Plural – es


I asked the children –

What is a word that you need to add -es to make it a plural? (Below are their responses)

Church – churches

Tomato – tomatoes

fox – foxes

Brush – brushes

dress – dresses

bus – buses

wish -wishes

boss – bosses

kiss – kisses

catch – catches

match – matches

cross – crosses

Box – boxes

After our collaborative discussion we created mini books to reflect our understandings of plurals.

Literacy Rotations

Literacy Rotations


  • Create a Christmas song
  • Drawing a nativity picture
  • Write a letter to Santa
  • Write a Christmas card


  • Find a letter – write a Christmas word
  • Draw a Christmas picture on ActivInspire
  • Write what we love about Christmas – Large piece of paper – collaboration
  • Guided sentences and drawing


A fun afternoon of exploration, creativity, collaboration and learning together

  • Christmas craft
  • Paper folding
  • Play dough creations – snowman – reindeer
  • Loose parts
  • Constructions
  • Popup cards
  • Paper planes
  • Laptops




Capacity in the sand pit

Today we took our learning about capacity to the sandpit.

The children engaged in dialogue about containers that were full, empty, hold  more and  hold less, that have a bigger capacity or smaller capacity. One experiment the children did was count how many smaller containers of sand it took to fill another larger one.

What a fun morning of discovery.

Exploring capacity

What is capacity?

Sarah : Filling up things.

Thaison: When something is full.

Jayden B: Something that is talking about volume. It is when you get something as large as you want to fill it.

Anna: You have to trace a shape and fill it.

Capacity: The maximum amount that something can hold.

ACARA: Measure and compare the lengths and capacities of pairs of objects using uniform informal units (ACMMG019)

Today we explored capacity through three tasks

  • Tracing our hands and filling it with Cheerios
  • Filling a cup with unfix cubes
  • Tracing a shape and filling it with counters/gems/coins

Today’s exploration was about understanding that capacity  is about how much an object can hold, through filling a space/object with non standard units

You might like to share the below video below about comparing capacities



Today during investigations 1 MR were asked to plan two tasks to do. The two tasks were ‘Writing’ and “Construction’

Planning a writing task:

What can we do?

Kaleb: Make a book.

Anna: Write about your weekend.

Tyson: Draw a picture and make a sentence.

Carter: You can writing sentence

Portia: You can make sign

Olivia: You can practice your writing.

Sarah: You can down what do you wish for.

Kayden: What if we made a piece a long piece of paper and see who can make the longest sentence than each other. You can go on the laptop and go on ABC splash reading games and you can find out lots about animals and write it on active inspire.

Jayden M: You can practice your name.

You can also make a poster or a card

Planning a construction Task

What materials ca you use.

Tyson: You can use blocks

ANna: You can use lego.

Thaison: You can use boxes

Jayden: You can use paper.

Being Thankful

This afternoon 1 MR reflected about being ‘Thankful’ after sharing the story about the American Thanksgiving holiday (which was last week).

Mrs Rodgers lived in American and she enjoyed celebrating this holiday  when she was there. It is a time we spend with our family, enjoy delicious food and think about things we are thankful for.

Carter: I am Thankful for my family for looking after me.

Ezekiel: I am Thankful for food because it helps you survive.

Tyson: I am Thankful for pets because they guide you if you are blind and they protect you from stranger

Anna: I am Thankful for your friends because my friends are kind for me.

Crista: I am Thankful for my cousins because she helps me.

Sarah: I am Thankful for the school because that school helps me learn things.

Matthew: I am Thankful for giving because it helps a lot of people.

Ayda: I  am Thankful for the teachers because they can look after us when it is dangerous.

Jayden B: I am Thankful for my family because they support me.

Anh: I am Thankful for my family because they keep me safe and they give me some food to eat.

Olivia: I am Thankful for the school because we have teachers that teach us different types of things.

Thaison: I am thankful for my parents because they keep me safe.

Kaleb: I am Thankful for my Dad because he plays with me and he is kind.

Jayden M: I am thankful for my family because they buy me stuff.

Sonarita: I am thankful for my family.

Herman: I am Thankful for my Mum and my Dad and my little brother because they help me a lot.

Portia: I am Thankful for my Mum and Dad because they love me.

Kayden: I am Thankful for my Mum because she helps me with my problems and she makes me so happy.

Tristan: I am Thankful for Gma because she looks after me and gets me ice creams.

Kimzar: I am Thankful for my Mum, she helps me.

1MR & 4 AE Buddy Assembly – Proud Teacher Moment!

Proud teacher moment today as my amazing class took the stage with their buddies to perform in the assembly.

They had so much fun sharing their learning with their buddies.

The assembly show cased the learning we loved doing with our buddies – drawing, making things from paper, creating Transformers, dancing and basketball (sports).

After the assembly we reflected:

Ezekiel: I liked doing the basketball dance with Kayden, Matthew and Kaleb.

Anna: I liked our assembly because I liked the prayer.

Ayda: I like the transformers.

Matthew: I was nervous in the basketball dance but I had a go at doing it with everyone watching.

Crista: I liked he assembly because by buddies were there.

Angus: I like the assembly because it has a basketball dance and I like the dance at the end.

Calvin: I liked the bit when they said they were best buddies.

Josh: I liked the basketball bit because it was cool.

Amelia: I liked when everyone was doing transformers.

Jasroz: I like the assembly because it was basketball and transformers.

Thaison: I liked the basketball dance.

Kaleb: I liked the assembly because it was fun doing and doing the basketball dance.

Olivia: I liked dancing to together we can change the world.

Anh: I liked the song we can change the world.

Dion: I liked when they turned into transformers.

Johnny: I liked when they dressed up as transformers.

Deng: IN the assembly I liked the transformers.

Ishaan: I liked the video when they were making the transformers.

Mia: I liked when they were dancing.

Linda: I liked the assembly because there were dances.

Jayden M;I liked when my Dad and sister watched me.

Ekam: I liked the dancing.

Hannah: I liked boomerang dance.

Chris: I liked the different culture dance and the transformers.

Shirley: I liked the transformers as I liked when the people were transforming.

Carter: I liked when I was a transformer
Jayden: I liked the box fort transformers.

Yianni: I liked when they were singing together we can change the world.

Thierry: I liked when they were doing the dance at the end.

Talyn: I liked the transformers.

Herman: I liked being on stage with the transformers

Saj: I liked the National Anthem.

Jaanpreet: I liked how the transformers looked liked.

Sonarita: I liked the transformers.

Kimzar: I liked dancing and transforming

Tristan: I liked dancing and transforming

Tyson:I liked the transformers and when I went in the transformers.

What is weight?

What is weight?

Ezekiel: Weight is like kilograms and how heavy are you.

Ayda: Weight for you to measure when you might to see how much you need for the food.  When me and my Mum went shopping.

Carter: Some stuff you have to weight because they need a certain weight to see if they are right.

TJ: At airports you put bags on those things that show how heavy it is.

Krish: You can measure with something that shows you weight.

Angus: A scale tells you how much you weigh and if you don’t know what number it is you can ask someone to help you.

Jayden B: If you carry something in a car that is big that is so heavy that the suspensions moves.

Jasroz: You can measure with a jar.

We watched a short clip about weight and comparing objects!/media/1225384/heavier-or-lighter-


We went on to talk about buying apples at the shop and how the scales are used.


The students then recorded their own comparisons of weight with objects around the room.

Literacy Tuesday

Literacy Rotations today

1 JM

  • Roll a sight word
  • Alphabet play dough
  • Guided sentences
  • Mini books  – Writing a joke book

1 MR

  • Cards and white boards
  • Silly sentences
  • Magnet letters and word cards
  • Coding sentences