Thursday, week 7

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Maths Mini

Add it up.



Calendar Inquiry – the seasons.

During our calendar inquiry, some children have included the seasons on their calendars and matched them to the months of the year.

We listened to a song about seasons then talked about the four seasons of the year.

Djaran: ‘The song has the word ‘fall’ in it, we don’t use that word, we use autumn instead.’

Summer, autumn. winter, spring.

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Abbey:  “There is a pattern, it repeats.”

Seanna: “There is always 3 months in one season.”

Sama: “The pattern has  a term of 4.”

The children found their season group and then discussed what their season looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Summer: Hot. Sun shines bright.  The sun is made of fire.  Beach.  Pool.

Autumn: Leaves change colour and fall down.  You can hear the leaves on the ground.  Rustle.  Crunch.

Winter: Rains a lot.  Very cold.  It sometimes snows in other countries.  You can hear the hail hitting the roof.  Thunder.  Wet.

Spring: Lots of insects, flowers grow, grass gets greener, farmers feed their plants.

The students started writing a book about the seasons.

Assembly Practice

This afternoon we spent time rehearsing our assembly.  The children are improving with their reading parts and they are becoming very excited about performing next Friday in front of the school community.


Attention Parents

Please check your child’s jumpers and jackets and ensure their name is clearly written on it.  If you have someone else’s item of clothing please return it to school and we will return it to its rightful owner.

Thank you and enjoy your evening.

P.S. Our class assembly is next Friday – don’t forget !



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