Restaurant Excursion

We had a wonderful time and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the restaurant today. A big Thank you to Kelly, Andy, Selina, Cat, Danika for joining us and helping us get safely to the restaurant and back.

Ayda – I like the food and it was fun there and the food was yummy.

Carter – The place was looking good and I like was the food looked like and it was polite.

Krish – I like the spring roll and the fried rice.

Anna – I like the food.

Kaleb – I like the restaurant and I like the fried rice.

Angus  – I like the food because it was nice and I had fun with friends.

Jayden M  -I like it because it was my second time and my Mum came to say hello.

Crista – The food was excellent.

Portia – The food was yummy and I loved the whole place it was beautiful.

Anh –  I like to go there and the food tasted very yummy.

Tyson – The place smelled nice and the food was very yummy.

Mia – The food tasted good.

Amelia – The fried rice was very good.

Matthew – The excursion was good an the food was good too.

Jayden B  – The food was good and the spring rolls and the fried rice was my favourite whole universe.

Sarah – The food tasted really yum.

Johnny – The food was nice and my Mum came.

TJ – The food was yum.

Ezekiel – The excursion was very good.

Josh – I like the food because the food was yummy.

Kur – The excursion had good.

Herman – The excursion was really good because there was lots of food and my favourite was the fried rice.

Thaison – I like the excursion because I got to go to the restaurant.




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