Today the children spent some time reflecting on all the wonderful learning that has taken place this term. This has included creating some fun memories at the museum, pets day, grandparents day, Moon Lantern Festival, Catholic Identity Day and so on. 

We wish you all a wonderful and safe break from school and hope that your days are filled with love, sunshine and lots of laughter. 

See you all in two weeks for an exciting 4th term. 

In Kindness, 

Miss Moore and Miss Rodgers 

Planning our learning

On Wednesday we planned our learning for the day.

Our books were divided into quarters for 4 tasks to be completed.

1. Construct  a 3-Dimensional shape

2. Writing and drawing a book.

3. Art work

4. Plan and construct.

Reflection of learning outcomes:

Problem solving

Planning process



Risk taking

Spatial concepts

Shape concepts




Leading own learning

Agency of their own learning

Self directed

Pet Morning

This morning we had pets morning at school. Father Sam came and said a prayer and did a blessing over the pets before we watched a pet parade. There were dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, lizards and birds.

These are some words from Father Shibu about the morning ‘this is a beautiful idea of making children express their love and affection for God’s creation. Congratulations to you for this beautiful expression of care for nature’.

Here are the children’s reflections of the morning:

Cooper- The dogs were so fluffy

Dion- I like the dogs and they feel really nice and fluffy

Johnny- I felt a lizard it was orange and spikey.

Carter- I patted a white dog.

Tayln- I patted a very very fluffy bunny.

Kimzar- I saw a lizard.

Portia- There was a black cat and I patted it

Jayden B- I saw Olivia’s dog and it was super fluffy and I licked it me like crazy

Anna- When I touched the dog it was really fluffy.

Angus- I like Henry’s puppies because they looked cute.

Tyson- I liked the pug because it was fluffy.

Ayda- I like the grey rabbit because it was very fluffy.

Matthew- I like the rabbit because its the year of the rabbit.

Jayden M- I like Olivia’s dogs name.

Mia- I saw a black cat and its name was Oreo.

Amelia- I liked Henry’s dad because it was hard and soft.

Hayley- I like Henry’s dog because it was fluffy.

Jasroz- I like Sam’s rabbit because it was cute and sleeping.

Thaison- I liked the bull dog because its skin was smooth.

Kaleb- I like Wally, he was really soft.

Shirley- I like the bunny because it was very cute.

Sonarita- I like the bunny.

Linda- The dogs were very cute.

Crista- I like the puppies because they were cute.

Olivia- I liked all the animals that were in the parade.

Calvin- I like the bull dog because it was funny.

Henry- Well I liked all of the dogs that were in there.

Yianni- I like Henry’s dogs.

Josh- I liked the German Shepard because it was big and fluffy, its a really big dog.

Ezekiel- I like Olivia’s dog because Olivia’s dog barked.

Ishaan- I saw a dog that was like Pig the Pug.

Thierry- I like the dogs because they were soft.

Ekam- Dogs are so cute.

Saj- Henry was dog was fluffy.

Krish- I saw a white rabbit and I patted it and it was very fluffy.

Jaanpreet- The bunny was cute.

Kayden- I liked Carmello’s dog because it licked me.

Literacy Rotations

This weeks sound is: ss

This weeks words are: him, watched


  • Guided sentences with teacher
  • Laptops- publishing writing
  • Sentences – On the weekend
  • Sight word reading and writing


  • Guided sounds with teacher
  • Story Table- Mary Elizabeth’s house
  • Laptops- ss words and sentences
  • Design your own power symbol



Cricket Clinic

Today the children had cricket clinic.

There were 4 skill stations

  • Bowling
  • Hitting
  • Throwing and catching
  • Throwing at the wicket

Here are some photos of them in action.

Writer’s Workshop

Before writing today we reflected upon what we need to remember when we write a story.

When we are writing I need to remember:

Kaleb  – Putting a full stop at the end of the sentence.

Carter: When you are asking a questions you are writing and put a question mark and when you come to the end of a sentence you have to put a full stop.

Portia: When you write you need to sound it out.

Ayda: I put a capital when we are doing some sentences.

Jayden M – You put low case letters after a upper case.

Anna: When you are writing a sentence you need to put a upper case when you are done you have to put a full stop.

Tyson: When you are doing a question in your book you always do a question mark.

Matthew: You have to remember full stops and capitals and you have to do spaces.

Literacy Rotations

This weeks sound is: ss

This weeks words are: him, watched


  • Guided sounds with teacher
  • Story Table- Mary Elizabeths house
  • Laptops- ss words and sentences
  • Design your own power symbol


  • Guided sentences with teacher
  • Laptops- publishing writing
  • Sentences – On the weekend
  • Sight word parter test




Moon Lantern Festival

Today we celebrated the Moon Lantern Festival as a whole school community. This included a wonderful assembly by 2IB and 2TD followed by a shared lunch.

Thank you for the delicious lunch that was brought in today for us to share.

We had a wonderful surprise when our classes won the prize for the best Junior Primary Lanterns.

Portia from 1MR won the prize for the best Junior Primary Lantern.


Assembly Reflection

Cooper: I liked the assembly because dancing and singing

Ezekiel: I like the dragon dancing.

Krish: I saw some lanterns.

Ayda: I like the assembly because I like the sing and I like the Vietnamese song and I like all the Vietnamese kids and my Dad said he saw me.

Johnny: I liked the dragon because it was colourful.

Carter: I liked the dragon and he came near me and he was soft and colourful.

Anna: I liked the assembly because the man was hitting the dragon.

Matthew: In the assembly my favourite was the dragon dance and when Mr White said our name.

Jayden M: I liked the lantern.

Sarah: I like the dragon because it is nice.

Amelia: I like the dragon becasue it was funny.

Tyson: I like the story of the healing tree.

Ishaan: I like that we got prizes and the dance.

Josh: I like the dragon because the dragon shakes it butt.

SHirley: I liked when Mr White said that we won.

Kaleb: I liked the dragon and the colourful lanterns.

Linda: I liked when we were first place.

Dion: I liked the lanterns and they looked really cool.

Mia: I liked the singing and the dancing.

Kayden: I liked Miss Quigley hit the dragon.

Crista: I liked the assembly because the kids were speaking so nice.

Olivia: I liked when they did the dances.

Hannah: I liked it when the two people speak in Vietnamese.

Deng: I liked the dragon because there were teachers underneath there.

Thierry: I liked dragon jumping and when the teachers was wacking the dragon.

Thaison: I liked the dragon and the lanterns.

Saj: I liked when the dragon came.

Angus: I liked when I saw the dragon.

Ekam: I liked dragon because it was big.

Jayden B: I liked the dragon because it was big and was super, super, super large than tow kids.

Calvin: I liked the dragon because it was walking around and I could touch it.

Tristan: I liked the dragon.

Chris: I liked when the peopled were dancing and the dragon was jumping and laying down.

Jasroz: I like the dragon because it was colourful and I like the dancing and the songs and the dragon jumping off.

Jannpreet: The dragon was looking so cool.

Sonarita: I liked the dragon.



Welcome Circle- Sharing Circle

Today in our welcome circle we started with our moving song and then our pledge of kindness which we try to do every day.

We then got into a sitting sharing circle and the children shared the values of our classroom and school. We asked them to think about things that we really care about and things that are important to us. This is what the children came up with as the values for our classroom today:



kids in the school

keeping safe

looking after the plants




being nice







being friendly



taking care of teachers


kind words


take care of our friends

keeping things clean


looking at the teacher