CLARA- Curiosity

Today we explored the learning power of curiosity. We first wanted to find out what the children know about the word curiosity-

Krish: Curiosity means you give your mind everything and think

Jayden M: Curiosity means

Kayden: Curious means think with your brain

Ayda: Curiosity means respect your elders

Carter: Curiosity means you feel good

Tyson: Curiosity means you are learning good

Anh: Curiosity is when you try and try and try

Henry: Curiosity is when you think about something and then you work it out and you colour it or draw it or make it and it doesn’t end up how you want it to be but you like it anyways

Linda: Curiosity is means telling the truth

We then watched this clip from Up. After the clip I opened dialogue about what the children in the clip could be curious about. It was a good opportunity to show examples of things being curious.

Mrs Rodgers and I reflected about the word and the different words associated with the learning powers we have been learning and how the children are differentiating between these. We will continue to build their word bank and knowledge about these and work on being able to tell the different between collaboration, creativity and curiosity.

Curiosity: the desire to ‘get beneath surface’, check things out, find out more about them, ask ‘why?’; the opposite is being ‘passive’.

Henry: I wonder how Bob got from one train to another train that were this far apart.

The children reflected in their black books about curiosity and things they are curious about and why.


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