Math- Measurement

Today we explored measurement using different tools around the room as a unit of measure. The children worked with a partner to measure each others heights. We cut pieces of string to show the height of the children and they then used these on the ground to measure. They recorded their measurements on a piece of paper so that they could compare their partners heights.

The children measured their heights with:

  • unifix
  • gems
  • popsticks
  • logs
  • loose parts
  • blocks
  • counters
  • foot steps
  • pencils
  • textas
  • books

It was a delight to see the children’s collaboration and problem solving skills to negotiate their time and space around the classroom to measure and record each other.

We heard wonderful language of measurement as they said things like “I am 65 gems and you are 55 gems”, “We are the same height, look at us”,

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