Tuesday, Week 1

‘Come Run With Me’

We started by warming up and doing some stretches to prepare our bodies for running or walking this morning.

Maths Mini – 2DH
Students reflected on their learning from yesterday.

Numeracy – Exploring Capacity

PART 1 – Having fun with water!
Students went outside to fill up a range of containers using different-sized measuring cups. They used one size of cup to fill a container of their choice and then re filled it using a larger or smaller cup. They discussed the different results that they got and realised that smaller cup sizes take longer to fill up a bottle to its capacity and require more pours, whilst the larger cups require less filling and pouring.

PART 2: Predicting and ordering capacity of various containers/jars



After passing all the jars and containers around, students made some guesses about which receptacle would hold the most and least. We couldn’t all agree on one so we listed a few…



We discussed how the shape and size of the containers affected the amount of water that they could hold.  We noticed that bottle ‘G’ was the same width and shape as vase ‘E’ except that it tapered in to a narrow opening at the top, whereas E continues its cylindrical form all the way to the top. Kayla explained that even though the container ‘F’ was not very tall, it was wide on its base so that was why it could hold so many cups of water.


Modelled reading -this afternoon we read the book Little Red Riding Hood, retold by Joy Cowley.  We discussed hoe some stories are rewritten by people who add a ‘twist’ or add another element to the story.  Tomorrow we plan to watch a short film about the story to see if it is different to the one we heard today.

After reading the story the children recounted the main parts of a story – beginning, middle and end.

Mini maths fun – the Memory Game.

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