Monday, Week 2

We would like to pass on our gratitude to all of the parents from 2DH and MP that volunteered some time to help run the Ice Cream van yesterday. The Spring Fair relies on the generosity and support of the whole community and we simply could not have had such a great and smooth-running day without your support. Thank you!!

‘Come Read with Me’

Guided Reading

Today we introduced and began a new rotation.

Guided Reading

Word Study 2: Rainbow writing

Word Study 1: Homophone Hunt and meanings

Writer’s Workshop

Numeracy – Fractions


Warm Up:

Origami making

Here are our pack of puppies!

Christian: First it was a square and I folded it in half and it created a triangle.

Amelia:   Fractions means something  that is divided in half.

Bella: A quarter is something is you halve and halve again to make quarters.  There are four equal parts.

At lunch time we were interested to see how our lunch was cut  – halves, quarters or are the sandwiches left whole?





Finishing off our workLiteracy and Science – this afternoon we had some  finishing time to complete  work from last week.  Science:  Water and our Bodies  and Literacy: Little Red Riding Hood Venn diagram.


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  1. We had a great time at the fair yesterday. I really enjoyed working on the ice cream 🍦 stall. Thanks, Nina Garrick 😊

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