Wednesday this week is our class party.

We will be celebrating the year with a shared lunch starting at 11:45am on Wednesday. 

We please ask that the children bring a small plate of LUNCH food that can be shared with the class.

We ask that no sweets be bought in as this food provides the children for their lunch for the day.

Please be mindful- no nuts due to allergies.

If you have any questions or need suggestions please contact us.

Thank you Miss Moore and Mrs Rodgers  







Today we explored Advent.

We first talked about what we know about Advent and if we have used an advent calendar before. We then read a story on Advent and watched a video about the ways people celebrate Advent. We explored the Advent candles and their meanings.



Plural – es


I asked the children –

What is a word that you need to add -es to make it a plural? (Below are their responses)

Church – churches

Tomato – tomatoes

fox – foxes

Brush – brushes

dress – dresses

bus – buses

wish -wishes

boss – bosses

kiss – kisses

catch – catches

match – matches

cross – crosses

Box – boxes

After our collaborative discussion we created mini books to reflect our understandings of plurals.


Today we ventured to the zoo and what a wonderful day it was. We got to see so many different animals and their different habitats. Thank you to all the parent volunteers that gave up their time to join us today. Without you excursions cannot happen so we are very appreciative.

Please enjoy some photos from the zoo and the reflections below.



Tomorrow (Wednesday) is our excursion to the zoo.

  • We will be leaving at 9:15am on the bus so all the children need to be at class by 8:50am so that we can do the roll. It is important that all the children are in class by 8:5oam and ready to go with sunscreen on.

  • The children need to be dressed in their sports uniform and need to bring a hat. It is forecast to be HOT tomorrow so please ensure that your child has a hat. It is preferable they wear a school hat but if you cannot find this please bring another hat for them to wear.

  • The children’s snack/ recess needs to be placed in a snap lock bag with their name on it. Their lunch needs to be in a seperate snap lock bag with their name on it. This will make it easier for us to find the children’s recess and lunch at the zoo as we will be placing these in the trolley. Please be mindful the children’s food will not be refrigerated for the day so please don’t bring any snacks that would need to go in the fridge. For example see below:

  • They will not need their drink bottle and will not be taking drink bottles with us. The volunteers will have water and a cup for the children to drink from throughout the day. There is also drinking stations around the zoo.

  • We will return to school at the end of lunch time. We anticipate that we will be able to avoid the hottest part of the day by leaving early and being back at school by lunch time. We also will keep in the shade at the zoo.


Literacy Rotations

Literacy Rotations


  • Create a Christmas song
  • Drawing a nativity picture
  • Write a letter to Santa
  • Write a Christmas card


  • Find a letter – write a Christmas word
  • Draw a Christmas picture on ActivInspire
  • Write what we love about Christmas – Large piece of paper – collaboration
  • Guided sentences and drawing


A fun afternoon of exploration, creativity, collaboration and learning together

  • Christmas craft
  • Paper folding
  • Play dough creations – snowman – reindeer
  • Loose parts
  • Constructions
  • Popup cards
  • Paper planes
  • Laptops




EVIE the Elf has arrived!!!!

Its that magical time of the year again. Evie the Elf has arrived. As the children arrived today a package was waiting for them. There was a letter addressed to the children and a box to unwrap. We read the letter and unwrapped the box and inside was Evie the Elf.

Evie will have a note and be somewhere different each day until the end of the school term. Sometimes she might even move twice a day. After lunch she was having a pom pom bath.

We hope you enjoy watching Evie’s journey whilst she is here with us.

1JM Buddy Celebration

Following our assembly today we had a little celebration of all the children’s hard work. We did some cookie decorating for Christmas and played in log park together.