Math Investigations

Today we had our math investigation. We started our lesson with some word math problems as a whole class group for example:

At the fair I bought 5 toffee apples. I gave 3 away, how many do I have left?

At school I had 10 cookies for recess. I ate 5, how many do I have left?

After introducing subtraction in our math focus lesson last Thursday, today the children had many different hands on materials across the classroom to manipulate and create their own subtraction sums. They had the symbols of these and were encouraged to remember the process. We used the words- more and less, taking away, how many, what is left, what is the answer and so on.

We are still encouraging the children to just use numbers 1-10 so they can become fluent and confident in subtracting numbers from 1-10.

Once the children feel confident in doing so we then encourage them to go further for example 1-20 and 1-30 etc.

Here is the link to a video on ABC splash. This website is linked to the Australian Curriculum and you can access different materials linked to different subjects and the year level.!/media/1626890/elmo-s-ducks

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