Thursday, week 3

Maths mini  –  Using Come Run With Me data and PMI.

Year 2 Mass

Our class spent a delightful time with Father Francis this morning as we celebrated All Saints Day.

Fitness with Mr McCarthy

Mr McCarthy used his fishing rod and fish to reel in the kids as they chased the fish into shore!  We had heaps of fun!

SA Water Incursion

Some reflections…

Seanna:  Dirty water needs certain types of things to get it clean.

Shashant: Filters help dirty water get clean.

Lolla: There are positive and negative chemicals in the water and they stick together.

Phillip: I didn’t know that water can stick on a glass or cup.

Nikos:  When you have  balloon and put fire on the bottom the water at the bottom of the balloon stops it from popping.

Isaiah: Water takes the heat away from the flame.

Tyron: The water was cold and took the heat away, but when he put the flame at the top where the air was, the balloon popped.

Amelia: Water can stick and stick to a rope and little bugs live in the water that you can’t see.

Ethan: There is so much dirty water we make and we need to clean it.




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