Tuesday, Week 8

‘Come Run with Me’

The sun was out today and it was hot! – Phillip
Even with my stomach hurting, I kept going. – Christian
Sometimes when I run I can feel my heart beat. – Harsimrat
Even though my legs were sore I held the pain and kept going. – Arrow
I set a goal today and I accomplished it. I wanted to run 10 laps and I did. – Abbey
I wanted to beat my score from last time, which was 4. I got 5 laps this time. – Rahan
I ran 1800m. I ran 10 more laps compared to last week. – Mark


Maths Mini 2DH

How far did you run? How did you feel?

Numeracy – Geometry
Hidden Shape Game

Warm Up: Mrs Papillo and Mrs Higgs modelled how to play ‘The Hidden Shape’ game.
Mrs H had the hidden shape and Mrs P had to ask questions that could be answered with a “Yes” or “No.”
From the questions asked, shapes were then covered up or eliminated, until there was only one shape left – the hidden shape.

We used our knowledge of lines, sides and corners to help us construct questions such as:
– Does the shape have 4 sides? (Lines that the shape is made up of)
– Does it have parallel lines? (2 lines that will never meet)
– Is it regular? (All sides and angles are the same)
– Does it have any curved lines?
– Does it have a diagonal line?

Main: The students then paired up and played with each other, using their geometric reasoning and questioning skills.

To reflect on our learning, we used a Venn diagram to compare the similarities and differences between 2 shapes. We studied their properties and organised our ideas. We need to know and notice what is different about shapes in order for us to answer questions that help us to eliminate options/possibilities.

Literacy in 2DH – Narrative study

Following on from our numeracy lesson, students once again used a Venn diagram to record their thinking. This time they worked with a partner to compare two different versions of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. We read the second story after lunch and then got to work, analysing what was the same and what was different.

Check out our comparisons…

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