Monday, Week 8

Mrs Higgs will be absent on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, as she will be attending a course called ‘Cognitive Coaching’, along with a number of other teaching staff. There will be a Relief Teacher in the room and of course, Mrs Papillo will still be available if you need anything, along with Mrs Jones on Thursday. She will see everyone again on Friday for our Assembly!


Come Read With Me


Assembly preparation in the hall.

Assembly reflection…

At the end of our big practice this afternoon the children reflected on their performances by sharing some thing they did well and some things that  they need to improve on and how they can make their performance better.  The students were very honest and provided some great feedback.

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Wednesday, Week 7

Come Read with Me

Literacy – Assembly Speaking Parts and ILT

Groups of students worked with Mrs Higgs, Mrs Papillo and Lily, Grace, Sienna and Jane from the 6/7 classes to practice reading their assembly parts. Once again, we worked on developing their confidence, fluency and expression.

Whilst this was happening, students had:

Writing good copy of Creation prayers:

Numeracy – Place Value Laptop Task

After recess we had a run through of the script together and worked out where to stand on stage for the various parts. We are all very excited about next Friday and hope that lots of parents and friends can make it along to watch!

**Parents, please encourage your child to keep practicing their part every night. This will help us with the flow of the presentation, so that the reading is not so stop-start.


Shhhh, it’s a secret…

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having lovely long weekend and are enjoying the sunshine.

It’s Mrs Papillo’s birthday tomorrow and it would be really lovely if she was able to receive some hand-made birthday cards from the students.

If anyone has time and a few craft materials lying around, please feel free to make something special for her.

Thanks everyone and please, don’t write back to this post as she will get notified to approve it via email.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs Higgs 🙂


Thursday, Week 5


Unfortunately our Mission Mass got cancelled today and will be rescheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 am.

This was due to a mix up of days and the Priest will be here to celebrate with us tomorrow instead. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused and we hope to see you tomorrow instead. If not, please keep Friday, Week 8 free for our 2DH and MP Assembly.

Library 2MP

Library 2DH 

I gave ‘Gary’ an 8/10 because it was more interesting than ‘All I want for Christmas is Rain’. I was a bit interested in today’s book because my nana lives in the country but she doesn’t have a farm. – Seanna

I liked the story because Santa made the little girl Jane’s wish for rain come true. -Tyron

I learnt that rain is important for people on farms. – Rahan

I noticed an emu, horses and people came to the farm and they maybe wanted to buy some food now that the land was better and green. -Kayla

Maths Mini 2DH 

‘Add it up by 5’, starting at number 3.

“The pattern of the units goes 3, 8, 3, 8, 3, 8, 3, 8!!!” shouted many of the kids, as they came across this repeating sequence.

Chick fitness

Today was the first time that our little babies got to enjoy the sunshine and feel the grass under their feet. They loved flitting around and have become very confident and used to being handled.

Shared Reading – Chicken and Egg non-fiction text

The students listened to facts during the reading today and went back to record some of their own facts into their Chick Diary. Tomorrow we say goodbye to our feathered friends and we will record our last entry.


  • Wear casual clothes and bring a gold coin donation.
  • Bring no more than $5 to purchase ‘tokens‘. Students will swap their money for tokens so that they can buy items from the various stalls that will be set up.
  • If ordered, students will receive soup and a bread roll for lunch.
  • Canteen will be closed and recess and lunch food will need to be brought from home if soup has not been ordered.
  • 2DH and MP Mass – 11:00 am in the Hall.

We are looking forward to a great day!


Wednesday, Week 5

Numeracy – Pattern and Algebra

Students began exploring other skip counting patterns today and used a number line, rather than a 100 chart to plot the numbers. Some numbers were easier to see a repeating patterns in the units or tens column than others.

Dance practise – Who’s That Chick!

Don’t forget – whole school Mass tomorrow at 11:30 am in the Hall!

Tuesday, Week 5

Please come and celebrate our ‘Mission Week’ Mass. 2Dh and MP will be hosting the Mass and it will take place in front of the whole school. Needless to say, we are all very excited.

When: This Thursday, June 1st
Time: 11:30 am
Where: In the Hall

Hope you can make it!


News, news and more news !!

It seems nature is at its best when things happen unexpectedly…

Many of our caterpillars escaped over the past fortnight and made a cocoon somewhere in the classroom.  Now they have reappeared as if by magic!

Come Read With Me 

Shared Reading

This morning we read the text Chicken and Egg.

We discussed fact or opinion using the text.

Amira: Everyone has a fidget spinner – opinion

Jamie: Apples grow from trees – fact

Arrow: The moon and the sun are connected to the solar system – fact

Amelia: Everyone likes Shopkins –  opinion

Tyron: Motorbikes are dangerous – opinion

Mindful Handwriting


Calendar Inquiry:

Bella: I learnt that all the months start on a different day.

Helen: April started on a Saturday.

Phillip: February and March both started on Wednesday this year.

Mindful Chicken Business

Chicken Diary- day 7


Monday, Week 5

‘Come Read with Me’/Maths Mini

Numeracy – Pattern and Algebra

Students worked on their ‘5 patterns’ from last Friday.

We then came together to explore the number pattern that emerges when we count by 5. We broke the numbers down into their 2-digits or tens and units and looked at what was repeating.

Students recorded this into their Numeracy Journals and then helped to record and count by 5, all the way to 200, starting with the tens first and adding on the units.

Checking out the chicks!
We were very excited to hold the chicks again and they were still fluffy. Some pooed and some were flapping very fast! Their wings have grown longer feathers and their necks look longer too. When they were running really fast they looked like ninjas and they kept jumping on each other and crashing into each other. Melody saw that the ‘egg tooth’ on their beak had almost disappeared. Our chicks are growing up!

Religion and Art
Students completed their Creation artwork today, which they began on Friday. All collages represent various aspects of God’s creation and the natural world and are unique to the individual artist.

Fitness – Dance ‘Who’s that Chick?’

On a lighter note…
Mrs Higgs; mother, teacher, dancer, sister, daughter, wife, chick-rearer and now…. TV star!!
Last night on the Channel 7 News I had my 5 seconds of fame, talking about the advice I was given for when to start my son Will on solid food. I’m sure those that saw the clip would have got a big surprise. It was a fun experience and one that Will and I will look back on fondly.

Friday, Week 4

Please come and celebrate our ‘Mission Week’ Mass. 2Dh and MP will be hosting the Mass and it will take place in front of the whole school. Needless to say, we are all very excited.

When: Thursday, June 1st
Time: 11:30 am
Where: In the Hall

Students were given their speaking parts on Wednesday and we hope that lots of practicing is happening at home. Unfortunately not all students will have a speaking role but all will be involved in our upcoming Assembly in Week 8.

Hope you can make it!

Come Read With Me

Chickens on the run…

This morning the children experienced the chickens through touch and described how they felt.

Chicken diary – Day 5

Numeracy – Patterns of 5

Religion and Art – God’s Creation

We read the Genesis 1 Bible account of how the world was made. Students listened to the story 3 times and as they listened, they sketched the elements that stood out to them.

After the readings, students then were given the task to create an artwork that symbolised God’s creation. They could use magazines pictures, drawn images and words to construct a collage piece inside a circle shape, which signifies the shape of the world. These pieces are a work in progress and will be finished next week.

Wednesday, Week 4




When we arrived at school look what we saw!

National Simultaneous Story Time

Many classes gathered in the hall this morning to listen to the story “The Cow Tripped Over the Moon.”

Chicken Diary and observations…

We have been using our senses by observing and listening to our eggs and chicks this morning.  The children and teachers are all so excited about the birth of our baby chickens.  How wonderful is God’s creation!  We ahem been very lucky to observe first hand this wonderful experience.  The children worked on their Chick Diary by recording their observations in writing and drawing.

What can you see?

Our class chick diary for day 3.


Who’s That Chick?