Thursday, week 1

Diwali Assembly


We shared this beautiful book today about a seagull. It reminded us of another book we read not so long ago about a bird that got caught up in a plastic bag.

Kai: There was lots of rubbish on the beach.

Abbey: Rubbish makes the beach look yucky.

Nathan:  The problem of the story was that the seagull was caught in fishing line.

Luka: The solution to the story was a kid saw the seagull and helped it by taking the line away.


Punctuation –

The students completed their own reflection on punctuation and then gave some examples.



We discussed Diwali and Aarshia said it is also the festival of lights.  Many of us celebrate the traditions of different religions.  Today we explored the Catholic calendar and how many of our celebrations are celebrated every year in a continuous cycle.

Amelia:  In Poland we celebrate Children’s day.

Aarshia: Diwali

Seanna: Christmas

Christian: Easter

Kayla: Birthdays

Harsimrat: The India festival.

Here’s what the children came up with:



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