Monday, week 1

Can you please help?

2DH and MP will be running the ‘Ice Cream’ stall at this year’s Spring Fair. We are required to employ the help of parent volunteers to sell ice creams on the day, for 1 hour blocks of time.

Our stall will run from 11 am until 5 pm. If you could kindly nominate yourself, husband, wife or any other family member/friend to spend 1 hour helping us out, we would really appreciate it. We have a sign up sheet/roster attached to our classroom window or alternatively, please respond to this post regarding which hour you are available. 🙂

‘Come Read with Me’

We looked at the events for October and we are all excited about the upcoming Spring Fair, this Sunday.


Before it got too warm, we took advantage of the great weather and headed out for some fitness fun. It was great to play with our friends again!

Science – Water and our body

After our exercise, we realised that we were all super-thirsty! This chat lead well into our Science learning, which will revolve around ‘water’ this term.

Provocation/prior knowledge:

Why do we need water and how does it help our bodies?

Kayla – You can’t live without water for more than 7 days.
Ethan – It keeps you hydrated. That means that your body is made of water and when you sweat or cry, water comes out of you.
Lilah – You might feel dizzy when you are dehydrated.
Seanna – Maybe if you don’t have enough water, you can get a headache.
Sama – You can feel sick without water. The next day I started vomitting and all of the water came out. I go dehydrated.
Arrow – When I was sick I had a giant dot on my tongue. When I drank water it went away.
Lolla – After fitness my tongue was dry. I knew I was thirsty.
Rahan – After exercise you can get dry lips. Water can help.
Christian – If you don’t drink enough water your wee goes really yellow.

Tuning In:
We watched a couple of video clips to learn some more about the importance of water.

Students then had access to a Flipchart with many internet links.

They used these sites to research and investigate the following questions:

Some research so far…

Numeracy – Capacity

Following on from our water research, we explored the provocation:

How much water/liquid does your drink bottle hold?

Mrs Papillo and Higgs looked at both of their drink bottles and how they were alike and different. Mrs H noticed that her bottle was marked with a 1L mark and that Mrs P’s said 500mL. We discussed how this was a standard unit of measuring how much liquid or amount of a substance something can hold.

From our Science learning, we found out that children from 5-8 years of age should be drinking 4 cups of water per day. Adults need to consume 8-10. We then wondered:

How many cups is 1 Litre equal to?

We used a measuring cup and found that it could hold 250mL. We tipped out the contents of Mrs H’s drink bottle and found that it held just over 4 cups of water.

Each student received a plastic cup with their name on it. It was also marked with a line that determined where 250mL was. They then filled up their bottle and went outside to see how many times they could fill up their plastic cup with the contents.

Pouring and measuring the capacity of our bottles…

Sam – My bottle holds 2 and a bit cups of water.
Kayla and Emily – Our bottles held the same amount of water. 3 cups!
Michelle – My bottle is very skinny. It could only hold 1 and a bit cups of water.

From this learning we will use our cups to keep track of how much water we are drinking in a school day. Stay tuned…

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