Monday, Week 2

We would like to pass on our gratitude to all of the parents from 2DH and MP that volunteered some time to help run the Ice Cream van yesterday. The Spring Fair relies on the generosity and support of the whole community and we simply could not have had such a great and smooth-running day without your support. Thank you!!

‘Come Read with Me’

Guided Reading

Today we introduced and began a new rotation.

Guided Reading

Word Study 2: Rainbow writing

Word Study 1: Homophone Hunt and meanings

Writer’s Workshop

Numeracy – Fractions


Warm Up:

Origami making

Here are our pack of puppies!

Christian: First it was a square and I folded it in half and it created a triangle.

Amelia:   Fractions means something  that is divided in half.

Bella: A quarter is something is you halve and halve again to make quarters.  There are four equal parts.

At lunch time we were interested to see how our lunch was cut  – halves, quarters or are the sandwiches left whole?





Finishing off our workLiteracy and Science – this afternoon we had some  finishing time to complete  work from last week.  Science:  Water and our Bodies  and Literacy: Little Red Riding Hood Venn diagram.


Wednesday, Week 1

REMINDER: Casual Day tomorrow. Please donate a plant or bring a gold coin for the Spring Fair.

SUNDAY = Spring Fair
-Ride Passes still available for purchase from Office until Friday.
-Please note that no passes will be sold at the Spring Fair.

Thank you for our volunteers so far who will be selling ice creams at the Spring Fair.  WE would still like helpers if you can manage to fit into any of the time slots – many hands make light work!!



Numeracy – Measuring Capacity

Warm Up: We looked back at our blog post from yesterday to help refresh our memory and to use the photos as a spring board for making learning connections.


Some examples…

Literacy – Narrative study

We watched an animated version of the Little Red Riding Hood story.
It had an interesting twist at the end and a surprising set of new characters…

The students mapped out the film version into an organiser as we did yesterday for the book version.  The students  then looked for the similarities and differences between the book version and the film version of the story.  Here is an example of some work using a Venn diagram.


Tuesday, Week 1

‘Come Run With Me’

We started by warming up and doing some stretches to prepare our bodies for running or walking this morning.

Maths Mini – 2DH
Students reflected on their learning from yesterday.

Numeracy – Exploring Capacity

PART 1 – Having fun with water!
Students went outside to fill up a range of containers using different-sized measuring cups. They used one size of cup to fill a container of their choice and then re filled it using a larger or smaller cup. They discussed the different results that they got and realised that smaller cup sizes take longer to fill up a bottle to its capacity and require more pours, whilst the larger cups require less filling and pouring.

PART 2: Predicting and ordering capacity of various containers/jars



After passing all the jars and containers around, students made some guesses about which receptacle would hold the most and least. We couldn’t all agree on one so we listed a few…



We discussed how the shape and size of the containers affected the amount of water that they could hold.  We noticed that bottle ‘G’ was the same width and shape as vase ‘E’ except that it tapered in to a narrow opening at the top, whereas E continues its cylindrical form all the way to the top. Kayla explained that even though the container ‘F’ was not very tall, it was wide on its base so that was why it could hold so many cups of water.


Modelled reading -this afternoon we read the book Little Red Riding Hood, retold by Joy Cowley.  We discussed hoe some stories are rewritten by people who add a ‘twist’ or add another element to the story.  Tomorrow we plan to watch a short film about the story to see if it is different to the one we heard today.

After reading the story the children recounted the main parts of a story – beginning, middle and end.

Mini maths fun – the Memory Game.

Monday, week 1

Can you please help?

2DH and MP will be running the ‘Ice Cream’ stall at this year’s Spring Fair. We are required to employ the help of parent volunteers to sell ice creams on the day, for 1 hour blocks of time.

Our stall will run from 11 am until 5 pm. If you could kindly nominate yourself, husband, wife or any other family member/friend to spend 1 hour helping us out, we would really appreciate it. We have a sign up sheet/roster attached to our classroom window or alternatively, please respond to this post regarding which hour you are available. 🙂

‘Come Read with Me’

We looked at the events for October and we are all excited about the upcoming Spring Fair, this Sunday.


Before it got too warm, we took advantage of the great weather and headed out for some fitness fun. It was great to play with our friends again!

Science – Water and our body

After our exercise, we realised that we were all super-thirsty! This chat lead well into our Science learning, which will revolve around ‘water’ this term.

Provocation/prior knowledge:

Why do we need water and how does it help our bodies?

Kayla – You can’t live without water for more than 7 days.
Ethan – It keeps you hydrated. That means that your body is made of water and when you sweat or cry, water comes out of you.
Lilah – You might feel dizzy when you are dehydrated.
Seanna – Maybe if you don’t have enough water, you can get a headache.
Sama – You can feel sick without water. The next day I started vomitting and all of the water came out. I go dehydrated.
Arrow – When I was sick I had a giant dot on my tongue. When I drank water it went away.
Lolla – After fitness my tongue was dry. I knew I was thirsty.
Rahan – After exercise you can get dry lips. Water can help.
Christian – If you don’t drink enough water your wee goes really yellow.

Tuning In:
We watched a couple of video clips to learn some more about the importance of water.

Students then had access to a Flipchart with many internet links.

They used these sites to research and investigate the following questions:

Some research so far…

Numeracy – Capacity

Following on from our water research, we explored the provocation:

How much water/liquid does your drink bottle hold?

Mrs Papillo and Higgs looked at both of their drink bottles and how they were alike and different. Mrs H noticed that her bottle was marked with a 1L mark and that Mrs P’s said 500mL. We discussed how this was a standard unit of measuring how much liquid or amount of a substance something can hold.

From our Science learning, we found out that children from 5-8 years of age should be drinking 4 cups of water per day. Adults need to consume 8-10. We then wondered:

How many cups is 1 Litre equal to?

We used a measuring cup and found that it could hold 250mL. We tipped out the contents of Mrs H’s drink bottle and found that it held just over 4 cups of water.

Each student received a plastic cup with their name on it. It was also marked with a line that determined where 250mL was. They then filled up their bottle and went outside to see how many times they could fill up their plastic cup with the contents.

Pouring and measuring the capacity of our bottles…

Sam – My bottle holds 2 and a bit cups of water.
Kayla and Emily – Our bottles held the same amount of water. 3 cups!
Michelle – My bottle is very skinny. It could only hold 1 and a bit cups of water.

From this learning we will use our cups to keep track of how much water we are drinking in a school day. Stay tuned…

Wednesday, Week 10

There will be an Assembly this Friday at 11:30 am to celebrate the ‘Moon Lantern Festival’. Students are invited to wear their traditional cultural costume. Otherwise clothing that is ‘red‘ is fine.

Image result for moon lantern festival

Following this there will be a shared lunch back at the classroom. All are welcome.
Students are asked to please bring a plate of their favourite cultural food to share. Please label all containers so that they can be safely returned.

Image result for shared lunch












‘Come Read with Me’

We  then had lots of fun dressing up in Mrs Higgs’ Crows gear!

Crows in Schools – ‘Growing with Gratitude’ program
We were all very excited and extremely lucky to have the AFC visit today to teach us about the 5 Habits of Happiness.
These are:

  1. An attitude of gratitude
  2. Random acts of kindness
  3. Positive reflection
  4. Being a well-being warrior
  5. Operation home service

It was a fun and interactive presentation, made even better by a visit from mascot, Claude the Crow!

Visual Art Provocations – Line and Shape

Tuesday, Week 10

Tomorrow, the whole school will be involved in the ‘Growing with Gratitude’ program. The Crows will visit and make a presentation from 9:30 – 10:20 am about how we can all live a happier life by showing gratitude and thanks for the things we have.
If students have any navy, red or yellow colours or Crows apparel, they are welcome to wear it to show their support. Please don’t go out and buy anything!!!!!

Image result for crows growing with gratitude

‘Come Run with Me’
It was a beautiful morning for a run.

Maths Mini in 2DH
Reflection and documenting of ‘Come Run with Me’.

Visual Art

Inspired by our work in the area of line and shape, students began to explore some visual art provocations today. They will have the opportunity to explore what interests them at their own pace throughout the week and we look forward to sharing with you our progress and creativity.

Provocation #1


Provocation #2

Provocation #3

Provocation #4

Provocation #5

Monday, Week 10


Friday is the last day of Term 3. School will finish at 3:00 pm.
There will be an Assembly at 11:30 am to celebrate the ‘Moon Lantern Festival’. Students are invited to wear their traditional cultural costume. Otherwise clothing that is ‘red‘ is fine.

Image result for moon lantern festival

Following this there will be a shared lunch back at the classroom. All are welcome.
Students are asked to please bring a plate of their favourite cultural food to share. Please label all containers so that they can be safely returned.

Image result for shared lunch

Looks like we have a lovely week in store…

Science – How plants use water
This morning we made observations using our sense of sight and touch. We saw lots of changes happening to the flowers, except for flower 1.

Vase 1: ‘There’s been no change to the flower.’ – Samuel
Vase 2: ‘The petals have turned pinkish/red.’ – Nikka
Vase 3:
‘The flower is going blue from the food dye.’ – Helen
Vase 4:
The flower has started to i.e.. It’s petals have gone from white to a very light brown.’ – Sama

2D Shape and Measurement Investigations #3

Writer’s Workshop
The students were very excited today that they could have some much-loved Writer’s Workshop time.


Wednesday, Week 9

Outdoor Classroom Day tomorrow (Thursday).
Students must wear Sport Uniform, Hat & Sunscreen and bring water bottle.

‘Come Read with Me’


Literacy – Homophones

Students came up with a list of homophones that they knew during our discussion.

We then watched a youtube clip that explained the meanings of the homophones there, their and they’re.

Students then had an opportunity to put these ideas into practice by reading sentences and choosing the appropriate word to suit the context. They accessed a Flipchart to do this.

Extension challenge:


Numeracy – Measurement and Geometry Investigations #2


Area Investigation:

2D shape sorting and classifying:

Can you guess the hidden shape? Asking questions about shape properties:

Sorting shapes based on 1 criteria:

Researching shape families and finding regular and irregular examples:

Tuesday, Week 8

‘Come Run with Me’

The sun was out today and it was hot! – Phillip
Even with my stomach hurting, I kept going. – Christian
Sometimes when I run I can feel my heart beat. – Harsimrat
Even though my legs were sore I held the pain and kept going. – Arrow
I set a goal today and I accomplished it. I wanted to run 10 laps and I did. – Abbey
I wanted to beat my score from last time, which was 4. I got 5 laps this time. – Rahan
I ran 1800m. I ran 10 more laps compared to last week. – Mark


Maths Mini 2DH

How far did you run? How did you feel?

Numeracy – Geometry
Hidden Shape Game

Warm Up: Mrs Papillo and Mrs Higgs modelled how to play ‘The Hidden Shape’ game.
Mrs H had the hidden shape and Mrs P had to ask questions that could be answered with a “Yes” or “No.”
From the questions asked, shapes were then covered up or eliminated, until there was only one shape left – the hidden shape.

We used our knowledge of lines, sides and corners to help us construct questions such as:
– Does the shape have 4 sides? (Lines that the shape is made up of)
– Does it have parallel lines? (2 lines that will never meet)
– Is it regular? (All sides and angles are the same)
– Does it have any curved lines?
– Does it have a diagonal line?

Main: The students then paired up and played with each other, using their geometric reasoning and questioning skills.

To reflect on our learning, we used a Venn diagram to compare the similarities and differences between 2 shapes. We studied their properties and organised our ideas. We need to know and notice what is different about shapes in order for us to answer questions that help us to eliminate options/possibilities.

Literacy in 2DH – Narrative study

Following on from our numeracy lesson, students once again used a Venn diagram to record their thinking. This time they worked with a partner to compare two different versions of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. We read the second story after lunch and then got to work, analysing what was the same and what was different.

Check out our comparisons…

Tuesday, Week 6

  CORRECTION: 2DH and 3/4BH Assembly is Friday 8th September, not 7th. (Mrs Higgs has the Crows first football final date burned into her brain!!)

The new school Cafe will be open on the morning of our Assembly so please make sure you drop in to grab a warming cup of coffee or tea and a bikkie whilst you wait for the Assembly to begin. (Located behind the Canteen, follow the signs).


‘Come Run with Me’ and Maths Mini

We started our morning with a warm up of our muscles and then headed out to the Oval to measure out our 50 metre distance. We remembered that 2 x 50 metres = 100 m, and that a pop stick needed to be collected every time we arrived back at the starting spot.
After 2 weeks off, many students surprised themselves with how far they were still able to run and they then spent time recording and reflecting on their distances.

Numeracy – Measurement Investigations

Measuring, ordering and comparing our heights.

Some of the children made the prediction that Harsimrat is the tallest in his group, did they prove themselves correct?

Measuring the distance around shapes – perimeter.

The students could choose cm cubes, 10 sticks or rulers to measure their shapes.

Measuring and comparing the weight of objects.

Measuring with a metre ruler and finding objects the same, more or smaller than a metre.

Prayer hosted by Kayla, Christian and Bella.

Bella read us The Parable of the Lost Sheep.  Melody, Sama, Michelle and Amira shared their prayers with the class.


The class used the story ‘Brown Bread and Honey’ to choose a sentence of speech, other words used instead of said or they illustrated part of the story to help us identify what Writers use in their books in terms of punctuation and making their writing interesting.