Important Reminders

Tomorrow is our assembly.

We will be in the room from 8:30am for you to drop morning tea into the classroom before moving over to the hall at 8:45am after the first bell.

If you are here after this time you will need to put your child’s bag away, food in the classroom and then move over the hall ASAP. We will be backstage ready to go to start assembly at 9am.

After assembly all families are welcome to join us back in the room for morning tea. Please bring a plate of morning tea to share.

Morning tea will finish around 10.15/10/20 depending on how long the assembly runs for.

The children are encouraged to wear a plain black or white top and dark bottoms. If they want to bring another top to wear after the assembly they are welcome to do so.

The casual day donation is a can for Fred’s Van. If you have not brought in a can already you will need to bring this to the hall as there will be donation boxes and the volunteer from Fred’s Van will take the cans at the end of assembly.

We are all looking forward to the assembly and celebrating after. We hope you can make it.

Thank you


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