Math Investigations- Introduction to CHANCE and PROBABILITY

This week in math rotations and math focus lessons we will be focusing on chance. We always start a lesson by finding out within the large group situation what the children know about chance already. We can then use this as a base for our lesson and information we give. It gives a chance for the children to also lead their learning and share with others what they already know.


Identify outcomes of familiar events involving chance and describe them using everyday language such as ‘will happen’, ‘won’t happen’ or ‘might happen’ (ACMSP024)

Krish: Chance gives you something that you can do

Josh: It gives you a warning

Ayda: You can only do one thing

Jaanpreet: Sometimes chances, all the chances are different

Ishaan: It will give you free play and you can do one thing

After our large group discussions we put up the coin toss on the screen and talked about the chances of getting a heads or tails. We then got the children to stand up and we played the game heads or tails. We used the coin on the screen which automatically flips the coin randomly.

The children had to sit down if their guess was incorrect and we kept going until there was only a few children left.

Portia made a prediction that the coin was making a pattern of heads, tails, heads, tails. This was not the case as it ended up being heads, tails, heads, tails, heads, heads. Josh S ended up being the only one still standing as he chose heads at the end when everyone else picked tails.

We then introduced the words likely and unlikely and talked about their meaning.

We then showed a series of different scenarios for example this jar and talked about the probability of picking out the different items in the jar.

We then looked at some statements and sorted them as a class into the correct columns.

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