Tuesday, Week 10

Tomorrow, the whole school will be involved in the ‘Growing with Gratitude’ program. The Crows will visit and make a presentation from 9:30 – 10:20 am about how we can all live a happier life by showing gratitude and thanks for the things we have.
If students have any navy, red or yellow colours or Crows apparel, they are welcome to wear it to show their support. Please don’t go out and buy anything!!!!!

Image result for crows growing with gratitude

‘Come Run with Me’
It was a beautiful morning for a run.

Maths Mini in 2DH
Reflection and documenting of ‘Come Run with Me’.

Visual Art

Inspired by our work in the area of line and shape, students began to explore some visual art provocations today. They will have the opportunity to explore what interests them at their own pace throughout the week and we look forward to sharing with you our progress and creativity.

Provocation #1


Provocation #2

Provocation #3

Provocation #4

Provocation #5

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