Keeping Safe- What it means to be safe

As we continue our Keeping Safe curriculum learning today we discussed the word safe and what it actually means. For each children this is will look, feel and sound different. We opened dialogue and unpacked this with the children and they were then able to reflect and explore what it means to be safe in their own individual ways in their black books.

Everyone has the right to be safe!

Henry – Being safe means that you have a warm fire place at home or a heater at home.

Chris – Being safe sometime means if someone is being means then you tell a teacher and then you are safe.

Josh – Being safe means you stay in your house away from the creatures.

Shirley – Being safe means someone that you know and they know you and where they tell you to go as that is somewhere safe.

Kayden – Being safe means staying with a parent at all times.

Kaleb – Being safe means staying in a house and don’t run away when no one is watching you.


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