Wednesday, Week 4

Come Read with Me



Numeracy Investigations #4

Halving, quartering and symmetry investigation

Fractions investigation

3D shapes and their properties investigation

Shape transformation investigation


Fractions Game – ‘The Last Piece’

Guided Reading – Final Rotation #5

We did not have the time to take many photos today so we apologise for the lack of photos.  Sometimes we get caught up in the learning together and we don’t like to walk away from the children when significant learning is occurring.  Thanks for your understanding. If you would like to discuss this further, please chat to Dani or Margot.


Word Study – homophones

Guided Reading

Word Study -Rainbow Writing

Re reading an Writer’s Workshop 

2 thoughts on “Wednesday, Week 4

  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog entries that you have given us this year. What you and Mrs Papillo display is absolutely amazing and very detailed. We get to see more than a snapshot of the learning that takes place in the classroom. I look forward to seeing the entry every day. You go above and beyond with the work that you both put in and I know that other parents would feel the same. Thanks again, Nina Garrick. P.s I would love Sam to be in either of your classes next year😊👍

    • What a lovely message that has certainly ‘filled our buckets’ Nina! You are very welcome and we know that parents like you take a lot out of what we put up on our blog. Your responses and feedback throughout the year has certainly encouraged us to keep putting out the information and to know that the students’ learning is valued and shared at home.
      We love our group of learners so much and would love nothing more than to follow their journey into Year 3.
      Thanks again for your support Nina!
      Dani and Margot

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