Tuesday, week 5

Aarshia asked “What time will we have brain food this morning?”

Mrs Higgs replied “At 10 o’clock.”

Luka and Kiara showed what 10 o’clock looked like on the clock faces.

Literacy – story planning and making a cover for our special writing book.

The students continued to plan their stories this morning.  Once finished, each student was ‘conferenced’ by the teacher, where they talked through their planner from the beginning, the middle and the end.  Whilst some students waited for their turn with Mrs Higgs or Mrs Papillo, they were invited to use their 100 languages to make a cover for their special writing book.  They could include any ideas, such as characters, settings, ideas etc.

Maths mini



Circular Pattern Task: Design a term that contains 5 elements.


Seanna: That every fifth element means one hour.

Melody: My hoop was wobbly but we still made a circle.

Djaran: Every 5 times the number grows by fives.

Rahan: The markers in the middle show halves and quarters.

Nikos:  The number 1 means 5 and 2 means 10 and 3 means 15…number 9 means 45 … and 12 means 60.

Kiara: The numbers mean the groups of 5.


As part of our water inquiry, we investigated bodies of water today using Google Maps on our computers.  As a start, Mrs Papillo found St Kilda Playground and the St Kilda Mangrove Trail.  We discussed the map image and the satellite images and found that the map images are clearer to view.  The students then explored South Australia by searching for bodies of water  – lakes, reservoirs, rivers, oceans etc.  Here’s a look at what we came up with:






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