Writers Workshop

Today after recess we had writers. The children were encouraged to be reflective about their holidays and share about what they got up to. We started with the sentence starter, In the holidays I…



Literacy Rotations

This term we will be adding in some long vowel letter sounds, letter blends as well as recapping the letter sounds we have covered thus far this year. We will continue to add to our work bank of sight words with 2-3 new sight words each week. Rotations will work the same with guided sentences on one morning and a guided letters on the other.

This weeks letters are; ai, s, a, t

This weeks sight words are; she, said, is

A simple poem we will use is ‘When two vowels go walking the first one does the talking’. For example in the ‘ai’ sound it makes a long ‘a’ sound. Rain, pain, train, bait etc.


  • Guided letters; ai, s, a, t
  • Laptops- literacy games
  • ai sound letter sheet
  • Oil pastel letter writing


  • Guided sight word sentences; she, said, is
  • Laptops writing sight words
  • Play dough sight words
  • Oral languge- small world play



Investigations- What do we want to learn about this term

This afternoon we had a discussion about what we wonder about, what we would like to do during investigations and what we want to learn about. Here are some the children’s suggestions. We will take these and build upon their interests and needs over the term to develop their critical and creative thinking skills.

Ishaan- How to experiment.. Like making slime

Henry- Simple science… Like learning new things and how things work and how dinosaurs got extinct.

Kayden- Science.. How to make a real rainbow.

Ayda- How to make a magic wish

Shirley- How to make a puppet and a puppet show

Portia- How do you make a paper car go?

Amelia- I want to learn about cooking, I want to cook chocolate chip cookies

Sarah- How to make origami

Carter- How to make a puppet

Anh- I want to learn about sharks

Jasroz- I want to learn about how to make cupcakes

Ekam- I want to learn about killer whales

Jayden- How to make paper origami things

Dion- Magnets

TJ- Cars, making cars like fast cars

Herman- Paper aeroplanes

Janpreet- Castles

Kimzar- Soccer balls

Cooper- Making plants grow in the dark


Welcome Back!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to Term 2. We hope you all had a lovely break over the last two weeks. We are looking forward to getting straight back into our learning for the term.

Some important reminders are:

  • The children need to bring their black bags every day. Library Day is Monday and the children cannot borrow unless they have their black bag and have returned the previous weeks books. It is imperative that the children are practising their readers at home every day.
  • Sports is on Tuesday afternoons and the children need to be in their Sports Uniform on Tuesday’s.
  • As it is now Term 2 the children need to be in their full Winter Uniform. We ask that you label the children’s jumper’s clearly with their name so that they can identify their own jumper when it is taken off. The children do not require to wear hats until Term 4 now so they can be taken out of the children’s bags until then.
  • Our Assembly is in Week 3, Friday. We welcome all families to come and watch a showcase of some of the children’s learning so far this year.

Thank you,

Miss Moore and Mrs Rodgers

Sports Day Reflections

End of Term 1

Thank you everyone for a wonderful first term of learning within 1JM and 1MR.

We hope you have a restful and fun family break over the 2 weeks of holidays. 

School starts back on Monday the 30th of April. 


Just a reminder our assembly is the end of week 3, Friday the 18th of May. We hope you can all come along to see some of the learning showcased from this term.


Over the holidays if you would like to do any extended learning with your children please read with them as much as you can, go over the letter sounds we have covered this term and also the sight words we have covered this term. 


Today we farewell our beautiful friend Amber as she moves on to a new school. We will all miss her a lot. Good luck Amber. 

(the children wrote some beautiful messages to Amber to fill her bucket) 







Here are some highlights from today’s sports day.

Thank you to all the parent helpers, the children had a great day.

Winner’s are…




Math Investigations

Today we had our math investigations. We are continuing our learning on addition. The children explored this by using the symbols of addition and loose parts to add things together. There was many different number cards and materials for the children to manipulate and use. The children were then encouraged to start to record these sums in their math books.

Here is the children exploring addition:




Sports Day Reminders

These are the teams for sports day.

Children are encouraged to wear a top in their sports teams colour with their sports shorts and sports shoes.

SPORTS DAY – TOMORROW – Thursday 12th April

Students may arrive at school with HAT and WATER BOTTLE from 11.30am after having lunch at home.

We will provide a snack during the afternoon. (Children only bring a HAT and WATER BOTTLE – clearly named)

Students will be signed in by their classroom teacher at 12.00pm and walked to Creaser Park as a group to begin the day at approximately 12:30pm. Since we are off-site teachers will require at least 2 parent helpers for each class to walk down to Creaser Park and help out with track-side duties during the day.

Our events finish at 3:30pm. Students need to be collected NO Later than 4pm.

We will NOT be returning to school, so please collect your child from Creaser Park.

(OSHC – children will walk back to school)

Kind Regards

Michelle and Jasmin



Best Part of ME

In preparation for our assembly we discussed what the best part of us is and why. You will see more at our assembly next term but here is the children exploring why…