is really good you need a capital.

Meklet: A proper noun you need a capital letter for the start,

Van: A proper name, special name or special country or special place they need capital letter.

Ruby: Names is a proper like Mr Bartold it needs capital.

Mia: proper noun is a name they need a capital letter.

Gurnoor: Proper name is someone’s names.

Naomi: A proper nouns needs a capital letter, like a name, address needs capital letter and where we live.


We then focus on Proper Nouns we could discover around our school:



During sports the children started revising the sports day activitvies.


After lunch we recapped what Proper nouns were:

Suk- Shops are a proper noun

Gurnoor – road are proper noun

Yatin- Mawson Lakes

Phuc – Brisbane

Kushi – Holy family Catholic School.

Oliver had bought in a special book from home so we read this as a class using our new knowledge of Proper nouns. We read ‘Captains Love Underpants’ in the book the pirates visit places with funny names and every pirate had a funny name …we effectively found all of the proper nouns within the story.


Winter inquiry continued – today was a beautiful day so we decided to take our Winter Inquiry out to Log Park

The children were challenged to use their creativity and collaboration to create winter features, applying all the things they were discovering about winter. The first 5-10 minutes children walked around looking at the logs and trying to come up with learning teams and ideas. Then within no time amazing creation began to emerge. There were numerous groups creating different winter features:

Kushi – Me and my friends made a house together to stay warm near the fire, we ate marshmallows.

Ruby – Me and my friends, we made a camp house, for all the people that are cold outside in the snow. We made a cafe for them.

Meklet – Me and my friends made a fire, you have to make a fire to stay warm in winter.

Ethan – We made a shop, we sold jacket, because its cold.

Indi – We made a camp fire and roasted marshmallows, we travelled on horses.

Van – me and rowena and Vi we made a snowman.



Happy 6th birthday from the weekend Olivia – Thank you for celebrating this with us


Winter Inquiry, Postive education and Story writing.

This morning the students came in and did reading, just an important reminder about the importance of reading at home and practising tricky words in the books.

Today we started the day with our winter inquiry…

Alphonsa: He is in the snow he has warm clothes on because it is cold . He is in Australia where it snows, he is wearing winter clothes, a fluffy jacket to keep his body warm.

Kaisha: winter is colder than other seasons, so sometimes it makes ice in the water and some animals like snow and like polar bears.

Blake: I am going to do active inspire and draw what it is like when it is cold. When it is cold it is really freezing outside but warm inside. I did a storm picture before storms happens in winter.

Alyssa: When winter comes and it snows and there are snow flakes it is cold, they come from the clouds along with the clouds. It snows in clouds when it is very very cold.

Suk: Winter is really cold and In America it snows in winter and in winter it doesn’t snow and it is really cold and rainy and snows. there can be a rain storm with rain in and they drink Hot chocolate.

Oliver: Winter is when it is cold winter is when it rains and then all the rain because so cold it is ice.

Tino: Winter it rains because it is really cold, the rain comes from the clouds because it is cold.

Naomi: Winter is when it is cold and you need to wear coats to keep your body warm and hat on your head,

Vi: Winter is when it cold and sometimes it is cold, the snow comes from the sky because the sky is so cold.

Meklet: I made a polar bear it is cold in winter so polar bears live where it is cold. They go to the water to get fish to eat.

Javeria: In winter I was very cold at home, it can still have sun. In winter you need blankets to keep your body warm.

Ethan: In winter I don’t like cold, so we pretend to make a cafe where you drink coffee to keep warm.

Phuc: In winter Saara gave me coffee so I can get warm, because it is so cold.

My: Polar bears like winter because their bodies like being cold, polar bears find fish to eat in water.

Avleen: I make a winter girl I use some poms poms to make it snow. It snowing because it is winter in other country it snows. They clouds collect up the water it get big and cold and then it snows.

India: I made a tree in winter it gets frozen and gets cold and all the leaves fall and even can turn to ice because the air gets colder and colder.

Caroline: In winter the leaves fall down because it is cold and theres not a lot of sun.

Ruby: Winter is really cold and you have to wear winter clothes, winter clothes have long sleeves and long time.

Olivia R: Winter has snow but in winter in Australia we don’t get snow because our mountains are too small.

Yatin: We made a big place for the animals to say we made two boats for the polar bears.

Jakob: Winter is when it is cold, the sun goes down we are further away from the sun.

Isaac: Winter is so cold and polar bears like winter because they like cold and they go inside the cold.

Felix: We made animals that live cold places, like polar bears and we made some ice boats, ice you need cold water and put in freezer for one day then turns to ice.

Olivia: S: In winter in can snow, when you see pool when see the water go to the clouds, the hot water comes to clouds then rain comes, the rain turns to snow when it is really cold and then turns into ice.

Alphonsa: In inquiry I made different kinds of things we made our own pictures out of cotton wool. I made a snow flakes they come when it is really cold and it snows in other places out of Australia.

Khushi: Some people say that they come from thin air but the clouds make them when it is really cold.

Kimaaya: I made a snowflake they are made by the clouds when its is really cold and it is snowy they come from the sky,

Gurnoor: Polar bears can scratch in winter. Ice can crack then the polar bears can go away.

Nina: Polar bears are very cute because they like cold weather.

Ella: You cannot always go outside because it gets cold in winter.

Saara: Winter so cold you need to get something warm, coffee, milo or warm milk will warm you up.

After Recess

We read the book “Giraffes can’t dance” the students reflected on rhyming words in the book and then the message of the story about always having a go and to keep trying or to try something in a different way.

The students then reflected on what they are good at and what they want to get better at…

I am good at playing with different friends. Ella

I am good at running Felix.

I am good at flipping. Meklet.

I am good at gymnastics. Alphonsa.

Joydeep I am good at swimming I want to get better at learning to do my bicycle.

India: I am good at basketball I want to get better at reading.

Eline: I am good at paiting I want to get better at playing on my bike.

Avleen: I am good at playing I want to get better at writing,

Ella: I am good at writing I want to get better at holding my dog and using my training wheels.

Connecting our characters, the setting and the problem.

The students then wrote and reflected in their journals connecting the character they made earlier and coming up with a problem and how that problem would be solved.

Suk: My character is Ninja he couldn’t find his friend, and he had to check in Ninja land, he was in the house hiding under the bed.

Ruby: my character is rainbow unicorn her problem she can’t find her unicorn powers, they found her necklace with the evil witch. They put potion on her.

Nina: My character is Santa his problem someone stole all the presents were stolen it was solved by the reindeers.

Ajoh: My character is the power puff girls they are at the beach. Bubbles lost her toy, Buttercup and blossom found in the park.

Khushi: my character is my problem is my friend didn’t want to go to the garden so she showed her a flower and she came.


Friday March 2nd

We enjoyed a fantastic assembly this morning, hosted by the year 6/7s and then used up some of our energy with fitness on the playground.

In Literacy rotations some of the students are making book series and there was some great reading being done.

During investigations, there were lots of different activities happening.

Oliva S: I am using paper, scissors and glue to make a present. And I used and make a pop out.

Caroline: I made a card for my family and I made presents to go with the card all with paper. And now I will decorate it.

Paper planes

Jakob: We been making paper aeroplanes and we have been racing with them.

Yatin: We even controlled it. The big one got hit by the shelf, the medium one went through.

Felix: I made paper aeroplanes and they are your favourite.

Iaasc: paper aeroplanes went over the shelf really faster and some crashed.


Olivia: I was making presents and cards for my family.

Caroline: I made cards.

AveelN: I made a present box for my mum, I had to practise.

Ajoh: I made a kite, I made a diamond and two crosses and I started cutting out and then I got sparkly green ribbon. So it can fly.

Meklet: I made a paper bag with paper.

Alphonsa: In free play me, Khusho, Zari, india and Mia we were playing owners dogs and cats we doing some things and we played games we pretend we couldn’t see and then I found everyone.

Khushi: we were playing dogs and cats and owners, we all had different things to do, some were owners. Then we made things with stuff in the classroom with no paper.

Namoi: In investigation I played outside and was crushing things up.

My: I used paper to make a paper chain.

Eline: Phuc and I were making puppets with paper


Vannessa: we were playing Mums and Dad.

Oliver: I was in the home corner playing with Tino. Tino was the baby.

After Lunch 

Yesterday we drew our choice of the fish we wanted to have in our classroom,

Today we worked as a class to record all the information we collected and make our own graph.

We did a visual graph and used ICT, modelling our fish.

How many dots do we have so far?

Class: Five

how many votes do we have here?

Class: five.

We went from no fire mouth being 0 now we have five. It can change very quickly.

What is the difference difference between six and nine?

Class: Three!

We then had a check and counted that we had 16 horse face.

Class: that is the most so far.

How many red hump?



Class: 8

Which one is the favourite?


Second one?

Khushi: firemouth, had 8.

So on the weekend Mrs Adams will hopefully find some horse face fish.



Thursday 1st March

We read the  book ‘Where is Curly?’

We searched for the sight words ‘where’ and ‘is’. When we saw ‘where’, we did a rolly polly and when we saw ‘is’ we clapped our hands. We then had some special helpers finding the words.

After reading our book we came up with our own sentences using the sight words ‘where’ and ‘is’

Ruby: Where is my bunny rabbit?

India: Where is my baby?

Alyssa: Where is my cat?

Naomi:  Where is my cushion?

Ethan: Where is my cousin?
Kaisha: Where is my dog?

Oliver: Where is my Dog called Evie?

Suk: Where is my hot wheels my best favourite car in the world?

Kevin: Where is my rice? I dropped my rice on the floor.

Katrina: Where is my Cat?

Caroline: Where is my fish?

Aveleen: Where is my mum?

Joydeep: Where is my dragon?

Eline: Where is my Mum?

My: Where is my brother?

Monika: Where is my bed?

Tino: Where is my dog?

Phuc: Where is my Dad?

Joseph: Where is my school?

Saara: Where is my Grandpa?

Javeiria: Where is my Unicorn beanie bo?

Gurnoor: Where is my Dad? He is in the bathroom

Ajoh: Where is my little sister?

Yatin: Where is my stairs? At the magical way.

Oliva S: Where is my teacher?

Olivia R: Where is my Ipad?

Jakob: where is my friend?

Issac: Where is my car?

Felix: Where is my favourite book?

Mektlet: where is my horse?

Vanessa: where is my sister?

Ella: Where is my brother?

Alphonsa: Where is my pencil?

Khushi: Where is my friend, I think I have lost her?

Nina: Where is beanie bear?

Blake: Where is my hat?

Rowena: Where is my favourite teddy named Sukie?

Van: I like watching scary movies, but where is my popcorn?

We then continued with our Literacy rotations, making books, writing sight words and reading with partners and the teacher.


Today in Numeracy, we worked on number, addition and multiplication. We did an activity called “How many legs on the farm?” and used addition and multiplication to work out how many legs there would be with different combinations of animals. We then worked out the different groups of animals we could have on our farm that would add up to 20 legs.


This afternoon, we talked about our fish tank and the types of fish we might like to have in there. We are looking at some fish from Africa called African Cichlids. First we discussed what we would like to see in our tank.

What would you like to see in our fishtank?

Meklet: A goldfish

Kaisha: A black fish

Monika: a turtle

My: a seahorse

Ethan: yabbies

Olivia R: catfish

Felix: a hiding spot

Meklet: small fishes

India: Catfish

Khushi: Starfish

Phuc: finding Nemo

Alphonsa: finding Nemo is a clown fish.

Where does Nemo live?

Nina: in the water

Yatin: in the Melbourne Aquarium

In the wild, where did Nemo live?

Caroline: in the ocean

What’s special about the ocean?

Sukh: the water is really clear and really different and that water is in the movie and there’s no crocodiles, no octopus, just fish.

Who knows what type of water is in the ocean?

Meklet: a little bit dirty

Khushi: salty water.

Joydeep: A goldfish with black stripes on it.

Felix: A baby jellyfish.

Van: A rainbowfish.

After our discussion, we looked at three types of fish that we might get – a Firemouth, a Red Hump and a Horseface. We then chose our favourite out of the three and drew it and wrote what it was called on a piece of paper. Tomorrow we will use these in Numeracy to count how many children liked each fish and then we will graph these to find the favourite.


So today 1EN had their class liturgy. Many of the students took part in our special liturgy and we need to thank the parents and family that came to watch.

Olivia: I like that my parents came and I learnt my speaking part of by heart.

My: I liked the songs because they are fun.

Thuy: I liked the song because it my favourite and it makes me happy.

Ella: I like about liturgy because it is fun to learn a reading part, I read the gospel.

Ethan: I liked doing my speaking part because it was easy to read.

Joydeep: I like the song because it was great.

Olivia S: I like learning my speaking parts because some of the parents make it fun.

India: I like speaking part because it was at the end and very quick.

Ajoh: I like the liturgy I like all the music.

Oliver: I like the music because it is heaps fun.

Caroline: I like music because it is good.

Socheata indicated she liked dancing.

Tino: I like the liturgy because I like dancing.

Khushi: I like my speaking part because it was to the lord.

Javeria: Thank you god for everything I thank god for my languages I speak at home and I liked to dance.

Monika: I liked the parents coming.

Aveleen: I liked that my parents come to liturgy and my sister.

Naomi: My favourite thing on liturgy was dancing it was so fun.

Eline: I like dancing because I had songs in it.

Rojun: I like dancing because it was fun with the parents.

Kevin: I like watching the dancing and copying myself.

Literacy Investigation

Today we looked at “Blends”

When we put more than one letter together to make one sound but they still sound the sound.



Today our three groups

  1. Writers
  2. Reading groups
  3. ing words.

First of all we went over “ing” sounds that the students might like to use in their writing.

Olivia: Running

Meklet: swinging

Kaisha: singing

Yatin: Racing and walking.

Saara: going

My: String

Van: I am eating some chips

Ruby: I like Winning

Tino: I like skipping.

Caroline: I like Hopping because you balance on one foot.

Avleen: Ring _ I like rings.

Suk: I am singing on the stage.

Oliver: Playing

Joseph: building.

Felix: driving

India: Spring Fair

Maths provocation today was to make our own number charts…

We will use these to help us learn our numbers and make sure that we are recognising them and can write them the right way.

Tuesday week 5

Sound focus – ng

We brainstormed all the words we could think of that contained the  ng   sound:

Rowena – “human being, has a ng sound”

Kaisha – “going”

Yatin – “strong, watering”

Saara – “ring”

Van – “I know an animal with a ng sound, Dugong”

“She saw that word on my habitat picture”

Isaac – “racing”








In the afternoon we continued our Autumn inquiry

“we made an Autumn museum”


“we are researching Autumn and what it looks like”

Some children had noticed that some of the trees in the courtyard had begun to change colours, the green leaves were turning orange, yellow and red. Some children decided to be artists and record this season change, looking closely at the trees they used materials such as paper, pencils and crayons.