Literacy Rotations

This weeks letters are a recap on: h, m, r, d, g, o

This weeks words are: is, so, home



  • Guided letters: h, m, r, d, g, o
  • Gem letters: h, m, r, d, g, o
  • Laptops- sentence building (use of familiar words, capital letters and full stops)
  • Painting alphabet chart


  • Guided sentences:
  • House picture word cards- build a house picture with a partner- parts of a house
  • Mini books- My house
  • Laptops- sentence building (use of familiar words, capital letters and full stops)



Writer’s Workshop

Today for writer’s workshop we worked on building a narrative. A narrative tells a story. They have a setting- where and when, some characters- people, animals or objects and a plot- events that happen in order.

We wanted the children to think about what happened first, in the middle and then at the end. As a group we discussed these things before moving off into our writing groups.




Today we met with our buddies.


Mission Week

Mission week will be held in Week 5 (this week)  with our Mission Day being held on Friday 1 June. 

Children can wear casual clothes on this day and we ask they bring a gold coin donation.

This is always a great day where we raise money for local, community and global charities. This year we are supporting St Vincent De Paul, Catherine House and Loreto Sisters Vietnam Australia Project.

Friday 1 June: Mass at 11am in Saint John Paul 11 Hall with parents welcome to attend.

Friday 1 June : Casual Day. Mission Day activities commence at 1.00pm

The canteen will be closed on Friday 1 June as we have organised a special lunch of vegetarian pasta (which needed to be ordered last week.)

More information will be sent out soon regarding Mission Day activities and tokens.

Please come and see us with any questions you may have.

Michelle and Jasmin


During investigations we want the children to be curious. Curious about the ideas they have, about the things they want to know and curious to take their play and investigations to another level. By having the opportunity to freely express themselves with different tools and materials the children are able to make connections, find new ways of doing things as well as express themselves exactly as they know best.


We will be doing one investigation post for the week now but will post once we have had our 3 investigation periods across the week. So this will include learning from Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.


Assembly Reflection

Anna – I like the dance, they do move and stuff.

Krish – I like the rainbow song because there were all colours. I like the dresses because they were colourful.

Kayden – I like the dance when they were waving their hands and making their body move around and doing all kinds of actions.

Ayda – I like the rainbow song and the end songs.

Josh – I like the speech parts because you can learn from the speaking parts.

Carter – I like the bit when they were in the desert because they got the bad people away. I like the rainbow dance because it had cool pictures.

Ishaan – I like the tapping and the singing.

Amelia – I like the songs because most of them done some beats.

Shirley – I like the rainbow because it had all my favourite colours.

Saj – There was a microphone because you can speak through it.

Crista – I like the hand painting  of the Aboriginal flag.


Math Focus- Subtraction

This morning we had our math focus lesson. Our focus was to see what the children know after all of our subtraction investigations and rotations so far. Before our lessons started as a whole group we did some verbal math problems. The children had to come up with a story about taking away something. They came up the front and shared their stories and the rest of the class then had to think of the answers. We used the children’s hands and fingers to help count and they were able to use their prior knowledge of skip counting by 5’s and 10’s to support their thinking. The children then completed a series of different subtraction sums.

Seasons- 100 Languages

Today we wanted to find out what the children already know about the seasons. They best way for us to do this is to let them use their 100 languages to demonstrate their prior knowledge. By doing this they have freedom to show what they already know in their own ways.

Yianni: I have drawn a rainbow in Summer.

Angus: In Autumn the leaves fall off the trees and they change colours and then when its a different season they come back on.

Krish: In Winter it gets cold and in other places it snows.

Johnny: In Summer you can play outside because it never rains.

Ekam: In Spring the snow come down and we get frozen.

Cooper: Winter has snow.

Ishaan: I know that Spring has a rainbow.

Amelia: The trees change colour when it turns to Autumn.

Mia: When its winter its cold.

Hayley: The sun comes out in Summer.

Josh: In Summer its very hot.

Jasroz: Summer is hot.

Dion: It gets really hot in Spring.

Deng: In Spring the rainbow comes when the rain is finished.

Linda: In Summer its very hot so you have to put on sunscreen.

Hannah: It can sometimes be hot or cold in different seasons.

Shirley: I know that people keep on changing what they do each season.

Henry: I know that the sun is out and bird are always out too, it is Summer.

Jaanpreet: Its Christmas when it snows.

Saj: In Winter there is snow and its cold.

Chris: In Summer I got to swimming pools and go to the beach and make sand castles and swim in the water.

Anh – Season sometime is sunny and sometimes is raining and sometime is snowy.

Portia – Seasons are beautiful and sometimes I get hot and I get cold and sometimes I get just right.

Tyson – Summer is hot and you can relax outside.

Jayden B – Season is time when you change weather and the cool air to make it more good.

Herman – I like winter because it has snow you can make balls with.  I like summer because it is cool. Winter is cold.

Ezekiel – Seasons are like summer and like rainbows and winter and you can play at winter and summer so you can play with summer toys. You can play in the pool.

Anna – All the seasons – there is summer there is rainbow and flowers and there are some trees

Jayden M – summer is very warm and the kids can play and don’t get cold.

Crista – The winter that there is snow and we get cold and we be sick. Summer is very hot and you get sweaty and you don’t like hot. Spring is good because you can feel fresh.

Olivia – Some seasons are hot and some are cold and you can feel the difference. When the leaves fall down the trees they change colour too and when it is summer they grow back up.

Kayden – Seasons are about winter, Autumn – when it is winter the wind blows really hard and it makes the leaves fall down from the trees.

Thaison – Summer is really hot and winter is really cold

Carter – Winter is very cold and sometimes it snows and rains. Iy has very windy trees. There are black colds and the black clouds are covering the sun. There is still a blue sky,

Kaleb – Seasons are the days of the week. There are different seasons. Summer is when the sun is bright and the girls and boys can play.

Ayda – Seasons is like the days are cold, sunny spring, raining.

Matthew – Seaons are winter when it gets cold and it rains and it is a lot of wind. It rains a lot and makes a lot of puddles on the floor.

Sarah – Season are snowy and cold and Summer is sunny.

TJ – It rains a lot in winter and summer. It is super sunny in summer.



Maths Rotations- Subtraction

Today we continue to bring together the knowledge we have gained about subtraction. We wanted the children to use the skills they practised last Thursday in our math focus lesson to take away both 2 and 3 from any given number.

The children have continued to use manipulative materials to help organise their thinking. We set up 4 rotations for each class.

  • Reached directed subtraction
  • Laptop- Maths Playground- Subtraction Game
  • Counters and number cards subtraction
  • 10 frame subtraction with flip tiles and the dice