Literacy Rotations

Literacy Rotations are building literacy skills through intentional teaching, small group collaborations, repetitions, observations, play, games, concrete material manipulation, supportive risk taking and student lead learning. The classroom is a buzz activity from each 15mins to the next as the children move through the activities.

Today we had our literacy rotations.

Our letter focus for this week are: q, u, j

Our word focus for this week are: he, had


  • Teacher focus- handwriting letter formation and sound recognition
  • Roll, read and write- letter dice. Roll a letter dice and record the letter that it rolls on.
  • Laptops- finding and writing this weeks letters and attempting to write words that start with this weeks letters
  • Sand letters- print letters into kinetic sand


  • Teacher focus- guided reading sentences
  • Laptops- writing sentences with this weeks words
  • Mini Books sentence writing- he had a…
  • Sight word bingo



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