The chicks say “Term 3 starts on Monday, 24th July.”

Here’s a few pics of our very big chicks!  Oh, and they want to remind you all that school returns for term 3 this Monday at 8.45am!  The chicks have been attending Chicky Day Care and are learning how to scratch and eat lots of things other than special chicky food.  They also like to peck at shoes, jacket zips, skin, phones, dog noses (yes, they regularly peck the noses of a Dalmatian called Milo and a much smaller dog called AJ).  Here are some pictures of the giant beasts taken this afternoon.  The chicks have grown and are very large, almost as large as the other adult hens they live with.  They still follow me wherever I go but they do peck at my legs a bit too hard!  See you all on Monday  – can’t wait to begin a new term!   From Mrs Papillo.

Friday, week 10

Happy Birthday Mrs Higgs!

Come Read With Me

We love Come Read With Me everyday at school and we encourage the children to continue their reading in the holidays.  Reading is fun and it develops good self esteem and skills for life!  So, keep reading and enjoy some books in the holidays.

 Design and Technology

The students continued making and creating their chicken coops and runs.  The Minecraft users took screen shots of the outside and inside of their chicken coops.


Happy Holidays everyone!! Keep safe and enjoy your break and we will see you next term.


Thursday, week 10

2MP Library

We shared this great book about stories and how this author came up with an idea for Cecil to be in a story!  Even adults have to think lots and lots about their ideas when they write stories.

Kai and Christian and a few other children helped read the story this morning.


Go Noodle

Maths Mini



Wednesday, Week 10

Come Math With Me!!

The students continued making the highest number today using the dice and recording their learning in words and using number sentences.

Design and Technology

We continued to design our chicken coops this morning and after recess the children used their  100 languages to create a model of a chicken house and coop. They either designed alone, in pairs or as a group of 3. Take a look at our galleries to see the amazing creativity of our students on display.


Tuesday, week 10

Music Assembly

Nicky -Rose and Seanna sang beautifully at the special assembly this morning.  Well done girls and you sang wonderfully.

Seanna: It takes a while to learn the song and get it right.  I was nervous and brave.  At the end of the day it is all worth it. I was telling my self not to mess up the song.

Nicky-Rose: I didn’t know the song to begin with but as I practised I got better and I also practised at home so I would get better. Try your best!

Luka: I really  liked the songs.

Ayrton: Everyone is proud of you and your singing.

Kayla:  Olivia, my friend played the violin.

Kai: I liked the drums because I liked the music.

Hasimrat: Pranav is my reading buddy and he is really good at the drums.

Ethan: They were using leadership and strength for the song.

Lilah: They used bravery.

Maths Mini
Today the students did some ‘Quick Think’ Maths. With their page divided into columns, their task was to skip count by various numbers and record as many numbers in sequence as they could, in 2 minutes.

Design a chicken coop and run.

Mr Coad visited us this afternoon and showed us his chickens and the house they live in.  They looked very well looked after!  Our chickens, who now live on Mrs Papillo’s parents farm, are living in a purpose built chicken house but it needs upgrading, so we asked the students to design a new chicken coop and run for them.  This was the design brief:  the chickens need shelter, nesting boxes, a place to run, a roost and a safe environment to protect them from foxes/predators.

Here are the children working on their designs.  Tomorrow we plan to construct a model fro out chicken coop/run. The children may choose to use lego, recycled materials, Minecraft or wooden materials.  Mrs Higgs and Mrs Papillo can’t wait to see what eventuates.

Monday, week 10

During organisation, we looked at the calendar for the month of July. We now know that 3 people are having a birthday in this month.

Come Read With Me

The students worked on their Work Study this morning.



Students continued to work on their personal timelines and life cycle of animals research today.

Ayrton – Mathew and I were looking for baby animals to put on our flipchart.
Mathew – We found a picture of a dog. It was a baby dog and it is called a ‘puppy’.
Arrow – There was a cool website about frogs. A female frog has a different name and the by is called a frog.
Kayla – I learnt that a baby cow is called a calf. I didn’t know that you spell the word with an ‘l’.
Cam – I learnt to choose photos that were of animals in the wild, not ones that are in people’s houses.
Nikka – I worked on my timeline and I finished it!
James – I learnt that octopus have long legs. I saw pictures on Safari.
Jamie – I learnt that re-reading my work is important so that it’s not wrong.
Harsimrat – I learnt how to record my voice on Keynote.
Nicky Rose and Melody – I learnt that Safari is better for dragging pictures from, rather than Firefox. (M) I learnt how to spell ‘because’ by looking at the word on our window (N-R).
Sama – I was working on my timeline.
Phillip – I learnt that shark eggs stay in the sharks’ tummy.
Sam – I learnt how to write ‘clown’ by having a try and then asking Mrs Papillo if it was right and she said “Yes!”
Dev- I learnt how to write ‘turn’ faster for my lifecycle flipchart. One sentence was ‘A baby chick turns into a grown up chick’.
Rahan – I learnt how to drag screen shots onto ActivInspire to make my timeline.
Emily – I learnt that baby rabbits are called kittens, just like cats.
Tyron – I worked on my movie trailer about me. I added things that I couldn’t do when I was a baby like jumping and soccer skills.
Helen – I worked on my personal timeline and finished it. I learnt to add captions to my photos.
Kiara – I learnt that foxes eat racoons. I found out by going to Firefox and typing ‘What foxes eat’.
Michelle – I learnt that when I was little I had two broken arms and legs. My dad told me.

Amira: I did life cycles and it was about a deer and the baby is called a fawn.

Lolla: I learnt about life cycles and I learnt that foxes are born in 11 weeks time.

Kai: I continued my lifecycle , fish eggs are very tiny , about as small as the icons on the tool bar.

Bella: I learnt that a baby pig is called a piglet.

Aarshia: A fish life cycle and that fish eggs are squishy.

Abbey:  Frogs can stay in their eggs for over 9 months.

Amelia:  I learnt not to get fake pictures because some of the animals are dressed up and not real.


Story Writing

This afternoon we continued our story writing from Friday.  We can’t wait to read the middle and ending of the children’s creativity.



Friday, Week 9

Fitness  – Go Noodle

Literacy – Word Study

Students continued to work through their -ing flipchart today, learning about various rules for adding -ing.

Numeracy – Place Value

The students learnt a new game today called ‘Beat Your  Teacher’. It builds on their understanding of place value by having to roll a die and decide where to record the number on the table. Each column determines a different value for that numeral and the aim of the game is to make the highest number possible.

Warm Up:

We modelled the game to the students and then with them, playing 2DH against 2MP.

Mrs Higgs made the highest number!

Playing against each other in class teams.

Main: Students then paired up and opened the game board on their laptop. They awarded points to each other according to who had the highest number and they each read out their 3-digit numbers to the teacher, as well as determine which number was the largest and smallest.

To finish our session, we got together to order a range of 3-digit numbers from lowest to highest. Phillip articulated that you need to look at the hundreds column first to work out the order and then Seanna explained that the tens column needed to be looked at when two numbers had the same amount of hundreds. We then talked about reading the number of hundreds first, and then grouping the tens and ones together when reading the number aloud eg. Three hundred and thirty three. Hence the green highlighting.

Come Read With Me with our buddies.


Literacy – writing a story. 

We watched a video of Aaron Blabey talking about his ideas for writing a story.

The children then had a go at writing their own story this afternoon.



Thursday, week 9


Maths Mini

The children continued with their challenge this morning.  Mrs Papillo really liked the way the children were enjoying this activity and finding patterns in their numbers.


We voted on our favourite book today from the selection of short listed books for Book Week.  Our top three are shown below.  We discovered that many of the books we read talked about the weather!!

Writer’s Workshop

The students worked hard to get their books finished today by using their stamina and leadership skills.  This is Sreyleab’s book about The Seasons.

Personal timelines and life cycles.


At the end of our day Mrs Jones asked the children to share one thing they had learnt today…

Helen:  That 2011 has one zero in it and not two!  I found this out when I shared my timeline with Mrs Jones.

Nathan: Not to waste my time on the internet and using the Chick Pic folder pictures instead, it saved time.

Arrow:  In handwriting I am learning to hold my pencil better.

Cam:  I learned to not to just sit around at lunch and instead to get up and play.

Christian:  In Writer’s Workshop I got some words right and some wrong.

Shashant: I get lots more done when I don’t talk so much!

Phillip : When I made my seasons book in Writer’s Workshop I found out that in  Spring the Royal Adelaide Show happens.


Wednesday, week 9

Come Read With Me


The children were asked what they would like to do for fitness today and they chorused ‘Our dance from our assembly!’

Shared Reading

Today we read Baby Animals again with a focus on names that are given to baby animals.  A cub belongs to a lion, a fawn belongs to a deer etc

We also discussed the glossary words we could include on our display.

Hen – the mother for a chick.

Rooster – a father/boy.

Incubator – a place that is heated for the eggs to keep warm.

Script – assembly script that we used to read and learn our reading parts from.


Our journey today began in Come Read With Me when we looked for words with ing on the end of them.  We had fun making the words on our flipchart.


Today we continued to play the Banker’s Game and we recorded our learning each time we added the pop sticks to the place value chart.  We had some different teachers in the class to help us during this time so the children showed their leadership and tried their best with their recording.  Well done boys and girls!

Tuesday, week 9

Come Read With Me

Shared Reading 

The non fiction book called Baby Animals was introduced today as our shared reader.

What are the 100 languages?

100 languages are…

Luka: Doing something in your own way, its different to other people.

Lolla: When you never give up.

Amelia: Making different things.

Kai: It’s where you make something that’s not the same as other people.

Amira: Using your creativity.

Ethan: Respect.


We remembered what we discussed in handwriting and incorporated some words that end in y and used the rule of dropping the y and adding ies.


We played the Banker’s/Trading Game today with our partner.  We added to our place value chart every time we threw the dice and it was so exciting to reach 100, 200, 300 and so on!  Check out our learning…

We couldn’t help ourselves and danced to Who’s That Chick? for a brain break/fitness this afternoon.

The students then got to watch themselves on the screen, as we viewed footage of our Assembly from start to finish. The class was very proud of their achievements and enjoyed laughing along with the audience at all of the funny moments.