Math Focus- Money

Today we looked at the Australian Coins. We looked at what is on each coin and the significance of this and how we can recognise them. We talked about the Queen being on the back of of every coin.

We discussed the value of the coins and which was the most and least in value.

The children then got a set of Australian coins and ordered from least amount to most starting with 5 cents. They had a go at drawing each coin in order and what is on them.




Today we had investigations, we have set up a number of different provocations for the children to explore with:

  • Spring flowers- tissue paper
  • Spring flowers- mixing paint colours
  • The Grinch- Drawing the Grinch and making a costume for him
  • The Grinch- Love Heart Craft- Heart growing 3 sizes bigger.
  • Home corner- Money/ Shops
  • Science- exploring sound with making materials- cups and rubber bands
  • Construction- making a spiral snake

These provocations come from other areas of learning, our shared text, the children’s interests and so on.

On top of these things our classroom is always resourced with loose parts, blocks, lego, craft materials, writing materials, reading, small world, construction and craft, lego, and so on. The children are able to engage with these materials to explore, create and make.

The children have to plan 4 things they would like to do within investigations in their planning books before they move off to play.


Math- Money- 100 Languages

For the next couple of weeks we will be exploring money. As this is the first time we have formally explored this topic this year the children were given an opportunity to share their prior knowledge through their `100 languages. We like to leave this time open for exploration where the children can work individual or with their peers to show what they already know about money.

ACARA: Money and financial mathematics

Recognise, describe and order Australian coins according to their value (ACMNA017)

Here are some of the conversations that took place during our learning this morning: 


Jasroz: Where do you spend money? You spend money at Kmart. I see money in a shop. Money is good for you to spend, you can buy chocolate.

Chris: Money is made out of gold and silver and paper. Some money is different from Australia, China and America. People use money for different things.

Deng: Money is where you need it to buy something in the shop. You can give your money to the shopkeeper then the shop keeper will give you change back then you can get your stuff.

Ishaan: I have drawn different kinds of money. I have drawn coins and notes.

Ekam: Money is used to buy things to eat.

Josh: Money is made out of metal and you use money to spend. You spend money at the shops and you get money from soccer. Money looks different.

Henry: So, this is the bank (pointing to his picture), that’s my dad saying hit to the bank. Thats the markets. That thing is the thing that, this is the computer, this is the printer, that is my daddy ringing the builders “Ok I will give you some of my money a minute”. the things that have the little ball things and the lines on the top are the phone.

Shirley: Money comes from trees. I spend money at the shops.

Cooper: If you are broke you have to wait to be paid. If you have money and spend more money you can get more money back. Money comes from the money thing where you give money.

Saj: You go to work to get money. You get money by shop keepers when they give you change, because I watched Mr Bean and he said “Keep the change my friend”.

Krish: When spend money you can get change. You can get money if you go to work.

Dion: Money is a type steal and it is from the shops and from people. You can spend money on cars and bikes and that is what you can spend it on. You can get money from soccer.

Johnny: You can get money from shops and from soccer.

Thierry: Money is made of criptonoight. You use money for soccer. You can also spend it at soccer.

Jaanpreet: Money never ends. 1000 money is a not a limit of money, money never ends all day long. A lot of people make money.

Angus: We get money from soccer. Money looks different.

Hayley: You can spend money. You can buy food.

Mia: You use money for shopping or buying food or going out. You can get money from the bank.

Talyn: I know you get money from the bank and then you spend it on food.

Linda: Money is for paying for your food. Money comes from machines.




Crista: Money is a $1 to buy something. Money comes from any countries. I see it everywhere. You can make money when you are buying something in the shop.

Tyson: Look I drew a kangaroo on the $1. I coloured it in. I coloured the $1 yellow and I made a $100 and coloured it green.

TJ: You can spend money and you see it at the bank.

Sarah: I have spend money in the shops. When I spend money I buy food like lollies. I have seen lots of money before.

Kayden: You get money from a bank. Money also comes from shops and wallets.

Anna: Some are different and some money in Vietnam are different from Australia.

Jayden B: I made money and I put a raptor clamp around my money. I made some Minecraft money because it looks like it. The cents isn’t Minecraft its Roblox cents.

Sonarita: (drew a picture of someone getting money out of an ATM and some notes and coins)

Ayda: Money comes from Bank SA. You need money to buy things and to get food.

Olivia: To get money you, you need to give money and then you can get money. Money comes from Bank SA

Portia: You can buy things with money and then you get new things.

Anh: Money is good for the world and you can buy anything you want.

Carter: You spend money at the shops. Money can come in different types. If you are lucky enough you might find money on the ground and be able to keep it.

Matthew: Money can be different because some coins have the coin on the back and some don’t.

Jayden M: Money can be spent on food.

Zik:  Money is for paying for your toys.

Kaleb: Coins are made out of gold and silver.

Herman: Money is from a bank.


Children’s questions to follow from today were…. 

Angus: Does money from the military? How does they make the money into gold and into circles?

Kaleb: What is money made from?

Hayley: Who makes money? How did they make $1 coins?

Mia: Where does money come from?

Henry: Is money made out of gold?

Krish: How do they paint money to make it look gold? How do you get gold when you dig and you find gold?

Josh R: How much money is there in the world?

Cooper: How did they make the heads on the coins?

Dion: Is money shiny?

Ayda: How do they make money have a picture of a coin at the back?

Tyson: How do they sculpture the gold into a circle?

Ishaan: How did they make money soft, notes money? How do they make the circle and put the numbers on it?

Ekam: Is money made with diamonds?

Matthew: Is money made out of solid notes?

Yianni: What is the money made of?

Carter: Can paper money be blue, like a $10 one?

Jayden B: How did money be real in life?

Jasroz: How do they make money hard?


Here are the children showing us through their 100 languages about money:



Literacy Rotations- Tuesday

This weeks sound: ck

This weeks words: little


  • Guided sentences with teacher
  • Laptops- holiday picture in active inspire
  • Fluro Texta sight words
  • Handwriting- alphabet on lined paper


  • Guided sounds with teacher- ck words
  • Laptops- ck words and sentences
  • ‘at’ rhyming words
  • Guided reading

1MR and 1JM


Literacy Rotations- Monday

This weeks sound: ck

This weeks words: little


  • Guided sounds with teacher- ck words
  • Silly Sentences- Hand writing
  • ‘at’ rhyming words
  • Guided reading


  • Guided sentences with teacher
  • Guided reading
  • Fluro Texta sight words
  • Handwriting- alphabet on lined paper




Writer’s Workshop

This term we have chosen 9 different Christmas themed books as our shared texts. Each week we will read the shared text on the Monday and then used the book for different activities through out the week within our literacy rotations, writer’s workshop and investigations. Some of the books were chosen for pure enjoyment and fun and others were chosen for their hidden messages about the joy of Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas, the different values underpinned within this special time of the year (sharing, giving etc).

This weeks book is ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’.

Today we read the story as a group and the children then had to write a recount of the story.

Here are the children’s recounts:

Holiday Reflections- 100 Languages

This afternoon the children had an opportunity to share and reflect about their 2 week break with their peers. Through their 100 languages children the children engaged with each other to share what they did, who they did it with, where they went and so on. Here is what they shared:

TJ: I went to the beach and I saw Portia at the park.

Herman: I went to Melbourne and I went to an aquarium

Kaleb: I went to the movie theatre and I saw Goosebumps 2

Ishaan: I went to the movie to watch Small Foot

Henry: Well I went to my Nana and Poppa’s house and also I went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house and I went on a train. I lost a tooth too.

Krish: I learnt how to make slime at OSHC.

Carter: In the holidays I went to Victor Harbour and I drove on the beach and I lost a tooth too.

Portia: I went to the playground with TJ. We went on the see saw.

Johnny: In the holidays I had my sisters birthday and she turned 3.

Hannah: In the holidays my cousins went to my house and their mum and dad went in my spa.

Hayley: In the holidays I went to watch Small Foot with my mum and brothers and sisters.

Angus: In the holidays I went to kids ninja warrior and I got the wall.

Kimzar: I went camping and to grandpa’s house. There was giant buckets.

Dion: I went to inflatable world and got a trophy for soccer presentations at an oval.

Janpreeet:  I was playing robot wars and everyone died in my team.

Sarah: I was cooking with my mum.

Yianni: I played Roblox.

Matthew: I went swimming and I went to the Ninja Warrior Course and I played the piano.

Olivia: I went to the bonfire show and my tooth fell out there when I ate a lolly.

Cooper: I was playing Roblox with my sister.

Josh: I got a trophy for soccer.

Linda: I went to the city and bought shoes.

Shirley: I went to the park.

Mia: I went West Lakes beach with my cousins.

Amelia: I went camping for 2 days.

Anna: I went for a sleep over with my cousins.

Jasroz: In the holidays I went to my soccer training and I got a trophy.

Chris: I went to Church day and night and I had to read a bible at church and I played with my brother and I played with my brother on the transformer toys.

Deng: I went to the gym to learn gymnastics.

Theirry: I went to the park.

Saj: I was playing Roblox all day long.

Ayda: It was my birthday in the holidays.

Crista: I went to Melbourne with my family and I went to my cousins house and we went swimming.

Zik: In the holidays I was fishing and my dad caught a port Jackson shark.

Ekam: I had fun with my mum.

Jayden: I went to my grandma’s house and we played Roblox and Minecraft.

Thaison. I went to St Kilda and saw Small Foot.

Tyson: On Friday I was at my cousins birthday he was turning 8.


Welcome to Term 4 

Wow time flies when you are having fun.

We now enter the last term of the year and we area so excited to have 9 weeks of fun, learning and discovery to finish off our year together.

Some important dates we know already for this term are as follows.

More dates to come in the coming weeks.

Week 1

  • Friday 19 October – Pupil Free Day
  • Sunday 21 October – Spring Fair

Week 4

  • Thursday 8 November- 1JM and 1MR Mass

Week 6

  • Friday 23 November-   1MR Assembly with buddies 

Week 7

  • Thursday 29 November – End of year Mass
  • Friday 30 November-  (Week 7) 1JM Assembly with buddies 

Week 8

  • Friday 7 December – Carols Night

Week 9

  • Thursday 13 December – Last Day of the school year 
  • Thursday 13 December – Year 6/7 graduation
  • Friday 14 December Pupil Free Day

If you have any questions please feel free to email us or come in for a chat.

Thank you,

Miss Moore and Mrs Rodgers