Music Assembly Reflections

Today we watched some amazing performances as part of our Holy Family Music Assembly. Kayden and Ezekiel from 1MR did an incredible job at being brave and performing all by themselves to perform infant of the whole school.

Krish: I like the assembly because there was music. I liked the drums because of the sound it makes.

Jaanpreet: All the different drums makes some good noises.

Carter: I like Kayden’s song it was very cool. It had good noises.

Hannah: I like the violin because when you play it, it makes very soft sound.

Portia: I like the piano because I want to learn to do piano and they make good songs with it.

Angus: I like the assembly because it had all the different instruments and you can learn how to play them.

The children reflected in their black books about the music assembly. What they liked and why and if they were to learn an instrument one day what would they like to learn.

Here are the children’s reflections:

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