CLARA- Collaboration

What is collaboration?

Krish: We work together and we learn

Angus: Learning new things

Ishaan: You can learn whatever you want

Angus: Learning new things from other people

Krish: The teachers teach you and then you learn new stuff

Teamwork and learning:

Ayda: Teamwork is we work together, we don’t be mean and we have to work together to help people

Kaleb: Teamwork is when you don’t what to do and someone helps you

Jasroz: Teamwork is your friends help you and then you write

Janpreet: We help other peoples

Linda: Teamwork is if someone doesn’t know how to make something the other person, makes it for them

Jayden M: Teamwork is someone who helps you, like a friend

Matthew: Teamwork is when you do something that you cant do alone and you work in a team

Anna: Teamwork means you help other people

Jayden B: Teamwork is when you have a partner and its teamwork

Ishaan: Teamwork means you can work with someone else

Crista: Teamwork is a friend that you can help to be happy

Kayden: Teamwork is where you work together and they can help you

Cooper: Teamwork means you can work with any one

Saj: People needs teamwork to help each other

When have you helped someone, or worked with someone, during our learning and in our classroom?

Angus: When we were in the making area and we were making and other people couldn’t make something so I helped them

Shirley: In the making area I saw Sonarita making some cupcakes and I helped her

Portia: Working with Anh and all my other friends and we were cleaning

Eziekiel: Help someone read

Does it always have to be helping?

Angus: No It could be different things

If we were collaborating together what would that look like in a picture?

Johnny: Helping people play soccer

Kaleb: Me helping someone else

Ayda: Helping Anh reading

Krish: A person helping all his friends

Portia: Anh, Ayda and I playing, and singing

Janpreet: Working together with Krish 

Collaborating is learning together, learning with others

The children then made their own pictures about collaboration.

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