First there is an idea – then a plan is created – this is the beginning of their path to learning during investigations.

On Thursday during planning time we talked about Collaboration and Creativity and asked the children to include these in their plans.


Wednesday Investigation


1JM and 1 MR

Reading and Reflections

Today after recess we have reading time. After reading independently or with our friends we reflected about the story in our books. Some of the questions we explored were:

What happened in the story?

Who were the characters?

Did I like the story?

Was it funny?

Where was the setting?



Investigating Data and Graphing

Today we revisited our learning about collecting information and transferring this information into a graph.

Together as a class we constructed a ‘Favourite Ice cream” Tally and Graph.

The children then decided what they would collect their information about – some children collected information about favourite colours, cars, fruit and animals.

The children moved around the room asking their peers their questions to create  a tally of information. Then the children had to create a graph to represent this information.


Today we explore the learner power  – Creativity. – We asked the children:

What is Creativity?

When do you use creativity?

Jayden M – When someone needs help.

Angus – I am creative when it is making time.

Krish – Creativity means you think about something and then you write it and then you can learn some writing.

Henry – Creativity is when you think about something, write it down and then make it and you are a little like a scientist.

Shirley – Creativity when you copy something from your brain.

Sarah – Creativity is a thing that you can make.

Carter – Creativity is when you are making something new.

Tyson – Creativity is making something that was in your brain.

Anh – We dream about something and we can draw and make something.

The children then expressed their understanding about creativity in their black books through drawing and writing.



Today we explored blends – hearing the letters that blend together at the beginning of words.

We explored the concept of blends through song, sharing, discussion, writing and drawing.


Literacy Rotations

This weeks letter sounds: ch, x, y

This weeks words are: because, his


  • Guided reading sentences with teacher- words- because, his
  • Laptops- sentence writing
  • Build a sentence cards
  • Sight words in readers- read and find


  • Guided letter sound with teacher- ch
  • Laptops- ch words
  • Jolly phonics ch sheet with sound and words
  • 3 Letter word card builded and make you own 3 letter words




The Very Hungry Caterpillar- 100 Languages

Today we read the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. This was going to be the platform for our 100 languages lesson this afternoon. We first asked the children what are some things we might learn from reading the book. We had lots of suggestions and some of these included:

  • The order of the days of the week
  • Habitats
  • Foods that we can eat
  • Foods that a caterpillar should and shouldn’t eat
  • Sometimes foods
  • Fractions

This showed us the importance of our group dialogue. When we open up these types of conversation we are able to see what the children have already learnt about the story and the children are able to share this knowledge with each other. Although lots of children have the read this story before, by reading it again gives an opportunity to look at it from another lens.

After reading the story we opened dialogue again and if they learnt something new. Some of these suggestions were:

  • Life cycle of a caterpillar
  • It ate a lot of things
  • Colours of the foods

We asked the children why the caterpillar ate so many things.

  • Because he was just born and he was hungry.

Amelia was asked who the story was made by. We told everyone it was by Eric Carle.

We then said to the children that they were now able to tell us the story in their own ways, in their 100 languages. The children choose to use the laptops, the lego, the home corner, the loose parts, play doh, painting, drawing materials.

Catholic Identity Day -Shared Lunch


Dear Families,

On Friday 29th June 2018 (week 9) our school will be celebrating our Catholic Identity.

2TD and 2IB will be working with 1MR and 1JM on this day. We will be exploring our faith through a series of provocations and our ‘100 languages’.

We will also be having a shared lunch on the day.  It would be appreciated if children could bring a small plate of food to share.  Please note that we are unable to heat any food and therefore, any hot food needs to be brought in to school prior to eating. Our shared lunch will take place at 12:15pm.

We look forward to a wonderful day of learning.


Kind regards,

Nicole Tropeano, Sinead Diotallevi, Michelle Rodgers, India Battifuoco and Jasmin Moore