Thursday, week 8

Maths mini

This morning we reflected on Tuesday’s Come Run With Me.  The children used their 100 languages  to record their data.

2MP Library

2MP & 3/4 CM Assembly rehearsal

Class Prayer

Prayer hosted by: Seanna, Amelia, Helen and Cam.

Feeling Safe


Last week we drew our hands and wrote the names of 5 people we trust -Kai

Trusted people are people we know, they are not strangers – Shashant

The people on our network are people we know really well – Lolla



Today we recalled the 3 parables we have shared over the past few weeks – The Good Samaritan, The Sower and The Lost Sheep.  Each story holds a message that Jesus wants us to learn and use as we live our lives.  Mrs Papillo introduced a new parable today called The Prodigal Son or the Lost Son.  A message from this story is to forgive others even when you find it very hard because of feelings of anger or frustration.  We plan to be forgivers and reflect on how we have gone in next week’s lesson.





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