Celebrating Reading

We have had more children reach their 25 or 50 nights of reading certificate! Well done Kevin, Braiden, Jerry and Emily from 1HA!

We all enjoy reading in class, sharing books with others or reading individually.

Holy Week Presentations

1HA and 1NP Easter Story-Telling

Today we gathered with the classes from the Saint John Paul house and presented our Holy Week presentations to collaboratively tell the Easter Story.

1HA told the story of the Trial of Jesus with their Year 5/6 buddies. Take a look at that here:

1NP told the story of the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday with their Year 5/6 Buddies. Take a look at that here:

The Year 4s and Receptions told the rest of the Easter story for our house. The presentations were excellent, what a great way of telling the Easter story!


This year, we have been doing lots of Bookmaking for our literacy learning.

We have been lucky enough to have a expert bookmaker visit us to help with our bookmaking – Lisa Burman. Lisa helps Miss. Andersen and Mrs. Pinneri with teaching bookmaking and the students with how they can make their books even better!

First, we start our lesson with reading a book.

We are doing a Nick Bland Author study, so EVERY book we read in bookmaking at the moment is written by Nick Bland.

What did you notice while we read The Very Noisy Bear?

Riaan – onomatopoeia BOOM BANG BASH

Abhay – it was too big breaths and he made a sound. He wrote the word SCREECH to make that sound.

Hartley – it’s Big and Bold!

Today we thought of some examples of onomatopoeia

Take a look at some of our bookmaking:


Meeting our buddies

Today we met our year 5/6 buddies for the first time.  1HA are buddies with 5/6ND (Mrs Nicosia’s class) and 1NP are buddies with 5/6JG (Mrs Giancaspro’s class).  We took part in some fitness activities and then sat with our buddies in conversation to get to know them.  We cannot wait to see them again! We will be creating a performance with our buddies for Holy Week.  Check out our photos and a couple of videos:

Nikita and Chloe video

Luka, Mason, Angelo video


Reading Celebration

This morning we celebrated Angelo, Williams, Priya and Owen’s reading – they have read for 25 nights at home! Well done!


Reading and Visual Art

During the week we read the book ‘Frida and Bear’.  The story is about two friends who drew random shapes and the other created a picture out of the shape.  We used our surroundings from the class back yard to adopt a similar form of art.  The children have created some amazing masterpieces!  They should all be proud of their effort.

What is Prayer


Today in religion, we started with a prayer of gratitude for all the work we have been doing at school at the moment. We shared a thank you for our friends and family too.

Then we started a conversation about the different things that prayer means to us.


What is prayer to you?

Abhay – thinking of God.

When we pray we think about God.

Riaan – talking to God.

Layla – talking to God.


What reasons might you pray to God?

Isla – if you’ve been bad you can say sorry and ask for forgiveness.

Sam – we prayed thank yous.

Williams – we can be kind to people and show God our Love.

When we are kind we show God our love.


We watched this video where some other children explain what prayer means to them and the different ways that we can pray.

We then recorded what prayer means or looks like to us to include in a book for our prayer table, take a look:


Science Detectives

Garden Detectives

This afternoon in Science, we were detectives and explored our school to find living things. We took time to watch how these living things were acting and what their external features were.

We found:


a spider

a worm

a ladybird

an ibis

a butterfly

We did scientific drawings of these living things and labeled their features.

Celebrating Shrove Tuesday

What is Shrove Tuesday?


Derek- it’s pancake time. it’s yummy, I had some for breakfast today.

Tri – we are having pancakes because the teachers are trying to make me happy.

Sam – we have pancakes to celebrate Ash Wednesday

Abhay – we have pancakes to celebrate.

Arnav – we have pancakes to celebrate Jesus going to the desert.

Laura – it’s pancake day.

We watched a BTN video that talked about Shrove Tuesday

Williams – Shrove Tuesday is the day before lent starts.

Traditionally, Christians didn’t eat ‘treat foods’ during lent so they had to get rid of them before lent started. They used up things like egg, milk, butter and flour to make their pancakes.

We shared a pancake together to continue this tradition while we talked about what it means to us – did you have pancakes at home to celebrate too?

Pikelets on Shrove Tuesday

Dear families,

This Tuesday 16th February is Shrove Tuesday.  To celebrate the day, we will be providing the students with a pikelet with jam (purchased from the supermarket).  If your child is unable to eat these, please notify us personally so we can organise an alternative.  We will discuss the significance of eating pikelets on Tuesday as we prepare for Ash Wednesday the next day.


Kind regards,

Ms Pinneri and Miss Andersen