We read the story Henry’s Map.

ACARA -Interpret data and information displayed in pictures and texts and on maps maps (ACHASSI007, ACHASSI024, ACHASSI040)

Mrs Rodgers showed a picture of a map. It was a map of a park and it included a key and some arrows showing directions.

What can we see on this map?

Hayley: A playground

Is the whole picture of a playground?

Jayden M: Benches

Kaleb: I can see trees.

What else can you see

Matthew: I can see the duck pond and the ducks.

Kayden: there is swings and slides and flowers and the trees.

There is lots of detail on the map. Tell me about the map, how has it been created?

Ezekiel: It has a see saw.

Krish: The map is green and it has parts that tell you where the places are. That can guide you.

There is something different on this map than what was on Henry’s map.

Ishaan: There is East, North, West and South.

Tell me about that..

Ishaan: It shows you where to go.

Tyson: Compass

There is something down the side that we have not used before.. Look at this bit what is this bit? (Pointing to the key)

Josh R: Pathway

Ayda: It shows us what is on the map

Mrs Rodger then explained about the key and the children all read together what items were on the key.

Why is there not ducks on the key?

Carter: Because they are animals

Matthew: It can fit in the duck pond

Amelia: Its not a thing

Shirley: Because animals can move

A map tells us about a space and things that are there, and this is a key and this directs us to different areas but we don’t have things on there that change so there are no ducks on the key.

What is something in our school that doesn’t change?

Jayden B: The school

Kaleb: The courtyard

I have started to make a key, lets label the key.

Green dots might be… Everyone said trees.

What do you think the brown things might be… The dirt, the soil, in the big plant beds.

The squares at the classrooms.

Janpreet: The toilets

Mia: The benches

Matthew: The gate

The children then had a go at making a map of the courtyard in their black books and had a  go at adding a key to their maps.

Some of the children went outside to count trees and look at the court yard to help complete their map. It was great to see the students adding many other things to their map, e.g. four square lines,  number for rooms, stairs




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