Who is God?

Today (Thursday) we asked the children the question ‘Who is God?’

Planning spaces for learning

Kalab – plant sunflowers

Amber – planting different kinds of flowers

Portia – Planting some fruit and vegetables so then we can eat them.

Ayda – Putting some beans to grow some flowers.

Dion – Planting some seeds so they can grow

Chris – If those plants grow we could some decorations if you want.

Anna – some flowers need water.

Talyn – use one as a bath.

Matthew – we could water the seeds and watch them grow.

Henry – Make it into a table and do art work.

Amber – make mud with it and play with it.

Portia – maybe make a mud cake or castle.

Sarah – put sand in it and make a castle.

Mia – make a veggie soup

Josh – maybe you could make a river with the mud and rocks.

Dion – maybe we could make a soccer garden.

Carter – Make a Christmas garden

Miss Moore showed everyone pictures of different gardens we could make. Fairy garden, truck garden, dinosaur garden, musical garden and so on.

Tomorrow we will continue our planning and record our ideas in books ready for construction of our outdoor classroom.

Using symbols to represent Catholic Identity

We have been talking about symbols in our class and how they are a picture which tell us information. Our class Dojo uses symbols and we used this to start our discussion. We then continued our conversation about symbols for God and for being Catholic. The children then filled a cross with pictures, we will them put these up on our Catholic identity wall.

Literacy Rotations

Week 5 Literacy Rotations Monday

Our letters for this week are: Hh, Mm, Rr

Our words are: my, was

Our sentences are: My food was yum. My food was hot. My food was sticky. My food was cold.


  • Letter knowledge and formations with teacher
  • Gem stone letters
  • Laptop- looking for this weeks letters and writing them in a word document and writing words that start with that letters
  • List of words using this weeks letters.


  • Guided sentences with teacher
  • Silly sentence game
  • Play dough and lego words/letters
  • Laptops- writing out this weeks sight words on the laptop



Super Strength – Empathy


Empathy – To understand how someone else feels.

Empathy is, at its simplest, awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people. It is a key element of Emotional Intelligence, the link between self and others, because it is how we as individuals understand what others are experiencing as if we were feeling it ourselves.

Quote from Dr. Michele Borda – Empathy is “seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.”

Empathy boosts resilience. It is the key to forming the healthy relationships and it enables people to connect with others.

After watching the you tube clip we talk about some other scenarios to explore empathy.


Ishaan- When I get hurt my mum helps me

Henry- Sometimes when I run too fast I fall over and scrap my knee and my mum and dad help me

Yianni-When  my mum needs help I help her

Angus- I can show empathy when I don’t break things that people are making

Saj- When my fall down on the swing my family helps me

Dion- When somebody gets a sore leg I can help them

Deng- When someone slips I can help them

Hannah- I can ask my friends how they are feeling

Henry- When someone is really mean to my friend I say stop she doesn’t like it

Talyn- If my mum burns her hand when she touches the oven by accident I can help her

Josh- If some is playing with the blocks and someone else is going to smash it down tell them not too, because the other person will feel sad

Shirley- If someone pushes someone over I will help them and tell the teacher

Krish- If someone is saying a mean name I can say stop and help the other person

Angus- If someone is not letting someone play I will tell the teacher and tell him to let them play

Cooper- If someone is being bossy I can tell them to stop and tell the teacher

Johnny- If someone says that they don’t like someone else shoes you can make them feel better by saying they are cool shoes

Kayden – So when someone gets hurt you take them to somewhere to get fixed up because they are hurt.

Sarah – When someone gets hurt I will help them

Tristian – When you are scared you run away because it is scary.

Anna – When people can not find their class other people can help them to find their class.

Matthew – when someone feels sad I help them feel better because they got bullied.

Josh – When someone punches them they can go away and tell the teacher. You tell the teacher because the teachers will calm them down.

Tyson – When someone has no friends you can be their friends because they are lonely.

Thaison – I help my brother when he feels sad.

Jayden – I help my sister because I love her.

Ayda – When hurt themselves I calm them down.

Olivia – When they are hurt I get them a wet cloth as it helps them a lot.

Herman – When I run pass the line they feel sad.

Crista – If people have one friends they can be other friends  because the other people will feel sad.

Carter – When someone trips someone over you need to tell the teacher because they are hurt.

Jayden B – When someone gets hurt take them somewhere safe because they don’t want to get hurt again.

Anh – When someone hits the other people someone tells the teacher because they were hurt.

Kaleb  – when someone trips over I will help them and take them to get a wet a cloth because they got hurt.

Ezekiel – when someone gets hurt I will take them to get a bandaid because they are feeling.

The children talked about different scenarios and their feelings and then we asked WHY  – why would they choose the actions after they identified the feeling. e.g. why would you help someone find they class if they were lost – because they were sad.


Today we reflected about being ‘Calm”

As a group we again shared the story “In my Heart” and  today we reflected about the feeling ‘Calm’. The children recorded their ideas using pictures and words – what places, people and things help them feel calm.


Literacy Rotations

Today during Literacy Rotation we loved hearing the children say things like “Yes, I did it.” “Look what I did” “I know how to do that.” “I can show you.”

Within our classroom we are building a confident community of learners and these words reflect that.

Today we swapped tasks (following on from Monday’s tasks), Miss Moore engaged with guided reading and sight words and Mrs Rodgers explored letter formation, sounds and oral language.

This weeks letter focus is: Ss Aa Tt

This weeks sight word focus is: the, and, at

This weeks guided reading sentences are:

Look at the cat. Look at the dog. Look at the frog. Look at me.

The children moved through the tasks confidently and supported each other during their learning.

After the children unlocked all the activities by completing all 4 tasks we went to the oval and the fish farm as a reward.