Birds in our environment

Today when we go out to the oval what birds do you think we will see?

Carter – The ones with the very long beak.

Ezekiel – The ones with the long neck.

Matthew – We might see pigeons.

Josh – Normal birds. A bit big and they are grey.

Ayda – We might see the birds that are black and white.

Kayden – That they are magpies. There are also birds with all different colours.

Krish  – In OSHC we see pink and black and white birds.

Thaison – We might see wood peckers?

Jasroz – The big birds have brown colours.

Hannah – Sometimes you can see a swan.

Anna – Sometimes you can see lots of birds flying up the skies.

Sarah – we might see a peacock.

Johnny – We might see crows.

Portia – We might see rainbow birds and see gulls.

Kaleb – We might see might wood peckers.

Tyson – we might see a parrot.

Henry- We might see a kookaburra

Jannpreet – we might see a roadrunner.

We walked quickly and quietly (not to scare the birds away) to the oval with a partner, a clipboard and pencil to record our observations.

We sat on the benches and watched the birds on the oval and flying in the sky. There was a lot of discussion, drawing and writing to record our learning.

Then Mr M came over to join us and told us the big white birds with the long beaks were called an Ibis. Then we walked to the end of the end oval and stopped and listened to other birds that were high in the trees. They were called rainbow lorikeets.

Mr M told us that the trees are grocery stores for birds and bugs – everything they need they can find there and for us to look carefully through the group of trees as they are the natural habitats for bugs and birds.

We went outside the gate to see a long line of ants walking up a tree. We continued walking around the trees at the end of the oval to see what other birds and creatures we could find. This where we found a hole and discovered that this is called a trapdoor spider home. Ezekiel showed a branched to Mr M and then we talked about the birds eating the flowers. We stopped at the trees by log park and discovered a  golden wattle tree.

Then we came back to the classroom.

Now it is  time to share our new knowledge –

Matthew – So we  found out that there were lots of different creatures – some in the sky and some in the trees.

Krish – I found out that big spiders go in a hole.

What is the name of the spider?

Thiason – A trap door spider.

Ayda – Me and Anna found out the black and white birds and some normal birds.

Anna – The black and white birds was poking the holes to get some bugs to eat.

Jasroz – I saw some birds flying at the trees. They were brown.

Ekam  – I saw black and white birds and a magpie.

Dion – Me and Ekam found an ant.

Kayden – Animals have all different kinds things about them, some have long necks and long beaks.

The children drew and wrote about their new understandings in their black books.

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