Today we had investigations, we have set up a number of different provocations for the children to explore with:

  • Spring flowers- tissue paper
  • Spring flowers- mixing paint colours
  • The Grinch- Drawing the Grinch and making a costume for him
  • The Grinch- Love Heart Craft- Heart growing 3 sizes bigger.
  • Home corner- Money/ Shops
  • Science- exploring sound with making materials- cups and rubber bands
  • Construction- making a spiral snake

These provocations come from other areas of learning, our shared text, the children’s interests and so on.

On top of these things our classroom is always resourced with loose parts, blocks, lego, craft materials, writing materials, reading, small world, construction and craft, lego, and so on. The children are able to engage with these materials to explore, create and make.

The children have to plan 4 things they would like to do within investigations in their planning books before they move off to play.


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