Monday, week 5

REMINDER: Please return the St Kilda Mangroves excursion consent form ASAP.
So far we have Kavitha (Sama’s mum) and Nina (Sam’s mum) volunteering to attend with 2DH and
Dina (Bella’s mum) for 2MP. If you can come with us next Tuesday, please let us know.

Come Read With Me

Mrs Higgs and Mrs Papillo are so proud of the great reading we are hearing at the moment. The students have spent the year practising and taking on board advice from their teachers in order to build their reading strategies.

Shared Reading  – The Three Little Pigs, read by Mrs Higgs.

The students are preparing to write their story planner today.  The story will be based on one of three traditional fairy tales – The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Each story will be shared again, throughout the day to help the students prepare for their planning.

Numeracy – Clocks and Time (Prior Knowledge Task)

Carols Practice – Year 2 Crew

We headed over to the Hall straight after recess to learn some dance moves and actions to our song ‘Must Be Santa’.

It was hot and sweaty work but the students demonstrated great persistence to keep concentrating and trying hard to remember what came next. (See the link on our blog home page to view video for at-home practice)

Literacy – shared reading, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

It was mRs Papillo’s turn next to read the second fairytale that we have studied.

Literacy – Narrative Study

After re-reading the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’, the students finally got to begin planning their own narrative. They chose which of the three traditional stories they wanted to base their own on and began plotting their ideas onto a story organiser.

The finished plans so far…




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