Math Investigations

This morning we had a math investigation. This investigation was focused on exploring what we know about number. The children had different stations set up where they could explore-

  • One to one correspondence
  • Number lines
  • Ordering numbers
  • Writing numbers
  • Counting on
  • Number 1-100

Our class FROG

Today we welcomed our class frog. We explored what we know about frogs.

What we know about frogs…

TJ- That they hop

Henry- They eat flies

Kaleb- They live in the pond

Carter- They have really long tongues

Tyson T- They hatch baby tadpoles

Josh S- They swim underneath water

Ishaan- They make a sound go ‘ribbit’

Cooper- They live on these little green things

What are they called?

Deng- Leaves

Krish- Lilly pads

Portia- They are green

Ekam- They jump like this (shows movement)

Eziekel- They have got little things on their fingers

Kimzar- They like reading books

Angus- Frogs make the same noise as rabbits


The children then drew a picture of our class frog and drew some of the things a frog might need.



Just the way we are

As part of our indentiy inquiry this week today we read the story- ‘Just the way we are’. The book explores many different family structures and how different they all can be. The children then explored who is in their family. They did this in their black books and then we came back to the mat to share how special everyone’s family is.

Literacy Investigations

This morning we started our day with the calendar, some songs and welcome circle where we sung our classroom song.

We then went for a walk around the school for fitness and did a tour reminding the children about where all the different places are.

We came back and read the story- I will not ever eat a tomato. It is about trying new things.

We then started our literacy rotations. Literacy rotations will usually be on a Monday and Tuesday morning and the children will be working in small groups moving

  • Painting letters and words
  • Matching words and picture cards
  • Tracing the alphabet
  • Writing samples
  • Oral language with characters to tell a story
  • Chalk boards
  • White boards
  • Finding sight words in readers
  • Many other literacy games looking at letter recognition, sight words and building words.

Today was more of a free flow literacy rotation where the children moved at their own pace. This enabled us to move around and document where the children are at the beginning of the year.

Here is the children engaging in their learning.

Getting to know each other- Day 1

On our first day we have done many different activities and games to get to know each other and begin to explore our own identities. Our morning started with some different provocations around the room. These included;

  • Self portrait art, to make our classroom community walls.
  • Hand prints to make our classroom birthday calendar
  • Sanding some wood to make their name piece, these will be use in our sign on area.
  • Name craft- children write their name and then decorate with different materials
  • Jenga people- each child will create an image of themselves on a jenga piece that we will be keeping on our sign in area to show who is in our classroom community.

We want the children to have a strong sense of belonging within our classroom community and because of this many of our lessons for this week will be centred around this.

After recess we went f to the library to choose some books for our classroom.

After lunch we had some relaxation and then we sat down as a group and talked about the classroom expectations. We wanted this to come from the children and for them to lead the discussion on what will make our classroom run smoothly and safely and a happy place to learn and grow. Within this dialogue about safety took place and the children were able to identify what this would look, feel and sound like. The children recorded their responses in their books and then we shared as a group.

We ended our day with prayer and a reflection about how the day went. This included looking for specks of gold. Moments to recap that went well and were special to the children.

Reminder- Tuesday is sports so the children need to be in their sports uniform.

Thank you,

Miss Moore and Mrs Rodgers

Welcome to 1JM and 1MR

Welcome to 1JM and 1MR BLOG

We kindly welcome you to the new school year. We are extremely excited to be your children’s teachers this year and are eager to get to know your children and build a wonderful community full of joy, love of learning and compassion towards each other as the children socially interact and connect in a learning environment that welcomes their individually and uniqueness.

This blog is used to make the learning that takes place within our classroom, visible. We hope you can enjoy using the blog to be part of our learning journey and we would love if you can contribute to it by leaving comments on the blog posts.

If at any time you need to reach us please contact us on;

This blog will also be used to share important information and reminders about our classroom. You can subscribe and if you need help doing so please don’t hesitate to come and see us.

Our library day is Monday children will need their black bags with their library books every day.

Our sport day is Tuesday children will need to be in their sports uniform on Tuesday’s.

We look forward to seeing you all this week.

Thank you,

Miss Moore and Mrs Rodgers